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Re: Anyone experience a negative or bully mentality over...

QUOTE=Generic: Home Theater Shack will help someone looking for the right HTIB system, or building subs that could cause a earthquake and I've never seen anyone turned down.
Not to mention one doesn't have to read a 1500 page thread to get a little information. I've seen the same question answered over and over again here and it's actually refreshing that no one has to get a response like "use the search function"
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Re: Anyone experience a negative or bully mentality over...

I think it happens at a lot of large online forums, regardless of the subject matter - attracts people who don't get much attention in real life, and let it out online. In addition to the few trolls though, there are some really good people that frequent AVS as well as here, so I prefer to not throw out the baby with the bath water as it were. I just put a couple people on my ignore list, problem solved.

My HT construction thread

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Re: Anyone experience a negative or bully mentality over...

Definitely a notable difference in terms of attitude and approach between different forums out there.

I think the thing to note is that at the end of the day, most of us come online to learn and help. I think that's true of people at all forums. The main goal IMO should be that we don't force our opinions on others.

That means if we're subjectivists, not to tell anyone using a receiver for audio is "low-fi". If we're objectivists, to tell anyone using exotic mystery gear with champagne finish that they wouldn't be able to tell the difference in a double blind test normally isn't a good idea. This is especially true in the little gray area that is the majority of our understandings of video and audio, mine at least. I try to understand the "how" and "why" so that I can recognize the "when" and "where" but truth be told i'm nowhere close to that sort of level.

I think we all want to learn. You guys know I'm an objectivist at heart, and I'll quickly show a person the measurements of a tube amp or Zu audio speaker that I think measures very poorly. Sometimes it's actually easy to fall into unintended disagreements. We can try all we might, but sometimes our experiences shape who we are and forum our passion.

I guess the number one thing everyone on the internet should do is learn to be patient and accepting without retaliating - even the most level headed of us can strike a nerve once in a while. And I don't claim to be all that level headed : I am after all an advocate of 21" exodus subs

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Re: Anyone experience a negative or bully mentality over...

Perhaps HTS should actually practice the "polite, courteous, and respectful" part of rules, by not allowing threads that bash other forums to continue.


There's idiots and saints on any forum.
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Re: Anyone experience a negative or bully mentality over...

I started looking around at some forums a couple years ago when I needed advice on my (then pending) HT build. I am an engineer and like to get the straight talk. You can usually tell when someone is speaking way over their head, or simply making false claims that can't be substantiated, and that drives me nuts. The one thing that impressed me most about Home Theater Shack was the lack of nonsense. I could tell, even in subjects that I had little knowledge, that the members and moderators were serious about helping others. And sometimes that means taking a back seat and letting the real experts chime in.


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Re: Anyone experience a negative or bully mentality over...

spartanstew wrote: View Post
Perhaps HTS should actually practice the "polite, courteous, and respectful" part of rules, by not allowing threads that bash other forums to continue.


There's idiots and saints on any forum.
I believe this thread has been extremely civil... "polite, courteous, and respectful" thus far... and if it gets any other way, we will fix it. At this point, there have only been a few comments about a few of the users at AVS... and no one bashed them.

I think most people already realize there are idiots and saints on any forum, even so-called "Christian" forums will have a few of both (probably less saints that most realize). Although I prefer to label them as "welcomed" and "not welcomed". It is not so much about whether they are an "idiot" or a "saint", but more about their "attitude" and how they handle themselves. It is the rules and how those rules are enforced upon those members that speaks of the forum... and what may make a forum more desirable or not to visit... as well as what may make a particular person welcomed or not.

For the most part it comes down to them lacking control over what their member's write... that is the way they want to handle it, so be it... that is their choice. When I say "control", I mean rules (or lack thereof of certain rules) and enforcement of the same. That is not bashing them, it is politely stating a honest and true fact. AVS serves a very good purpose in several ways. They are home to many of the members that will not and/or would not comply with our rules and are not welcomed here. Yet, they have many members who are mutual members here. Those mutual members typically have a good attitude no matter what forum they visit. As a whole, AVS is very useful for information at times, if you are willing to endure what you may have to endure to find the information.

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Re: Anyone experience a negative or bully mentality over...

AVS forums is not really all that bad and do have a good group of folks that are helpfull and been registered on there for a long time.

What I see goes on there more are these one-post posters to ask only one single thing and are gone (never heard of a search button?) .
Unlike on here, the group is small, helpful and IMHO a great group of folks that share the same passion in HT.
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Re: Anyone experience a negative or bully mentality over...

I'm active at AH (moderate there) and AVS. While there are a lot of threads going at AVS and one person can't be in them all I can not recall the last time someone was really poo pooed for using an auto correction routine.

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