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Klipsch Reveals Updates to its X Series of Headphones (X20i, X12i, XR8i, X6i)
Nov 22, 2015 - 4:09 PM - by Todd Anderson
Klipsch recently announced an expansion of its X Series headphone lineup with four new models: X20i, X12i, XR8i, and X6i. Hitting price points ranging from $179 to $549, Klipsch has quite a few bases covered from a cost perspective, however the company is quick to point out that even their cheapest pair is far from an “entry model.” Today, we’ll take a quick-peek preview of what they have to offer.

The X Series: X6i, XR8i, X12i, and X20i (left to right).

Headlining the new group is the flagship X20i headphone. Like the others, it’s an in-ear headphone design, however the X20i is crafted from injection-molded surgical-grade stainless steel; its exterior sports a black finish. Klipsch endowed the X20i with sound reproduction capabilities powered by a two-way dual armature design and a high-res “super tweeter.” With a sound described as “full and warm,” Klipsch claims the X20i is its most sonically appealing headphone ever created. ...

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Good Bye and Good Luck!
Nov 19, 2015 - 4:39 PM - by mechman
Greetings everyone!

I just thought I'd post a note letting everyone know that I am stepping down as Admin of HTS at the end of this month. Over the years I've gotten to know many of you on the forums and have become quite close with several of you. It is with a sad heart that I say good bye and move on from HTS.

Sonnie Parker built HTS as one of the best home theater sites on the internet without all the junk that you find at other sites. And I think he accomplished that in spades. Since Sonnie sold the site, the vigor that was once here has faded despite the pleas of many for help from our current owner. I cannot sit and watch as HTS is allowed to wither on the vine!

I will still check in from time to time but I look forward to starting new elsewhere. Thank you for putting up with me all these years and I'll see you around!

Steve Mechelke

PS If you want to get in touch with me, just shoot me a pm!
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Power Sound Audio Improves Its Wicked Flagship Sub with an Upgraded Amp (T18HT)
Nov 19, 2015 - 3:04 PM - by Todd Anderson
With one of the industry’s most eye-catching cabinet designs, Power Sound Audio’s three-sided tri-woofer subsonic hammer, the T18HT, is getting a reboot. I recently spoke with Tom Vodhanel of PSA to discuss what’s new with their flagship product.

The T18HT subwoofer is a more powerful version of the company’s original three-sided sub, the Triax. What the 215-pound T18HT brings to the table are three 18-inch drivers, 4000W of power (8000W peak), and a typical in-room extension of 9Hz. Aiding in the journey to incredible depths of low frequency immersion is a triangulated driver array that eliminates reactive forces. If you’re looking for a theater room anchor, then the T18HT is a single sub solution that should rank near the top of your want list.

According to Vodhanel, the T18HT’s amp update has little to do with the actual amplifier section, meaning that potential performance...

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Yamaha Reveals the World's First Immersive Audio Soundbar (YSP-5600)
Nov 17, 2015 - 6:06 AM - by Todd Anderson
Last week we previewed Klipsch’s new budget-minded soundbar, this week we’re shifting gears into more elite price levels with Yamaha’s officially announced YSP-5600 Dolby Atmos capable soundbar solution. The YSP-5600 is the world’s first immersive audio soundbar, touting the ability to create an audio experience that places sound anywhere in the room (even overhead). While acoustically incapable of matching the sonic performance of dedicated speakers in a true 7.1.4 arrangement, the YSP-5600 is an intriguing option for buyers looking for a simple-to-install solution.

The YSP-5600 achieves immersive status through the use of 44 individual small speaker drivers, 12 of which are dedicated for height channel realism. The resulting beams of sound are meant to create an unrivaled multidimensional listening experience, completely unshackled from the necessity of having an AV Receiver in the audio chain. In addition to Dolby Atmos support, Yamaha says the YSP-5600 will also...

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Sony Confirms First Ultra HD Blu-ray Titles; DEG Releases 4K BD Packaging Specifications
Nov 15, 2015 - 11:41 AM - by Todd Anderson
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) has officially revealed its first round of Ultra HD Blu-ray titles, expected to hit store shelves sometime in early 2016. This announcement makes SPHE the second company to confirm title releases for the new format; Twentieth Century Fox made its first Ultra HD Blu-ray title intentions known in September at IFA 2015. Both announcements, paired with several manufacturers confirming future production of Ultra HD players, is more than proof that a physical disc format will survive for the foreseeable future.

“By some estimates, consumers will own over 100 million Ultra HD television sets by 2019,” said SPHE president Man Jit Singh. “Sony Pictures’ 4K Ultra HD Discs will deliver consumers the ultimate home theater experience, with stunning picture and sound quality.”

Singh’s reference is to prediction numbers reported by ISH DisplaySearch earlier this year. Singh also highlighted that Sony’s announcement comes exactly...

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Klipsch Aims At The Budget Market With Its New Reference R-B4 Soundbar
Nov 12, 2015 - 4:43 PM - by Todd Anderson
Modern displays have become incredibly sleek and edgy, with design factors appeasing the minimalist demands of the buying public. While this doesn’t hinder screen technology and video performance, audio capabilities have most certainly taken a hit. Of course, audio is moot point in a dedicated media room with external stereo equipment, but what about applications in other parts of the home (a living room or bedroom, for example)? That’s where soundbars have made major in-roads as a popular alternative to standard TV speakers.

Klipsch recently announced a new player in the budget soundbar category: the Reference R-4B. With a width of 40-inches and height of 3.5-in, the bar portion of the R-4B has a low profile that should fit snugly below most televisions (keyhole wall mount is available). The bar carries two 0.75-in Tractrix horn-loaded textile dome tweeters and two 2.5-inch midrange composite woofers. A separate wireless MDF cabinet subwoofer unit houses a 6.5-in...

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Sennheiser's New Orpheus Breaks the Budget, Not Your Ears
Nov 09, 2015 - 8:33 AM - by Todd Anderson
The world of high-end audio is chock full of ridiculously expensive gear. While some of it’s only marginally better than significantly less expensive options, there is a segment that lives up to the hype and delivers performance that’s a jealousy-inducing revelation. For example, take Germany’s Sennheiser and its legendary Orpheus HE90 headphones. Landing at roughly a $16,000 price point, the HE90 is widely considered to be an industry benchmark for performance and quality. If you can’t imagine dropping $16K on headphones, then you’d better sit down because the company recently announced an updated reference headphone system that costs nearly three-times as much. Meet the new Orpheus.

The new Orpheus come complete with a marble clad tube amp.

Priced at a whopping $55,000, Sennheiser’s new Orpheus is more than a pair of electrostat cans. It includes a “granular, inhomogeneous” marble encased 500 V amplifier complete with eight vacuum...

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Sony Unveils New Lineup of Home Theater Projectors
Nov 05, 2015 - 8:39 PM - by Todd Anderson
Sony Electronics recently announced four new projectors, taking dead-aim at customers looking to upgrade their old 1080p gear with full-4K and HDR imaging. The company has a rich history of great performing projection gear, and this year’s class looks to be a continuation of what we’ve come to expect. With a range of pricing options, Sony has just about every level of big-screen buy-in covered.

Sony’s new big gun, the VPL-W5000ES.

Headlining Sony’s new lineup is a heavyweight hitter with a suggested MSRP of $60,000. I had an opportunity to demo the VPL-W5000ES at CEDIA 2015 and must admit: the model delivers incredible light output and imaging capabilities. The VPL-W5000ES offers up to 5,000 lumens of light via a laser light source that offers instant on/off times and a linear decrease in brightness over the life of the projector (which helps to combat color shift seen with traditional lamps). It also offers full...

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