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Re: UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

I'd rather light a candle then curse your darkness. I had a similar issue with a UPS store (independently owned and operated) with a center speaker I sold to a buyer. Same thing speaker not packed correctly and damaged during shipping. Luckily I bought insurance and was able to get everything resolved in a week with a credit to my card within a week.

The hard lessons I learned:
1. Find a good UPS store and stick with them, they aren't all the same.
2. Always check the receipt before leaving the store.
3. Take pictures of the item if dropping off at store unpacked.

I hope everything works out for you.
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Re: UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

UPS was suppose to pick the unit up from my brother in-laws. Two weeks later and multiple conversations and no pickup. My brothe in-law then attampted to drop it off at the UPS distrobution warehouse and they refused to take it. Now they say they will come out and inspect it on site..... This is not looking good at all.
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Geeze man I hope they take care of this for you...this is ridiculous
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Re: UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

Man, that's lame. I hope it all works out for you. I have been lucky enough to not have anything damaged by UPS, but it's going to suck whenever that day actually comes.
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Re: UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

Sorry to hear... I purchased my Paradigms a few years back and every thing arrived fine except, the Studio 100s. One box had no exterior damage but rattled. When we opened the box the bottom plate had sheared off the speaker. The other speaker had been dropped and was damaged on the exterior of the box and the speaker too. I called the person I bought them from and he refunded the part for the Studio 100s and then went to get the speakers covered under the insurance...

1. UPS messed up and only insured one of the 2 speakers even though he had requested all to be covered.
2: UPS said that if they were damaged then they were not packed properly or it is fraud!

The guy I bought them from had a friend that was a Lawyer and they were going to pursue them in court. I don't know what the outcome was but I do know if you google problems with UPS you will find a ton of similar problems.


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Re: UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

UPS = United Package Smashers

W o o f e r h o u n d
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UPS, FedEx, USPS are all the same. Last year a pair of speakers came FedEx freight. They used a forklift to put it on the truck and the fork went right through the carton. Then I missed the first delivery and they said they would return the following day. FedEx never showed. I tracked the speakers and watched from my house as the truck never showed up and the driver said he attempted delivery. I called corporate and a supervisor delivered the speakers and noted the damage. The manufacture had a new grill to me in 2 weeks.

I ordered a subwoofer and amp from a dealer. FedEx pulled up and I watched the driver drop both items off the tail of the truck. Needless to say the subwoofer was destroyed and the amp was fine. Of course FedEx wanted to nothing to do with the claim. The dealer and I were persistent contacting FedEx everyday. We went to corporate and after a month the claim was resolved. I guess my point is be persistent, calm but a pain to corporate. You need to oil the squeaky wheel. Good luck!
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Re: UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

phillihp23 wrote: View Post
Gifted my older receiver to my brother in-law for Christmas along with a new set of 5.1 speakers I bought him new. The UPS store dropped/smashed the receiver and then to add insult to injury packaged and shipped it to my brother in-law anyway. Not to mention they didn't double box it like I paid for. I know it was dropped while packaging, as the box when my brother in-law received it had not dents. If you drop a 40lb receiver in a box the box is going to dent.

I will go to the UPS Store tomorrow and see what they will do. Given the circumstances (them damaging it and then concealing it) though i get the feeling they are not going to take responsibility. And since the box wasn't damaged corporate is likely to not honor the shipping claim.

Any advice?
One thing here....which credit card did you use to purchase the original gift? Some cards, like AMEX have policies to replace items that were lost or damaged, even if you did the damaging.
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Re: UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!

Update...UPS has finally picked the reciever up from my brother in-law. When i looked at the tracking number information though it stated "return to shipper". Does that mean UPS is trying to ship the damaged unit back to me or to the UPS Store it was shipped from?

So i will wait a few days and see if I hear from UPS or if this damaged unit shows up at my door.
If they try leaving it at my door what do i do? Do i refuse the return...and keep pressing for the insurance coverage?
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Re: UPS Store ruins Christmas!!!


So UPS says they shipped the package back to the UPS Store. UPS says I need to contact the UPS Store they will have the claim information. They said in one word or another that they can not discuss the information with the shipper or receiver. That the UPS Store would have the information for me. They then proceeded to state that they don't have a claim number for me etc.....
Basically they were unwilling to give me any information other than I need to talk to the UPS Store.

I smell run around all over this...........
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