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Your HT in 2014

Happy New Year to all!

When I started the thread "Your HT in 2013" on 1/1/13 I did not know if it would be of much interest to our members. Well, as of early this morning there are 129 posts in (and 11,498 views of) that thread. So, lets do it again for 2014.

So, what are your plans for your home theater for 2014? Build a new one? Equipment upgrades? More subs? Room treatments? Complete what was not finished in 2013? Don't know - will have to see what new toys go on the market? Nothing, because it is perfect already? (Good luck on convincing us of that! )

Please remember to update us throughout the year as your plans come together.

Hug your pet today!
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Re: Your HT in 2014

Lots of new things planned for 2014!!..Oppo BD, new projector, acoustic treatments and new carpet and seating for the living room HT!!
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Re: Your HT in 2014

My plans for 2014 are:

New center channel, either ML Motif, ML Theater I, ML EM2, or a ML Stage if I can find one cheap enough like the recent closeout price again in a month or two.
DVDO iScan Duo (for the CMS capability since my TV doesn't have a comprehensive enough color control)
New Pre/Pro, here's to hoping to win the Marantz AV7701 giveaway! If not then I'm leaning towards Outlaw 975 or Emotiva UMC-200.
New subwoofer enclosures for my 2 subs, they currently share one and are slowly destroying it (it's old).
Maybe some MiniDSP's so I don't have to rely on my HTPC for doing the sub EQ, though if I go the UMC-200 route I might be able to kill 2 birds with one stone here but it's so ugly aesthetically...
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Maybe frame the other 3 walls and closet but using the room as it is nonetheless. Started new year out right and ordered an Onkyo 3010 off newegg this morning. Prices dropped on the 3010 and 5010 so one could assume new models are on the way very soon. Happy new year to all.
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Re: Your HT in 2014 here we go again

A friend showed up at the bar with a Sansui PD-11 turn table and some records yesterday. No this is not the start of a bad joke. He is aware of my passion for my system and we have spoken many times on the difference between a digital or analog media.

It currently sits on a table on the other side of the room looking lonely. I swear I have heard it calling out to be connected. Alright maybe that was the Yukon I drank last night but you know what I mean.

I have resisted the urge to get back into vinyl for many years now. I have no vinyl records, ( left everything when I got divorced 10 years ago) I currently have all my music and most of my movies on my network ( loss less of course)and love the convenience of watching or listening to anything with just a few clicks of the remote.

The problem is I have many great memories of listening to records and for nostalgic reasons am tempted to set this up and listen to it. TT is in fantastic cosmetic condition. He said it's been in a box on his closet shelf for about 30 years.

I know how I am if I set this thing up and it sounds good it will begin another round of upgrades,hours at tag sales sifting thru boxes of records quests for tube amps and all the time and cash that entails. So I ask this question to those of you who have already been there “IS IT WORTH IT ?”

Hours of enjoyment, hours of cleaning,tweaking,adjusting. I broke up with a girlfriend at one time because her cat was way too interested in the spinning disk on my s helf. Do I really want to do that again?

I know this is not a great tt but what do they call it a gateway drug, it's just the beginning I almost hope it will not power up. Or maybe that will be worse. When I started this post I was sure I was not going down that road again now I think I will take advantage of the snow that’s predicted for the north east and take Friday off to have some uninterrupted time to play.

I propose we start a new group here at the SHACK. We can call it “UA” for upgrade anonymous when stricken with the upgrade urge we can contact other members who can come over and drink together until the urge passes. Think about it it could be revolutionary
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Re: Your HT in 2014

For Christmas I purchased and installed my first TT since the late '80s. I already had several LPs and my parents have a bigger collection of more personal stuff that I will probably digitize for them. The TT is a great nostalgic piece for me but difinitely would not call it an upgrade from my digital collection. I posted more info in TWO CHANNEL AUDIO here...
You already have the TT and several LPs, no harm in setting it up for fun. If you are trying to save money for other upgrades (i.e. speakers, amps..) I would not spend any money trying to 'upgrade' the TT aspect of the system. If you have money to burn, used vinyl is cheap, $3.25 at my local shop, and fun to search.
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I plan on adding another XV15 to mine and within the next 3 months getting a big 4k set to top it off. Wish I could do a projector but ambient light is a problem, which I may address down the road as well.
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Hoping to add two more speakers and two diy SI 18HT subs for a 7.2 set up this year. May either upgrade to a 65" zt60 this year from my 55" vt60 or save up for a 4k projector setup.
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Re: Your HT in 2014

Complete my audio rack, working on it now. Also get a projector and power screen for in front of my VT60 65inch plasma. Also add front highs for 9.2.
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This year I'm hoping to:
1)Replace my Panasonic BDP with a sony 790 or oppo 103.

2)Add better seating, must have high WAF...

3)Add ambient lighting with C4 wireless dimmers and LED strands behind the TV and under the couch.

4)Get a new TV... LG or Sony passive 4K

5)New AVR/Preamp + maybe better amps.
5.1) configure z2/3 pre-out to a headphone amp and configure control4 system to toggle between headphone and Surround with a "mute" button press.

In that order. With lots of new CDs and LPs also
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