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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I often wondered how people afford the equipment they have but then i realise many people are much older and more financialy stable than me so that may be why.

im only 23 and just start out in my career and have an apartment so as you can imagine im usually a little strapped for cash and having a g/f doesnt help either :P

im just getting into this hobby and im working on my first speaker but when i see people with 5000 amps etc i do wonder how i wil EVER be able to afford things of that calibur...
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I work as a Refinery Operator and Firefighter. We took some of the upgrade budget from the sale of my old house and did the first attempt at our home theater. Used some overtime money from the last "turnaround" to make some upgrades and changes. Basically, we enjoy our friends high priced systems and upgrade our own as money (and the need) permits. We know we could add a lot more and have an unbelievable system - but we're happy with it like it is. We keep our bills low and spend most of our time upgrading "something" in our home or spending it on our boys. I still need to properly treat for sound...still. Good luck!

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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

Well, as a most of the time lurker - I have had that question go through my mind as well. These set ups look far too polished for something I could afford - then I bought a house in Los Angeles. Talk about something few could afford!

My wife and I have spent the past 3 years fix up the joint and making it our own. Long nights after work and weekends spent sanding, plastering, etc. Our main room has a modest yet excellent set up for a 46 inch 1080p Sharp LCD tv, Onkyo reveicer, Polk speakers (5.1), DVD/HD DVD/BluRay/Digital Cable. It's not fleshed out home theater - but it gets the job done.

For the future - our garage is not attached to the house. The plan had always been to attach it, make it into a bedroom or home gym or home theater. Right now, the bedroom will be the better place to put the money - but I WANT to do the theater. My wife does to, to a point. But we both realize the monumental amount to work it will take, especially after working the kinks out of our fixer-uper.

So in the end I expect this will be a multi-year project should I ever get the funds and time to do it.

And to answer your question, I am an editor who cuts Theatrical Trailers, TV Spots, and other various movie/tv/videogame related items.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I'm a Union Carpenter. Sometimes I buy gear when I've been working overtime and money is available. Other times I'm out of work and money is tight but I'll do the credit thing for the right deal. I don't really need any of it so I can easily walk away from any deal. My g/f on the other hand has absolutely no self restraint. I like to know what's out there and what it's worth. All she knows is to say, "do you wanna get it?" No does not always mean no.

I got into this about three years ago and am on my third set of speakers, second hdtv but feel that I'm not a junkie because I have declined my g/f's offer to upgrade our receiver, buy a PS3 and threatened to not hook up an hdtv that she wanted to buy without doing any research. Our used gear gets sold or given away. My latest DIY is an in-wall entertainment center that's almost done.

At first I bought everything A/V because I had more money than her but our latest puchace was 50/50 because she was into owning a Panny plasma. I know better than to suggest that she cover 50% of the cost of materials for a DIY sub project .... wait a minute .... strike that .... since I'm doing the work, shouldn't she supply the material? Something tells me that there's trouble down that road.

One year for Chistmas she bought me a Denon 1920 and I bought her a digital camera. Every love story needs electronics.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

Truthfully, I cant afford it, but like others have said, i do it anyway...Anyway, I'm full time student and work warehouse at Circuit got me what i wanted
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I'm semi-retired and 65. Started this HT hobby in September 06 with objections from the WAF. Took her to marriage counseling and got 250 per month to do what I wanted with. Also, cash for Christmas, birthday, father's day, etc got me to the following point:

Samsung 61" DLP/LED A750
Monster HT Power Center HTS2500
Pioneer - VSX-94THX (crossover at 150hz)
Bue Jeans cables
JBL - E90 mains w/M2200 200 watt Mono Blocks
JBL - EC35 center w/M2200 200 watt Mono Block
INFINITY - Beta ES250 surrounds
JBL - E50 rear surrounds
HSU - (2) VTF-3 MK3 MO (stacked, nearfield)
HSU - (2) MBM-12 (one w/ea main)
Toshibia HD DVD AX2 (HDDVD)
Panasonic DMP-BD30 (BluRay)
Sony SCD-CE595 SACD (5 disc cd/sacd player)

Time to start saving again in order for upgrades in a couple of years.

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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

How do I afford HT? Carefully and sometimes not at all. I was a Data Analyst for a major Cable company but am leaving my job in 48hrs. My wife is soon to be a graduate student studying for her PhD. I'm also a full time student and have about 8 months remaining on my Bachelor of Science but i have my AS in Computer Information Systems.

Here's to hoping I find a new job in FL, the last 6 months of looking haven't found me anything yet. lol.

Last edited by derekht; 05-21-08 at 03:26 PM. Reason: Because the abreviation for Bachelor of Science is starred out.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

Hi All i run my own Marketing Business. All my gear is new brought on ebay i shop smart and fast.
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?


I am Newbie in this forum.

I have been as a Healthcare provider for 10 years since I graduated but still can not afford a normal (I am not dreaming a decent one) HT system even though my wife loves to watch movies (we rent out from Blockbuster) every weekend at home.

Best regards,
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Re: How do you afford HT... what's your profession?

I try and look for the best "deals" that I can through the internet. Although I may not have the money for all new gear I try and get the best I can afford through audiogon/craigslist/forums. That has worked out best for me


afford , ht , profession

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