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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

I have one that is in my DJ equipment rack (not my theater rack) only so I can make digital copies of any tapes I come across that I want to copy and save .... one copied the tape goes to the dump to join all the AOL cds I threw out over the years.
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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

I have not used a cassette since my first CD player installation in my old dodge omni back in 1998.

funny thing though....i do have a lot of fun memories involving cassettes.
I had a walkman that if you dropped it while it was playing the door would pop open and the cassette would fly out leaving most of the tape in the player.
I had that happen to my copy of No Doubts Tragic I took the pencil stuck it in the sporckets and rolled it back in...well I didn't notice it but there was a fold in the as you would listen to the tape half way through you would hear this weird scratchy sound as the fold passed over the head...then you would hear the opposite side of the album...backwards.

Another one...this kid next door to me stole a copy of a snoop dogg cassette...he wanted me to hear it. So he drags me over to his back yard...brings out his tape player and nothing happens...guess the motor was burned he goes back inside and grabs his brothers Teddy Ruxpen.
For those of you who don't know Teddy Ruxpen was this bear who had a tape player built into his back. His cassettes would play stories about adventure and like that and this would help kids learn to read because there were books that had word for word what the cassette story was.
Well his mouth was cordonated to move with the sound of his voice....well turns out it moves with any sound.

I tell you what...there is nothing funnier than teddy ruxpens mouth moving two three and too the four...snoop doggy dog and dr dre is at yo door.
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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

I tell you what...there is nothing funnier than teddy ruxpens mouth moving two three and too the four...snoop doggy dog and dr dre is at yo door.
That is funny.

Toshiba, and I believe some other manufacturers had a DBX record feature on there decks that added some sort of dynamic headroom that once recorded did not play back on other decks properly. Worked great but did not allow for compatibility particularly if the intention was to use them in the car.

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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

My old Dodge Dynasty has a Cassette player/am/fm radio, so i use it all the time. I haven't cleaned it though for a long time, so it doesnt sound quite as good as it used to. I use it with a tape to 3.5mm head-phone jack for my iPod.

Sounds great in some aspects, some aspects it isnt so great.
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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

they were originaly great for portability.

if you copied your lps to metal tapes using a highquality tape deck then the SQ wasn't to bad for what it was at the time.
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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

they were great when i was in 8th grade ( 1979). other than that = junk.
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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

I still frequently use audio tape. There are sections of the population that are getting left behind by the complexity of MP3 players and even CD players. Elderly people, mentally challenged people and physically challenged people still benefit from the simplicity of tape and it will be a shame when that disappears completely.

What I do is the reverse of what is commonly done--I record audiobooks from digital to analog. I have a Sony TC-WE625 that I originally attached to my computer to digitize tape sources. So I just reversed the connections to record from PC.

The cassette tape audiobook selections in the libraries around here are not that great. And I have access to a lot of digitized audiobooks. So I volunteer transferring them to this easier-to-use format. Primarily for individuals in nursing homes. The process is even much simpler than it sounds, I don't have to deal with file sources of varying lengths fitting evenly onto 60, 90, etc minute sides. I just combine all the files into one large file and then use an audio editor to automatically add cue points at 30 or 45 minute intervals, quickly check the cue points and align them into areas of silence then split the file into separate 30 or 45 minute sizes. Then just play and record and go about my business, check in once in awhile to flip or replace a tape and go to the next file, etc.

And the fidelity is excellent of course

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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

Stopped buying cassettes in 1989. Had a cassette player until 1996 but hadn't used it in years. Had a VCR until 2005 when I ditched the TV for a PJ.

Have you seen this?
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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

tonyvdb wrote: View Post
Do any of you still use yours regularly or at least once in a while or has the cassette gone the way of the VHS player?
No, I believe it's probably been around 10 years or more since I last put a cassette tape into a player, so it has certainly taken the VHS route for me.

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Re: Do you still use Cassette tapes?

Do they still make casettes? What about decks for playing them?
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cassette , tapes?

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