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post #21 of 50 Old 06-08-06, 07:07 AM
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Re: Is DTS important?

toecheese wrote:
...The audio options on my Philips player are 'None', 'All' and 'PCM Only'...
I would set it to 'All'. And then find/borrow the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" DTS encoded CD. It is DTS only so no DVD menu choice required.

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Re: Is DTS important?

I will almost always choose DTS as I think the mix usually sounds better. Maybe it has to do with the bitrate or compression algorithms or magic, I don't know. I think more care is put in to the DTS mixes and that to me sounds better.
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Re: Is DTS important?

There are times when DTS is too much. Great examples are WOTW and Haunting. Both of these movies are capable of harming your equipment, especially if you are un-aware of its capabilities.

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post #24 of 50 Old 06-12-06, 11:59 AM
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Re: Is DTS important?

I always choose DTS when given the choice, but if it were me, and I had receiver with DD that had all of the features I wanted, I wouldn't upgrade for DTS alone. DD does an amazing job, and there are fewer and fewer titles where DTS sounds a ton better than DD. If there are other features in a receiver that I wanted right now, and was upgrading anyway, obviously get one that is DTS capable (which should be all of them).
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post #25 of 50 Old 06-13-06, 11:23 AM
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Re: Is DTS important?

I was trying to remember where I received the information I presented above.. took me a while to remember, but it was located in this thread on another forum. Scroll down to the response by "Soundhound". As a short bio, he's a sound engineer for (I believe) both movies and music. And everything he's posted that I've read has been pretty impressive. Of course, that's just my opinion. Anyway, as a completely disinterested party, I've adopted his opinion into my audio belief system
While it is not my place to challenge anyone's hearing, I would say that Soundhound has his opinion, but that opinion is debateable.

At the annual convention of Surround 2001 I believe, a double blind test was done not to tell which codec was better, but do they sound different, and are the differences audible and identifiable. From what I remember over 75% of the listeners couldn't tell which was which, but they did note differences in what they heard.

As far as Dolby's white paper goes, what trash and they knew it too. I am a freelance sound designer/audio engineer. At the time that paper was released, my studio had just purchased a Dts encoder. The distortion a 1khz that Dolby mentions in the white paper, we could find no trace of it in our encoder/decoder set. The white paper released to the public mentioned no equipment, the studio the test was conducted at (it turns out it was Warner studios), the soundtracks that were tested, and who the listeners were. Turning out a white paper without this information destroys its credibility. As a person who works inside the Hollywood studio machine, one has to be aware of the alliances that are developed within the community. Most of us know of the relationship between Dolby and the various studio's, so to see Warner conspiring with Dolby to discredit Dts, I saw a act of disperation on their part because of all the attention that Dts was getting at the time.

Where their different masters used in the past for Dolby and Dts encoding? Most certainly, at that time. However whatever differences their were between how Dolby soundtracks were encoded (not mixed) and how Dts did their remixes for encoding at Dts is really insignificant today, as it is not done that way anymore. Any comparison made between Dolby and Dts in the absence of the original printmaster source is pretty useless. However, there are some DVD's that have both formats on them were the same master was used to encode both, no alterations were made to either format, and both formats were encoded at their highest bitrates, and their was no dialog nomalization used in the Dolby encoding. Those DVD's are Twister special edition, and the Lethal Weapon Series. These DVD's represent the best way for consumers to compare each format because we know more about how the soundtracks were handled.

Every person I have come across who claims they could hear no difference between the two formats had some acoustical issues within their listening room. No control of early and late arriving reflections will spoil any comparison. Room resonaces will also be a big problem in a comparison. Since most folks think more about the equipment they purchase than the room it is going in, it is pretty difficult to make a comparison in most listening rooms.

Comparing the common bitrate of Dts (754kbps) versus Dolby's common bitrate (448kbps) IMO is a unfair comparison. Dts at 754kbps is a compromised bitrate designed just to get the format on DVD. A more fair comparison would be Dts at 1509kbps to Dolby at 640kbps. That to me is a fair comparison.

I have worked with both formats professional encoders and decoders. One of the common differences I found between the two formats is the LFE channel, and the soundfield of the soundtracks. Dts tends to have a tighter bass response which can often lead to the impression of deeper bass. It also tends to create a more coherent soundfield, smoother pans, better timbre and tonal characteristics than Dolby. Dolby digital does a amazing job of making encoded signals sound pretty good, especially considering the amount of bit reduction it does.

In the end, it really boils down to a preference that works on your particular system, and with your ears. I personally and professionally prefer Dts because it has the least amount of degredation to the signal after encoding, and it sounds closer to the master after encoding.

Lastly, since Dts does not use dialog normalization during encoding, my logic would say that it would actually be the same volume as the master (at least that has been my experience). Dialog normalization is not used in soundtrack creation, so its use would cause it to be louder or softer than the master it was encoded from.

How is that for my first post!
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Re: Is DTS important?

Welcome to the forum, and yes entering with a bang.

The first few concert DVD's I listened to sounded more dynamic with DTS, and as a consequence I just instinctively choose DTS over DD if the disc allows the option. I never read any posts, or read papers, comparing the two formats at the time so it was purely based on my subjective listening. I've never considered doing an AB since this time, and I've probably emerged into a DTS supporter. Like similar forum members part of the motivation is supporting the underdog, but its encouraging to see that an industry professional supports DTS also for the right technical and business reasons.
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Re: Is DTS important?

Sir Terrence wrote:
How is that for my first post!
Ample and informative.

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Re: Is DTS important?

khellandros66 wrote:
There are times when DTS is too much. Great examples are WOTW and Haunting. Both of these movies are capable of harming your equipment, especially if you are un-aware of its capabilities.

Can you elobarate on that, "harming your equipment"?
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Re: Is DTS important?

They will both test your sub capabilities... if your subs are not up to par it is very possible you could damage them.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: Is DTS important?

From my first hand experiences, switching between DD and DTS will yield some differences. Most notably for WOTW, where the DTS track is way more involving in the areas of LFE as well as information being sent to the surrounds. Would I be disappointed without DTS? Probably not... DTS wont make or break a system. By my nature I favor situations where there are options, so yeah it is cool IMO to have DTS as an alternative but I definitely wouldn't lose any sleep over not having DTS. There are many DD encoded movies with awesome soundtracks...Like The Incredibles for 1. my 02.

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