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LG Wins the 2015 Value Electronics Television Shootout
Jun 28, 2015 - 4:58 PM - by Todd Anderson
LG’s 65EG9600 OLED Ultra High Definition TV is King of the Television landscape, crowned following a tally of the votes cast during the 11th Annual Value Electronics Flat Panel Shootout. This year the event was held on location at CE Week in Midtown Manhattan, and Robert Zohn (Owner, Value Electronics) brought big league talent to moderate yet another successful head-to-head evaluation of the best televisions available.

On the scene were industry experts Rob Sabin (Sound and Vision) and Scott Wilkinson (AVS/Home Theater Geeks), calibrator guru David Mackenzie (HDTV Test), and several manufacturer representatives. Each event began with an introduction by Zohn and presentations by company representatives. Audience members were then guided through a seven stage evaluation of the participating televisions, judging Black Quality, Perceived Contrast, Color Accuracy, Off Axis Performance, Screen Uniformity, Motion Clarity, and Day Mode (High Ambient Light), as each...

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HSU Research VTF-3 MK5 HP
Jun 27, 2015 - 12:07 PM - by theJman
HSU Research VTF-3 MK5 HP

By Jim Wilson (theJman)

The subject of this review is the HSU Research VTF-3 MK5 HP, a 15" bass reflex subwoofer with dual front-firing ports and variable tuning. It measures 24"x17.25"x21.5" (HWD) and weighs 83 pounds, certainly not out of line for a ported subwoofer with a 15" driver. The listed frequency response is 18Hz-200Hz with one port open, 22Hz-200Hz when both ports are closed. Those ranges are specified by HSU as being within +/-2dB (4dB spread), which is tighter than the typical response window of +/-3dB (6dB spread). The BASH amplifier outputs 600 watts RMS, with a class leading 2000...

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More From Onkyo: Info on Its New Receivers and Tackling the Current Tech Rush
Jun 26, 2015 - 2:16 PM - by Todd Anderson
Onkyo was one of the few Home Theater oriented manufacturers to budget a dedicated demo space at CE Week 2015. Yesterday, I had a great conversation with two knowledgeable representatives from Onkyo about their exciting new RZ900 and RZ800 AV Receivers along with their take on the issues that have arisen with recent tech trends in the Audio and Video worlds.

Onkyo’s new top-of-the-line midrange RZ900 AVR is gorgeous to the eye. Its exterior is beefy and the unit’s front panel styling is squared-off and sharp. It oozes a visual robustness that will play well to folks that like to proudly display their gear or desire bold styling. The interior guts of the RZ900 are equally impressive, anchored by a massive custom designed toroidal transformer flanked by two bottom-side cooling fans. I asked about Onkyo’s past history of reported instances of over-heating; I’m told that, yes, their Class A/B Amps can run warm and that customers simply need to make sure proper ventilation...

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Onkyo Reveals Two New Midrange AVRs (TX-RZ900, TX-RZ800) and a Network Receiver (TX-8160)
Jun 24, 2015 - 10:20 AM - by Todd Anderson
Onkyo has announced the launch of three new enticing receiver models due to hit store shelves later this summer. These receivers, like others we’ve seen released this year, are finally delivering tech that should be fairly future-proof. So, if you’ve halted buying new gear during the industry’s elongated rollout of 4K and Immersive Sound, then you’ll be happy to know it might be time to open your wallet and spend away.

Onkyo's new TX-RZ900 AVR is its top midrange receiver for 2015.

This time last year we were squarely focused on Onkyo’s decision to drop Audyssey from its bag of tools packaged with AV Receivers. To say media types and enthusiasts skewered Onkyo might be an understatement – in many respects it was an outright blood bath. But, to Onkyo’s credit, the company has weathered the storm and has continued to move forward by delivering well-reviewed feature-laden gear carrying its proprietary...

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Sony Releases Pricing for Two New UHD TV Series (X900C, X910C)
Jun 22, 2015 - 4:07 PM - by Todd Anderson
Sony has released pricing details on two new series of UHD Televisions. Before we get to the numbers, it’s worth taking a look at these razor thin TVs.

At the end of last year, I predicted that Quantum Dot technology would be the buzz-tech of 2015. If you’re feeling a stiff breeze, that would be the resulting wind from my bat whiffing on a nasty curveball. Ok, perhaps that’s an exaggeration…but the phrase “Quantum Dots” is rarely uttered by manufacturers these days. It’s not that the tech doesn’t exist, but manufacturers have decided implement the technology and call it by various proprietary names; head-scratching for sure, as “Quantum Dots” is by far the coolest tech name to emerge on the display scene in quite a while.

Sony’s Quantum Dot enabled televisions are designated as “Triluminos,” and both of the newly priced series (X900C and X910C) carry the Triluminos badge. For the uninitiated, here’s the “Quantum Dots for Dummies” explanation of how...

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Value Electronics Finds a New Venue for the the 2015 Flat Panel Shootout
Jun 21, 2015 - 2:23 PM - by Todd Anderson
Value Electronics’ Annual Flat Panel Shootout has embedded itself as a respected review component in the AV world. This coming week, the event is entering its 11th year, but newness is in the air; Robert Zohn (Owner, Value Electronics) and crew are moving the event to CE Week in New York City.

Yes, the Shootout is leaving the friendly confines of the independent AV retailer’s store and is venturing into the bowels of the City That Never Sleeps. The shootout will take place on CE Week’s show floor in downtown Manhattan from Wednesday June 24 through Thursday June 25. This kind of exposure is big for the event, and will undoubtedly help to gain the attention of more media and casual observers. We’ve had an opportunity to touch-base with Robert Zohn during the past few weeks, and he’s excited about the prospects of holding the event in such a large venue.

This year, Home Theater Shack will be in attendance. So stay tuned for...

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The miniDSP nanoAVR DL Giveaway Announcement
Jun 18, 2015 - 9:43 PM - by Todd Anderson
Win a nanoAVR DL from miniDSP!

Home Theater Shack and miniDSP have teamed-up to bring one lucky HTS member better sound! MiniDSP has an insatiable passion for great sounding audio and they strive to provide affordable Digital Signal Processing platforms (DSP) for a wide range of audio applications. Their products are simply incredible. If you've read Wayne Myers' recent review of miniDSP's nanoAVR DL (Dirac Live), then you know that the combination of miniDSP and Dirac Live produces absolutely killer results.

For our new Giveaway, one lucky member at HTS will win a brand-new nanoAVR DL HDMI shipped directly from our great friends at miniDSP (a

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Axiom Audio's AxiomAir Redesigns Portable Audio
Jun 17, 2015 - 2:51 PM - by Todd Anderson
There are literally hundreds of portable speaker options on the market, most of which offer tremendous wireless convenience at the sacrifice of unique usability and sound quality. I’ll be the first to admit that I tolerate my personal wireless Bluethooth speaker much the same way that I begrudgingly use my stock iPhone earbuds – they both work, but I’m consistently reminded that they miss the mark on fidelity. And while the typical Bluetooth speaker is affordable, portable, and musically serviceable, it just feels like so much more should be possible. Axiom Audio is hoping to be the one to inject a new flavor into the portable speaker segment with the introduction of its AxiomAir wireless speaker.

AxiomAir is Axiom Audio’s latest speaker creation and a fresh take on portable stereo sound. In a bold step, Axiom has kicked Bluetooth to the curb in favor of onboard WiFi that connects the speaker directly...

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