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Those pesky neighbors!

So that I know that I am not alone, I would like to hear others experiences. I recently moved to a house from an apartment. While I lived at the apartment I jammed ALL day and blasted movies ALL night. I never had a single complaint, either directly or indirectly. Now that I am in a house with decent space between neighbors, I am unable to say the same. My wife and I can be watching a movie at 8 o'clock at night ( I feel this is a reasonable hour ) and she will get a text saying "seriously?", "why do y'all listen to movies SO loud?". The unfortunate thing is that the husband doesn't care and actually wants to come over and watch movies, but I think he hasn't because she won't let him. So now every time I watch a movie, my wife makes me turn the sub almost all the way down I can definitely say that I am not a fan of this! Has anyone else experienced anything like this? What did you do? Thanks!

p.s. I think that this is in the wrong section, I couldn't find the "My neighbors hate me" section lol
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A few years ago I asked my neighbor if my system ever bothered him, and he said that a couple times he heard thunder in the distance when the sky was clear, but it was never loud enough to bother him. 2 concrete walls and 12 ft of dirt is usually enough to dampen +14 dB.

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Haha! That was what she said once! She was like "I don't know if it's thundering, some ghetto car is in the neighbor hood, or if it's y'all. I go outside and it's clear it IS y'all." I am not fortunate enough to have all of the dampening material between us, like you though
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

Maybe you could fire up a movie, ask to come over and experience what the neighbor is. See if she has a point, or if she is just crazy. If it is loud for some reason, you might have to double up some dry wall or figure out how to cut the external db levels.

If she won't work with you at all, then I'd just look up your local laws and stick to them. If she keeps harassing you, then you could have a legitimate complaint against her. Almost all people are reasonable, but a few aren't. Like my sister n law who is just plain nuts. I hope you don't have one of those living next to you....
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Unfortunately, the house is a rental so the drywall is out The law here states that the after 10 o'clock it is disturbing the peace. Also, from the stuff my wife has showed me on Facebook that this lady writes, she IS crazy! She has blatantly talked about us in her comments. She doesn't say us explicitly but we aren't stupid! I am just saddened by this whole ordeal. Fortunately, we only have a one year lease and off to another town to live in the country away from all neighbors!
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

If your not breaking the law and have tried to talk to her and she is just being unreasonable then I would not worry to much about it. If you have an spl meter you could go in front of her house and take a reading before you turn on your system and then after you put in a movie take another reading. Then you can see if she really has a gripe or is just being an unreasonable nieghbor.
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

Its not to hard to walk outside between the houses and listen to what's going on.
If you can hear it pretty good then you need to do something to reduce the sound getting outside the house.
This may be moving the speakers/sub farther away from that side of the house or it may mean lowering the volume.
What is the SPL at your listening position ?
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

Good comments on here. Sorry to hear your pains: some people really stink, and rather than partake your enjoyment they would rather be petty, jealous, and annoying. My wife and I were just discussing how nice it would be to watch movies outside (now that it's not 100°!) but our neighbors are mostly older (and crotchety to boot) Good luck handling this.
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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

I think if your laws say that after 10pm is the limit, then listen at a volume that you enjoy up until then, and after 10 turn it down. It can't possibly be that bad in the house next door, unless your houses are made of paper. Some people are just busybodies and like to look for things to pick at with the neighbors (especially if you're renting).

Do a test yourself, put on a movie with some heavy bass, and go outside and walk around your house. If it is actually obnoxious, then you'll have to be reasonable and turn it down a bit, but if it seems like she's just being picky, then you'll have to agree to disagree on the matter, and keep your movie watching between 8 - 10:00.

It really sucks having annoying neighbors, especially in a detached house where you think you would have the freedom to do what you want. With that said, just do a check to make sure that YOU aren't the annoying neighbor in this case. And ask your neighbor on the other side what they think too to get a second opinion.

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Re: Those pesky neighbors!

I have had the police called on me several times for playing my music too loud i will admit that the volume was obnoxious but it was all during day light hours. The last time an officer came i asked him what the law was and he was not sure so i called the department and was told that anything that is bothering the neighbors regardless of hours was disturbing the peace.
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