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andy summers
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

I’d prefer to not mention percentages more rather I play music/movies at my discretion. One moment I might have thing for listening to CD/stereo Madonna the next Jean Michael Jarre then maybe Alien original first edition/DVD six-track Dolby stereo the best sounding version over the second edition with its overlaying sounds on the centre channel making some sounds impossible to hear!

I don’t get the high shrillness as I used to with my Control 5 array LCR/left-extra/right-extra. The dynamic EQ on the Behringer DCX2496 takes care of over bright highs while keeping the softer level of highs loud and clear.

So I have to get the sound system to cater for music/film/DVD/laserdisc as humanly possible.
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

I built my system with movies as the main focus, while still making sure my mains would be great 2-channel performers. I critically listen to my system when watching movies. However, streakily on the numbers, I spend more time listening to music.
I live in a 16x20 cabin with a loft, so the kitchen and movie room are one in the same. The two passions in my life, that I do the most of are cooking and watching movies. When I am cooking I listen to music and when I clean up I listen also. In addition I do my homework on the couch in front of my system. So I spend a lot of time listening to music.

I am also into high end headphones, in fact I am using some right now, and I use them when I really want to critically listen to music. I just sit back, close my eyes and soak it in.
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David Burn
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

My system is 50/50. My Reciever was built for both 5.1 and 2.1. In stereo mode it uses all available power into 2 channels and then when in 5.1 divides the power evenly. It wasn't until I upgraded my front speakers that I realized how good it could be to listen to music. My system was always good with movies but was always lacking a little with music at high SPL's until the upgrade. I still believe that a good subwoofer is a must for good quality sound.
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

Currently only a stereo set here in a dedicated audio room that also doubles as our library. I realy sit down in the sweetspot to listen music, not a big fan of musical wallpaper.

The HT set to be build, will be in a small room with an open connection to the living area, again, not a big fan of audiovisual wallpaper.

Watching a movie / TV, listening to music, reading a book are distinct choises for me, things I like to do with full attention.
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

my current system was built mainly for movies in mind but I am starting to listen to a lot more music as of late, it plays both well...
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

and my current system is build around music as some of albums can be watched like movies

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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

My system is mainly for movies and tv.. We try really hard to watch HD and or 5.1 broadcast.. When listening to music we usually listen to Sirrus radio on the dish network box... I also listen to music and watch videos that I have on my Computer which I am proud to say is now hooked up to the HDMI splitter box that I just bought >> ((DVI to HDMI ) and the sound is hooked to the DVD 5.1 inputs and sounds incredible..
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

Which system? I have a system in my office. In addition to listening to music while doing other tasks, such as post processing photographs, I also transcribe and restore records from my 78 collection. I can also play vinyl on the system.

I'm also fortunate to have a dedicated home theater. I primarily watch movies there. It is also used to play the few multichannel audio DVD's I own. Sometimes, but not often, I use it to listen to 2 channel music.

This discussion comes up fairly frequently. In some, I've seen questions regarding which speaker is better for music and which is better for movies. That question has always confused me, especially since music is usually such and integral part of a movie. It is often well performed and well recorded. I just aim for the best sounding speakers I feel I can afford. I guess I should add that I've been using a subwoofer for two channel music for over 20 years now.
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

I use my system for 99% movies and television shows..... I also turn the radio on every now and then when I am doing some web development work.

42" Insignia 1080P LCD, Playstation 3, XBOX360, Asus Oplay!, SAMSUNG HW-C700 7.2-Channel Receiver, Polk Audio Monitor 30 Book Shelf Speakers (Front and Rear), Polk Audio CS1 Center Channel, JBL Venue Series Monitor (Front High), Sony SA-WM500 12" Subwoofer, Harmony 688 Remote
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Re: Movies vs. Music...What is your system built around?

I built my system with the goal of capturing the listener's attention. The system could function as a 2 channel music system and hold its own. Movie enhancements were added as long as they didn't take away from enjoying music.

So I started with a good 2 channel core. I added a matching center channel and amp. The surrounds match the room requirements. Curtains and other asthetics were added as long as they helped the sound.
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