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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

Sonnie wrote: View Post
When I setup Audyssey, I only use one location myself... my main listening position. Very seldom do I have 6-8 people watching a movie with me.
Even so, you should use more than one measurement point. The reason is that you need to sample several points in order to be certain that the corrections are generally suitable over the listening area. Even if you are the sole listener, you do not (I assume) keep your head in a vise and movements of less than a foot can significantly change the local response.

For one listener, I would suggest at least 3, and possibly 6, measurements positioned at, L/R of and an array of 3 more just in front of the principal listening spot.

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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

SierraMikeBravo wrote: View Post
BTW, there is other software out there for taking room measurments. It is a bit of a slippery slope to walk into a customers home and use shareware that they themselves could get for free.
I don't think you should have to feel bad about that at all. The customer is buying your expertise, not the software. If Eddie Van Halen walked out on stage with a $300 home made guitar, do you think the audience would boo him off stage until he came back with a $3000 Gibson?

Use whatever tool you think best gets the job done, even if it's free software and a $40 mic.
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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

But it doesn't work, that is the problem. The expertise element isn't enough. The reason acoustic cals are done in the first place, is that many people only learn that they need to do one with websites like this. So, they are often somewhat knowledgeable. They read the threads and so on, and have somewhat of a feel for what to do. If you walk in with the same software (and one piece of software or piece of equipment isn't all you should have on you...I have multiple backups) they could have downloaded for free, they think you are feeding them a line. They immediately become suspicious of you. I have experienced this. Yes, they are paying for your expertise, but it is hard to convince some folks of that. In reality, they often pay you for the equipment they can't afford to have as well as the expertise. But expertise alone will not cut it with some people...and you know who those people are.
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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

The right tool for the job is the right tool for the job, regardless of price.

I can go and buy all the tools/supplies, but that doesn't give me the ability to build a house (or whatever). It's the skills and knowledge. If someone complains that you're using freeware they already had, I'd say to them, "If you had the software and everything is great, why did you call me?"

I'm not trying to tell you what tools to use, just saying it's silly of people to complain the expert used a screwdriver to fix the problem, and they had a screwdriver in the drawer all along.
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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

Like I said...a slippery slope! It is just the fact of the way it is I guess. You would think people would feel that way, but in all don't work that way. There is what is, and what it should be. Now, I am not saying it is all the time. Just with some people.
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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

I'm not going to start my time on this forum getting into a negative discussion about calibration options and equipment. Now this may be stirring the pot when I say this, but I do have a full Sencore kit for my video calibration and no client has been impressed with that name brand. I think my job as a calibrator is not only to properly calibrate their theater, but to educate the customer as to how I am improving their theater and why. With the customer's selection of an Audyssey equipped product from me they have made a great step towards their satisfaction. Anything I can do to provide the ultimate experience for my client would be the least I should do. So if that does include shareware, I'll use it. Once I learn how, of course. That's where you all come in for me
But I will always suggest an Audyssey Pro calibration. I have a kit to pay for, right?
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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

Boy, can I kill a thread or what?
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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

I think I hold the record for that...

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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

Watch out, Newbie blasting in!

With my new Marantz SR 7001 I have finally been able to enter the world of Audyssey goodness. This receiver only has the MultEQ without the extra goodies, so I am limited. Am looking into getting a Behringer ECM8000 mic just to test with REW, we'll see.

I like what I hear, clearly a cleaning up of midbass nastiness, bit more presence or clarity. In combination with the auto surround + THX I find music and TV/Movies to be quite engaging.

To my questions: Does the REW work with Digidesign MBox as a Mic pre interface? (I'm on Mac OSX) Could the Audyssey mic be used instead of buying a Behringer or is it not "flat" but calibrated to a particular curve? Does the Audyssey system incorporate something like the BBE technology to "time align" the different drivers in one's system? Are there any white papers known on the Audyssey system?

Many thanks for any thoughts. Peace, David
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Re: Audyssey MultEQ Discussion Thread

I'm about 1 year late to this discussion....

Read all 4 pages of this thread, later I'll take/post my graphs in the other thread for that.

Prior to reading this thread I posted various Q's to "Chris", Audyssey CTO in their "Official" Audyssey thread @ avsforum. and

He answered


Just to clarify, even if seat 5 has that big 50hz null Audyssey MultEQ would still have process for that position?
Yes, it should have no problem with it. What speaker is it on when it stops?

2nd Q:
Other forums recommend adding 1 foot to sub distance for FBQ2496, however Audyssey MultEQ already takes into account that time delay and I don't have to do that, correct?
That's correct. If you measure through the FBQ then MultEQ measures the delay that it adds and compensates for it.

3rd Q:
How much EQ/processing does Audyssey MultEQ do in the subwoofer area?
I have a nice slope/house curve for seat 3 via FBQ2496, would then Audyssey MultEQ flatten that out or leave it as is?
MultEQ is not about house curves and personal preferences. It measures each speaker and then applies a correction filter that will make that speaker play as close as possible to the curve used in mixing the content. For film, that is a flat curve in the bass with no slope.

All my sub measurements were thru the Ext In, so no Audyssey EQ was measured.
OK. One big source of inaccuracy in low frequency measurements is taking them in one position. You will get a much better idea of what you will hear in the listening area if you can average the measurements. The averaging needs to be RMS (root mean square) and not simple arithmetic averaging in order to get meaningful results.

So, some here liked Audyssey Mult XT while some did not, that's the consensus?
Try it and if you like it use it instead of REW/BFD for sub? The YMMV applies so to speak?
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