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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

drf wrote: View Post
washing is over rated anyway!!
If you have a good HT system, you won't care that you're enjoying it in dirty clothes.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

Bob_99 wrote: View Post
My apologies for not recognizing that you were joking and I should have recognized the big grin at the end of the paragraph. I'm not always the fastest boat in the fleet.

Ditto, ecxcept I porbably didn't realise because it's something that I would do .
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I'm a teacher. I used to teach for children with learning disabilities. Before that I was a phys. ed teacher. Now I teach English as a second language(elementary school).
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I am a carpenter/welder and have graduated from headphone obsession to HT obsession when my old TV died a couple of months ago. Not sure how it happened but rather than buying a $1000 TV from Costco I did a bunch of research and spent a lot more than that. Now, I need to get the Audio up to scratch. More research, reviews, and auditions in my future... Not sure when I will have time to work, so I can actually afford it though.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

Spent the last 6.5 year owning my own business (pet shop/specializing in reef) but recently shut it down and now I am back doing software development. Currently doing contract work. I can see that getting to the ultimate goal of a full blown HT might take awhile but I can also see how this can into a full-blown obsession and eventually I can achieve that goal.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I'm a network/systems administrator. I've got one in college and another going to college next year. My primary source of HT money comes from the annual IRS refund. I know I should probably recalculate to keep all the money instead of giving them a free loan, but, I don't use coupons either so I could be saving a lot more money everywhere.

You can actually go HT very affordably. You won't have the theater replica pictured in the highend magazines but you will still have a dedicated area with everything needed for the cinema experience. It may take you some time but you can do all the work, even if you have never picked up a tool. Many videos are now online to show you how to do the work and there are howto classes at the home improvement stores.

Beyond that, even new the equipment and furniture is very affordable these days. But, if you can't even afford that, Craigs List, Audiogon, and Videogon are places you can find the things you need to get your HT done.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

eugovector wrote: View Post
Quick aside on washers:

My parents had a 12 year old Maytag. It was working fine, but they decided they "needed" a new one (kind of like audiophiles with their equipment). 3 months out of warranty (2 years), the new one breaks. The repair guys comes out, says he's been repairing washers for decades, and they should have keep their 12-year old machine. It was overbuilt. Every new machine, regardless of cost, is built to last no more than 5 years, so if it does, it's a miracle.

Buy the cheapest washer you can, save the rest for HT equipment. Believe it or not, your HT equipment may last longer than your washer.
Our 6 or 7 year old whirlpool dryer died and we were getting ready to buy a new one. My grandfather had an old one in his garage that had been there since one of his sisters died years ago and he gave it to us. It is a 1977 Maytag that is puke green. We've been running it like a dog for the past year and it is a champ that dries way quicker than the 30 year newer whirlpool ever did. It doesn't have any bells and whistles. It does 2 things...spin and get really hot.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I was an Auto Mechanic for almost 20yrs. doing Brake and Steering/Suspension work which = long days and LOW pay, if I had only learned Drivability I could have made a lot more $$$. I made enough to support my family so wife could be a stay at home Mom while kids were growing up. I did what I loved though until Sept. 15th, 2004. Got rear-ended on the way to work, 50 weeks later I got T-boned. I was out of work for nearly 2yrs., wife had to go out and get a job and we also got a little help from Gov.. While recovering is when I got hooked into the world of HT A/V & Gaming. I'm back to work now selling Tires and Repair sevices with a very large retailer, which again means long days and low pay. The 1st piece of gear was bought as a Christmas gift for whole family in 2005, a $69.oo Curtis HTiB. With no real extra $$ it has taken some time, below is my progress so far;

Xbox - 2003
Pioneer VSX-816k 7.1 receiver - mid 2006
Powered Subwoofer - 2006
JVC 27F577 SD CRT DTV - late 2006 (now in bedroom - replaced 19" Toshiba)
Sony KD-34XBR970 HD CRT TV - Feb. 2007
Xbox 360 Pro - Feb. 2007
Xbox 360 Elite - Aug. 2007
Berkline Reclining Sofa - Feb. 2008 (replaced 10+ yr. old sleeper sofa)

Here is a link to my storie w/ pictures

Will be replacing the Curtis HTiB speakers (40w) with a SVS SBS-01 5.1 system in very near future.

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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

Like many here, I'm in IT. My wife is a college Prof and we are empty nesters. When we built our house five years ago, we built in a way to allow us a dedicated HT. Since it's in a daylight basement, the actual space was fairly cheap.

We're just getting around to finishing out the space and I'm doing all the construction. I'll have a professional hang the dry wall. We go slow and look for bargains. We bought the cabinets we'll use in the refreshment area from a closing business. Paid $400 for all the Kraftmaid we need!

We don't plan to go whole hog. I already have a decent 7.1 receiver (NAD T762) and I'll be buying servicable but not high end speakers.

I justify it as an investment. I hope to live in our new house from now on (we were in our last for 30 years), but if we end up selling, the HT will add value.

BTW, I drive a Honda Civic w/200k. It's already had tow timing belts. It's been paid for since 1995! It's all where you decide to put your money.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

Unlucky with the washer! Murphy's Law in effect.

I am a Physical Therapist. Like many have said I have been building my set up over the years. I have no children (as of yet) and an understanding wife. I built my basement home theater last year DIY. Learned a lot and saved a lot. Last big purchase was a front projector. I still have to get around to posting some pics.
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