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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

Anonymously deliver a box of foam earplugs to her...
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

Here in the UK, it is accepted that in the daytime nobody has the expectation to zero noise from their neighbours, ie you can't complain just beacause you can hear them. If someone complains becuse they can hear their neighbour, but it is deemed to be within acceptable limits, then that someone would be considered to be being unreasonable. After 11pm it does get a bit different, and there are guidelines for dBA and LEL figures at the complainant's boundary and within their house.

55dBA is an entirely useless limit, and here you would have a difficult time proving anything, below about 70-75dBA, was distinguishable from ambient noise, esp in busy traffic zones.

Here, also, the type of the noise is taken into consideration, repetative noise, band-limited low freq stuff (ie full-range at a distance, through walls, etc), and sililar will have more nuisance value than the actual SPL figures might indicate in isolation.

It's a funny one with amplified noise, no-one wants to upset their neighbours, but some people are extemely intolerant of anything they can merely hear.

I'll dig out some text from one of our guideline documents from the noise council -I think they're updating it, but it's still used as a guideline by local authorities here for venues, events, noisy residents, etc.

I'm a live sound reinforcement guy, so it is very useful for me to have an understanding of how official minds tick if there is an issue resulting from an event I control sound for. I have had to sit with clients and "translate" the audio and offical-speak into baser terms and consequences
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

Buy her an SPL meter for Christmas to put on her fridge and an excess SPL chart with pie graphs to fill out...JK...just try your best to reason with her
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

How's your relationship with the neighbors?

Work on that for a couple of weeks without playing things too loud. Get a feel for what king of movies they like & after having them over for dinner a few times....ask them if they heve seen "name of whatever movie it is." If they say "No, but they've been wanting too," theres your lead in. Say, " Wow, I just rented that, lets watch it." I bet they would become immersed in the movie & become a huge fans of home theater.

Then tell them they are welcome to come over anytime, , even bring a disc themselves!
You catch more flies with honey then vinegar.

Of course you have to be prepared for their theater build with the associated noise that they will be making.

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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

im lucky in this area.i can crank up,and its hardly audible outside.
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I try not to blast anything during the weekday but come Friday and Saturday I'm watching everything loud. I live and let live. I'm happy no one bothers me.
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

Another thing to consider is resonance. I've walked my property line before while playing something at Reference after dark so I could hear what leaks out of the house when it's relatively quieter as opposed to when daytime traffic and activity raises ambient sound levels. I DO hear a little bit of leakage when it's quiet outside, but it should be about inaudible from the neighbor's houses especially if they have their windows closed (and my neighbors have never complained. In fact I asked them before if they hear anything from my house, to see if I might be bothering anyone, but they said no).

I DID however, have a friend that found that his subwoofers in his basement HT could hit resonances that traveled through the ground. I didn't believe him until I visited one day and he said, "Here, check this out". He put on the WOTW pod scene and then had me come out to the driveway of the house and said, "Stand here". I COULD feel the vibrations through the soles of my shoes! It didn't vibrate as hard at other places, but could be felt fairly easily at that spot. He told me that the neighbor's kitchen seems to be a resonant zone too, as the neighbor mentioned the crockery/glasses in her cupboard vibrating and making noise without explanation, until they finally realized that it coincided with him playing movies with lots of LFE. You couldn't really 'hear' anything between the houses, but it appears the vibrations traveled through the ground.

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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

I never though about inaudible bass affecting the neighbors... Maybe you could tell the neighbor it must have been a earthquake! Just make sure your neighbors don't know you got a killer sub.


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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

Hope you can work things out with your neighbors. I just wanted to point out that not everyone works 9-5. My wife worked for years where she had the 7P to 7A shift every other week. There are those who have to sleep during the day. They should be considered.

Luckily, I don't have to worry. We live on 13 acres, there's no way our neighbors can hear our movies!
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neighbors , pesky

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