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Featured Reviews, News and Announcements

Yamaha Aventage RX-A3040 9-Channel AV Receiver Review
Jan 24, 2015 - 10:40 PM - by Peter Loeser
I will begin by admitting a bit of bias toward Yamaha audio components. For as long as I can remember, my uncle has had a vintage set of Yamaha speakers powered by a Yamaha receiver, and I have always loved the sound of his setup. I never stuck with piano lessons long enough to be any good, but I will still occasionally fumble my way through a hymn on my father's Yamaha baby grand piano when we go home to visit. And I still have a 5-channel receiver from about 10 years ago that I can't seem to let go. There is something about the look and the sound of Yamaha gear, and the brand's long history with music and instruments that just appeals to me. When I decided to go beyond 7.1 in my home theater, I naturally considered a Yamaha AVR among others, as they are no stranger to 9.1-channel and even 11.1-channel processing. I eventually turned away though, as Yamaha's front and rear presence speaker arrangement is unique to their DSP modes, and doesn't readily support arguably...

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Changes at Cambridge Audio Include a New Badge and a New Series of Gear
Jan 23, 2015 - 9:27 AM - by Todd Anderson
The British Hi-Fi company Cambridge Audio arrived at CES with two big pieces of news. First, they’re changing their logo. Gone are the days of “Cambridge Audio” stamped on equipment. Going forward, you’ll simply see “Cambridge.” The company says this new logo is a nod to the past while recognizing modern times. Throughout 2015 this logo will be transitioned to all existing product lines, which brings us to our next bit of news: Cambridge Audio has a new series of Home Theater gear. Dubbed the “CX Series,” the company is releasing six new pieces of gear that appear to strike a nice balance of price for performance. And, yes, they will be branded with the “Cambridge” badge.

Cambridge Audio has released six new pieces of slick looking gear under the CX Series.

CXR-120 and CXR-200 AV Receivers
Topping our preview of Cambridge Audio’s new gear are the CXR-120 and CXR-200 Receivers. The CXR-200 offers 120-Watts per channel...

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High Dynamic Range: What Is It and Why You Should Care
Jan 20, 2015 - 11:24 PM - by Todd Anderson
One of the more interesting display related technologies highlighted during CES 2015 is High Dynamic Range (otherwise known as HDR). We’ve heard this term tossed around in the past, but this year’s show marks the first time it has been in the spotlight. Last year, the industry decided to go all-in on a 4K future, leaving us to wonder: Do we really need all of these extra pixels? Can we actually see a difference from our couches? The answer to those questions is a solid “maybe.” After all, the human eye has innate limitations and boatloads of pixels do not automatically equate to better picture quality. This has left manufacturers scrapping and scrambling to find reasons to differentiate their UHD pixels from those found on HD televisions. High Dynamic Range is something that might just tip the scale.

On the simplest of levels, HDR is contrast on steroids. Highlights and whites are significantly brighter and blacks are, well, blacker. Details are more visible within...

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Power Sound Audio Adds a Surround Speaker to its Arsenal (MT-110sr)
Jan 16, 2015 - 5:58 PM - by Todd Anderson
Power Sound Audio (PSA) has been hard at work in its audio lab of sonic affluence, recently revealing its forthcoming MT110sr surround speakers. The MT-110sr will round-out PSA’s new speaker lineup, which previously consisted of the MT-110 and MTM-210 loudspeakers. Last month we published a first-listen review of the MTM-210s, and based on that listening session it’s easy to assume the MT-110sr model will deliver exceptional sound.

A preview photo of PSA's new MT-110sr surround speaker.

Like all PSA speakers and subwoofers, the MTM-110sr was conceived and designed in-house. Power Sound Audio says its primary goal was to achieve optimal small size performance while matching the qualities of its MT-110...

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Panasonic Unveils the World's First UHD Blu-ray Player
Jan 13, 2015 - 4:58 PM - by Todd Anderson
Over the last year we’ve detailed various 4K sources as they’ve arrived, which has wholly included hard drive and streaming options. But the enthusiast world still has keen eyes and ears for the purity of high definition bliss offered by the ole physical disc, and there has undoubtedly been an interest in seeing Blu-ray’s next iteration. That makes the official arrival of 4K capable Blu-ray players big news for movie fans and Home Theater geeks alike.

Panasonic's prototype UHD Blu-ray player.

Last week at CES 2015, Panasonic announced it has developed the world’s first Blu-ray player capable of playing discs carrying true 4K media. This player, and others like it, will officially be branded Ultra HD Blu-ray Players. Yes, Panasonic merely unveiled a prototype and, no, it won’t be for sale next month. But we are now primed for UHD Blu-ray players and movies to hit store shelves sometime late this year or...

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Jan 06, 2015 - 6:30 PM - by Todd Anderson
Yesterday, LG made a huge splash at CES 2015; knees tucked and jumping from a high dive, ripples still inhabit the pool. The South Korean electronics giant introduced its new television lineup, new gaming monitors, and a new smart TV platform. It would appear that enthusiasts looking for a non-LCD display will have several solid options for the foreseeable future.

LG is rolling-out seven new OLED displays in 2015

LG is giving every indication that OLED displays will represent a healthy portion of their 4K product universe going forward. Every LG OLED television will have 4K resolution (which equates to a smidgen over 8 million pixels) and will utilize a proprietary technology called WRGB. The "W" stands for white, as each pixel structure features a white sub-pixel to aid in producing a more dynamic and realistic color palate. In addition, LG says its Optimized True Color technology keeps colors stable regardless...

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Samsung to Introduce Its WAM7500 and WAM6500 Wireless Speakers at CES 2015
Jan 05, 2015 - 11:13 AM - by Todd Anderson
Consumers have proven – time and time again – that convenience and portability are two factors that can easily trump sound quality when buying audio gear. Need proof? Just look at the explosion of Bluetooth capable speakers and whole house Wi-Fi enabled speaker systems (not forgetting Soundbars) which are largely meant to accommodate digital music files crammed on smart devices and home computers, and streaming from any number of services. Before you cringe and roll your eyes, keep an open mind and accept the fact that recent iterations of these products are sounding quite good. High-end two-channel good? No…but pretty good nonetheless.

Samsung's new wireless wonders: WAM6500 (center) and WAM7500 (left/right)

The class of the Wi-Fi speaker market, Sonos, has been charging forward with a target on its back for more than a year, and quite a few competitors are closing in for the kill. Last year, Samsung jumped into the fray with two...

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2014: A Year in Review
Dec 23, 2014 - 7:39 PM - by Todd Anderson
I intended to start today’s feature with a corny quote about the passage of time. It was to be a poetic statement of cold-hearted reality, laced with sentimentality, to make us pause and realize that Father Time has his finger on the fast-forward button. But as I collected my thoughts on the previous 12 months of Home Theater A/V tech news, I came to the realization that this past year may have rolled-out a bit more slowly – or elongated – than first realized. Truth be told, our world of Home Theater is in a vastly different place than it was this time last year. Newness has been injected and old standbys have fallen by the wayside. With that, let’s take a romp down memory lane with a Cliff’s Notes version of 2014’s Year in Review.

2.0 Arrives
2013 ended with a rapidly building buzz about Ultra HD and, to a lesser extent, HDMI 2.0. Let’s shelve the former for a few moments and concentrate on the...

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