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Re: Oppo 103D vs Next Gen Players

This is not good for me. I'm really wanting a new player and was looking toward the OPPO but I don't want to pay the expense now only for one year away from the new standards.

Looks like I'll stick with the el cheapo Sony player.
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Given that they're talking about 2 years lead time, I'm not sure I want to wait that long. I found them online for less than buying from Oppo directly.


$688 CAD including the Spears & Munsil ($30, I think) disc.

Shipping was $25 UPS or $30 CanadaPost -not great, but better!

I think I will order next month when my work project completes and I collect payment...

From what I have seen, there isn't a lot of Oppo product in ebay, kijiji, etc so I don't anticipate a crazy-hard time unloading it when the time comes. (Even as a high-end audio/multi-format player....)

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Just did some more reading about DTS:X (aka DTS: MDA) and apparently it is supposed to be released March 2015. No word yet if BD players can gain compatibility via firmware upgrade or not, but if market penetration of DTS HD Master compared to Dolby TrueHD is any indicator, there is no way I'm buying anything until I know what is happening with this format.

No shiny new player will look very shiny in April when my next 5 Blu-ray discs won't play (ever!) in my new player, regardless of what receiver or pre/pro I may have in 2 years...

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Re: Oppo 103D vs Next Gen Players

Thanks for the update and I agree... must wait.

This sucks as I was wanting to finalize my system so I can finish my build. Oh well. My $50 sony black friday special will do till then.
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Man - did I luck out. My issues went away. The "reset to default" command in the menu did nothing, but in the manual here is a procedure to completely wipe the system and bring it back to the "just opened the box for the first time" condition (with updated firmware intact of course)

That has resolved my issues. Lucky me. I can "Oppo Up" when they get around to upgrading heir hardware - if they're still king of the hill by hat time.

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Re: Oppo 103D vs Next Gen Players

Cool, that's great. Those inexpensive blu-ray players seem to be great products I have a 3yr. old $80 LG player. Plays blu-rays , cds and usb with no issues from day 1.
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Re: Oppo 103D vs Next Gen Players

I was getting close to pulling the trigger on ordering a new 103 (don't need the 'D' since I have a Lumagen 2041 which has Darbee built in). I have downgraded to a cheap pre HDMI processor (Arcam AV8) and I'm using the analogue outputs of my current Oppo BDP93 player into it, while I wait out for an affordable processor with DTS:X.

My '93 doesn't have lip sync and I could do with the delay that the 103 has built in (the 2041 and my JVC X500 need about 100mS audio delay to get in sync), so I'm now stuck with just using 'core' DTS via optical so I can use the delay in my legacy processor. I had planned on buying a miniDSP DDRC88A to use directly on the outputs of my '93 but this too has no lip sync delay either. Frustrating as the analogue outputs from the '93 sound better than using 'core' DTS, but the lip sync is so far out it is annoying.

However, I find it hard to justify 500 for a 103, even allowing for potentially 200 back when I sell my '93. I also wonder how much I would get back for a used 103 once true 4K players are out (even if Oppo haven't got one out at that time)? Up until now Oppos seem to have held quite decent used prices (I can't even find a used 103 at the moment, the few that have turned up are nearly retail priced anyway).

There is so much in the air right now, even for a seasoned AV nut like myself...I aim to end up with 5.2.4 Atmos/DTS:X, 'Dirac live' room eq and 4K video, but working out how to get there and not get burned at early adopter prices seems harder than I first thought.
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Re: Oppo 103D vs Next Gen Players

gregsdouglas wrote: View Post
For anyone waiting to replace their BD Player with an Oppo, and hoping to wait until it supports the new higher-capacity BD standards still being settled, don't hold your breath -unless they're just saying this to avoid stalling sales of current generation players....

Response from Oppo Pre-Sales Support: (very fast response too!)

On Jan 12, 2015, at 10:16 AM, OPPO Service <service@oppodigital.com> wrote:


The current hardware will not be compatible with the newer 4Kx2K disc format We will likely not have a native 4Kx2K player until sometime in late-2016 if not early-2017.

Best Regards,

Customer Service
OPPO Digital, Inc.
2629B Terminal Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel: 650-961-1118
Fax: 650-961-1119
I think that's accurate coming from OPPO. The Ultra HD BD standards only began trickling out at the beginning of the year but there are still plenty of details to workout. Panasonic, which revealed the world's first UHD BD player at CES is even projecting late 2015/early 2016 (which, as you know, could be complete smoke) I believe a formalized UHD BD standard will officially be released mid-year to early fall...depends on how long it takes to iron out the complexities of new tech that will be included with UHD BD.

My understanding is that UHD BD players will be backwards compatible...but your current BD player will not be upgradeable to UHD BD standards via firmware. All new hardware is required.

Frankly, there are enough unknowns and fluctuations in the rollout of 4K that it's going to be best to wait at least another year or so before buying gear that will be assuredly future proof for the foreseeable future. Is the investment in a 103/103D wise at this time? Maybe...really depends on overall budget and plans to integrate 4K into your household. Perhaps investing $100 bucks in a current LG/Panasonic/Sony model might be wise. That being said, Oppo makes incredible products.

Big choice! Good luck.
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Is it stating the obvious that no matter when the new machines arrive, early adopters will be faced with (as usual) slim pickin's in the movie title department? Do they try to synch hardware/software

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Re: Oppo 103D vs Next Gen Players

UGH! "...in late-2016 if not early-2017..." Seems a long way away for a proper Oppo 4K/UHD Blu-ray player with the format somewhat finalized now. But I'm sure when they do get it out it will have been worth the wait. Oppo seldom do anything rushed.
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