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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

The addiction of av was in remission with me for about eight years or more but came back in a flash last fall. Since I have spent far more than I could afford. The only other hobbies I have are listening to music, watching movies, computers, the web, and photography. I used to have hobbies such as latch hooking but found they were just boring (but relaxing) even though they are more in keeping with my gender. This whole audio/video thing seems more addictive than heroin, coffee, and cigarettes, but won't kill me. I got started early helping my dad put together Dynaco kits. Its a lot more fun these days except for missing vinyl. I lost my turntable and Shure V15 type IV (or was it III?) in a move. Still have a lot of records. Someday... I will get a good turntable again but will always miss the Shure. Speaker building is the most fun part of it for me. I don't do carpentry but have set up a terrific speaker system with kits and electronic crossovers (miniDSPs). Speakers really are the most important part of the system.
I hate being seen as butch but it is a butch hobby. This bothers me at times, being the only woman around all these macho types.
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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

personally I upgrade around every 2 years I can "legitamize" purchasing the higher end of consumer a/v but not the exotic stuff I mean honestly I can't hear the difference between a $2,000.00 amp and a $20,000.00 amp so it makes no sense to me to spend that kind of money for something that wont make a difference anyway other than to say I own it. Course I always drool over the a/v equipment that are shown in the homes of several tv series I watch.... you know they provide that stuff for free just so well drool....
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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

I used my Yamaha DSP-A1 for more than ten years with a Sony basic amp for the subs. I bought the cheapest processor and amps to replace them, Emotiva and am very satisfied. Its speakers I have upgrade-itis with. I love to build speakers (no woodworking though) and am always looking for better drivers but can restrain myself for a long time. I used a pair whose design I got out of Loudspeaker Design Cookbook for years. Now I've got several kwatts of amps and actively crossover the L/C/R and subs and it sounds better than it ever has but I continue to crave ScanSpeak mid-woofers.
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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

Ummm, I dream in DTS MasterAudio and hiccup in TrueHD.
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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?


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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

I obsess about my DIY speakers. I love them and am always thinking about what might improve them. I just ordered 2 ScanSpeak drivers for close to $500. Other pleasurable activities had to give way to this. Nothing beats having the best speakers around and the process of putting them together, adjusting the active crossover, and then listening to them. Its far better than mj. Electronics are secondary, once you have decent ones, to speakers and the improvement that great one's make.
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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

I've had the audio bug since I was 13, or 14, when I bought first stereo, and quickly added more speakers to it.
I've built a number of speakers, based on a '77 JBL model. Bought the newer version of those speakers in '06.
I had as many as 4 systems setup, at the same time, in the last house I owned in the US. When I moved south of the Equator, I shipped one pair of custom speakers, 5 new JBLs and a pair of 15" subs and all new Parasound gear and new Marantz TT. And only a few other things, most of what I brought here was audio.

And I'd still like a pair of Revel Salon2, JBL K2s9900, JBL Everest II. And a few Parasound JC1 mono block amps.
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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

My addiction defeated my addiction, at first.

My bottom was when I realized I had spent about 30grand on audio equipment as an unemployed grad student, only to realize (a bit too late) that the most influential aspect of my system was the lame apartment that I could hardly afford to rent. I'd spent a years worth of federal grants which were supposed to help me develop my first marketable skill, but hey, wanna come watch a flick? In shame, I gave up and went about 15 years with nothing but a pair of headphones.

Now I've got a room I can manipulate, and as long as I don't lose my cool...

Ok, I've got some 'splaining to do...wifey's coming home, and she's going to be wondering what all these speakers and this huge TV are doing in the living's OK, we can still afford Spam...
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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

Over the years it's been an on again off again thing. The last decade or so it's really been a try and catch up to technology thing. I miss the old days when everything was more or less improving a little each year. I did not have to try and keep up with everything!

Back in 2000 I wanted the newest, largest (32") flat screen CRT SDTV from Sony. Then after only a few years the real flat screens plasma and LCD started becoming available with prices that were high but dropping. I told myself I just bought a TV, I'll wait. Finally, 2008 I could not hold out any longer, everything was digital except me. I bought a small 42" Panasonic plasma then spent 8 months trying to calibrate it with a colorimeter and HCFR PC software.

The last 6 months I have been trying to upgrade from a 5.1 AV receiver (without any HDMI connections) to a 7.1 audio system. I am now trying to calibrate and make sure that it is tweaked for best performance.

I hope I'm settled in for a little while...
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Re: How much of an AV addict are you?

These past nine months have been one thing after another. I finally felt well enough to set up my system. My old DIY speakers had been destroyed in a move about 5 years ago so I got a pair of Eton Symphony 7's and then a Madisound Rediscovery for the center. Then I discovered that my Yamaha DSP-A1's rear channels weren't working so I got a couple of Emotiva amps and a UMC-1. Then I decided that I wanted to act on my long time wish to have an active speaker system so bought miniDSPs. Then I bought a pair of ERD-1s for the surround with the $100 credit from buying the UMC-1. Then I decided my ancient NHT 1259 subs were not good enough (they couldn't handle anything below 30Hz). I then got a Exodus Shiva X2 and put it in a PE 3cf cabinet. Then I decided that two were better than one, something taught me by having two NHT 1259s, so I bought a Tempest X2 (they were out of the Shiva at the time) and had a carpenter build a 4cf cabinet for me. Then I decided to get a Behringer EP4000 to power the subs and got a balanced miniDSP for it. Now I'm replacing the Eton midwoofers so as to match that of the center.
There was probably more but this gives you an idea of the buying binge I was on. All because I was suddenly healthy enough to set up my system and had an inheritance from one of my uncles.

p.s. now my monitor acts flaky occasionally, whats next?!

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addict , you?

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