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View Poll Results: Ten Biggest Audio Lies: Agree or Disagree (If you disagree, you must explain why!) Votes are public!
I agree with all of them. (If you vote here... do not vote again.) 130 44.22%
I disagree with all of them. (If you vote here... do not vote again.) 11 3.74%
1. The Cable Lie: Agree 106 36.05%
1. The Cable Lie: Disagree 36 12.24%
2. The Vacuum-Tube Lie: Agree 55 18.71%
2. The Vacuum-Tube Lie: Disagree 61 20.75%
3. The Antidigital Lie: Agree 70 23.81%
3. The Antidigital Lie: Disagree 43 14.63%
4. The Listening-Test Lie: Agree 79 26.87%
4. The Listening-Test Lie: Disagree 34 11.56%
5. The Feedback Lie: Agree 72 24.49%
5. The Feedback Lie: Disagree 29 9.86%
6. The Burn-In Lie: Agree 85 28.91%
6. The Burn-In Lie: Disagree 36 12.24%
7. The Biwiring Lie: Agree 78 26.53%
7. The Biwiring Lie: Disagree 34 11.56%
8. The Power Conditioner Lie: Agree 76 25.85%
8. The Power Conditioner Lie: Disagree 41 13.95%
9. The CD Treatment Lie: Agree 94 31.97%
9. The CD Treatment Lie: Disagree 25 8.50%
10: The Golden Ear Lie: Agree 81 27.55%
10: The Golden Ear Lie: Disagree 31 10.54%
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

Wayne A. Pflughaupt wrote: View Post

But would you expect to hear a difference on lower-end PA speakers??? Needless to say, it was shocking...

Yes. The cables act in concert with the speakers and the amp as an RLC system and the author mentions this in the article. If there's something funky on one side of the cable, or if there's something funky with the cable then it's possible that it could make a difference. The catch is that there's no guarantee or 'spec' you can look for. It's possible that in one of these senarios the cheaper wire may sound better!
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

article wrote:
The truth is that biamping makes
sense in certain cases, even with a passive
crossover, but biwiring is pure voodoo.
my amplifiers manual wrote:
If only one speaker is to be used, connect it to the SYSTEM (A) terminals.
I do this. I use my receivers amplifiers also. I plan not to later on when/if I have more sensitive speakers.
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

avaserfi wrote: View Post
That is pretty surprising. What kind of cables were they? It sounds like they were designed like complete and utter poo and that is just plain hard to do maybe there was a goal with those cables?.
Well, you probably won’t believe this – I still can’t believe it.

Everything was set up in our warehouse-cum-showroom, and we were using an old Technics CD player with both RCA and balanced XLR outputs for demo purposes – or in our case, just to have some music to work to! Typically we were using the RCA jacks, but for some reason one day I used the balanced – maybe the RCA cables were missing, I don’t remember. Just used some cheap mic cables we had laying around (which is what we mostly sold). Well, I was amazed at the improvement in SQ, just by using the XLR connections over the RCAs. Sure wasn’t expecting anything. You can bet I was using the XLRs exclusively after that!

Here’s the kicker: Sometime later I popped the cover on that Technics CD player and almost had a heart attack at what I saw. It really didn’t have balanced outputs at all. Someone had retro-installed some chassis-mount XLRs and wired them directly to the RCAs!!!!!

‘Course, now that I think about it, it’s possible the difference could have come from using the mixer’s balanced inputs instead of unbalanced. There will be some extra circuitry involved at the console, even if the source isn’t balanced.

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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

Most of the "lies" I generally agree with, but nearly all of them has some caveat that needs to be considered or some degree of truth to it. The problem is that rather than getting to the bottom of why people experience what they feel they do, one side wants to promote the idea as the be-all and end-all and the other side is bent on proving them wrong.

Science that starts with the goal of disproving lies is as wrong as the lies themselves. It may seem to justify self-righteousness, but it simply polarizes. In most of the debates and arguments about these issues that I have experienced, there is more interest in proving one's point than interest in learning, discovery, and the search. This is unfortunate, because we have so many great tools that could be applied to both the hardware and the perceptual parts of the experience. Home Theater Shack at least has some open minded people who are willing to discuss hese matters in a civil discourse without the vitriole.

Like my sig on AVS reads...the correct answer is, "it depends."

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

This looks like fun, don't have time to read it now, but will after I get to work. My prediction, I will agree with 90%.
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post #17 of 287 Old 02-01-08, 06:31 PM
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

I can agree with all except the power conditioner. The difference I found was on the video side, however. I could never tell a difference with audio, but I noticed less "ziggy's" on test patterns with my PJ.
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

Sonnie . Isn't it good to expose all the lies to all the members . At Last . If there is a member who has been hypnotized by a unscrupulous salesmen may he awaken to the lies . Alan .
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

I thought I would end up disagreeing with several points, but he always qualified his statements right at the end:

-Speakers and headphone potentially benefiting from break-in
-LP superior to CD because of mastering differences
-Bi-wiring is not bi-amping

It is interesting to see the people who do disagree though.
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Re: The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

Those who disagree should state why they disagree... just as James did about the power conditioner. Obviously it made a difference and it would be nice to know why it did if anyone would have an idea. I meant to make it a public poll, but I guess I forgot to check the button.

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