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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

not golden by far. however... carful placement and equalization of even cheaper speakers can amke them sound fairly good.

alot of what makes a good or even great speaker is it's ability to preform uniformly in a wide verity of enviroments. however carful measurement and carful placement can take an average pair of speakers and make them sound much much much better even close to that of more expensive ones.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I'm an instrumentation engineer, working with oil installations offshore. So does my wife, and she enjoy the theater too. Plus I have a good deal with a local supplier, so I get their stuff cheap. The return is they use my theater as demo occasionally.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

This is quite an enlightening thread...

I'm a stage carpenter and props technician for a VERY large international entertainment company. I currently enjoy the fruits of working for a company that has no interest in having its stagehands unionize, so we're quite well paid (especially considering what it is we do day-to-day) and the benefits package is great.

I've been building my HT for as long as I can remember... bought my first pair of KLH floor speakers when I was in high school, and powered it with a Pioneer 5.1 AVR. 20 years later, I've got about $4K worth of gear (nothing remains from the original system), and I'm slowly finishing building out my system in the home I now own.

Much of what I've acquired has been DIY, ebay bargains, the occasional dumpster dive, and copious amounts of research. I never buy the "cheapest" thing... I always buy the "cheapest thing worth owning". I find that being an extremely-late adopter of new technology allows me to have the best of both worlds in terms of product quality and price. For example, I finally bought a 720p projector almost 3 years ago... and when it dies, I'll upgrade to 1080p. I own exactly one Blu Ray disc... (Rush, the movie about Niki Lauda/James Hunt).

I'm curious... what has the OP managed to pull off since this thread started?
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I'm retired... I shop for the best deals I can, DIY what I can, and sell old equipment to fund the new. When I was working I used to have pretty expensive equipment, and I swapped them out throughout the year. Now that I am retired, I am much more frugal, and try to get items that will last me for years.


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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I'm an Interpreter for a pediatric hospital. I started with this hobby back in 2000. I bought my first avr, rear projection tv, RCA speakers and a 5 disc dvd player. Then I found you guys
Since then I've been upgrading to a plasma tv the f8500, SVS Prime towers, Oppo player Kreisel sub (won here) and a HSU.
While all this is not really expensive compared to more really high end gear it does add up and for me it sure is way more expensive then when I started. I'm married with 3 children so I don't have much time to tinker with this but we sure watch movies and love it.
I'm satisfied....well at least for now lol.

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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

An easy thing to say is I'm an electrician. Master Electrician for the state of Texas. However, I'm 33 and for the past 8 years I've been in supervisory roles. Foreman, QA/QC, Superintendent which is what I currently am for a Instrumentation & Electrical company and we specifically work in the petrochemical industry.

I do OK.

Master Electrician
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

Engineer. Electrical, mechanical, it varies. I work for one of the big Nationally Recognized Testing labs (NRTL) where I spend my time testing and evaluating products to standards for safety (pretty much everything!) I do ok, but since the baby arrived, the spending stopped. For now. Hopefully not for ever...

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Basement: Denon 4520CI | Oppo 103D | L/R - Chane A5rx-c | Subwoofer - PSA S3000i

HT Build in initial design phase - expect lots of questions!
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I am self employed in a/v live event production and that gives me a direct link to some great deals on related equipment.

One thing I have noticed over the years is that occasionally high end, cherry pieces of gear end up in pawn shops. Most pawn shops have an a/v equipment section but they are usually filled with outdated junk. Every now and then someone sells a worthwhile piece of gear and in some cases, well below market value. Some pawn shop owners are severely lacking in knowledge where this type of equipment is concerned and tend to under value these items. Timing is everything for this type of deal and you need cash to be able to take advantage of the situation. I have made some great deals on items such as amplifiers, speakers, etc. I once bought a 9 month old high end amp in pristine condition for $800 cash that retails for $4500 because the seller was desperate and the pawn shop was unaware of what they had.

Put together a wish list of items you are searching for and put together a milk run of local pawn shops in your area. Make a weekly visit to each one of these shops and scour their inventories for new, cool arrivals. Be patient, because this process can take months and even years to complete but it's always fun and can be most rewarding.
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