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DVD player that skips straight to Movie

I have several DVD players and in the conversion to Bluray, one of the features of my old Pioneer DV-F27 does not seem to be available on any of the new players. On the Pioneer, when you first put in the DVD movie, instead of going through the 30 minutes of movie trailers and advertising, you can press the menu button and it takes you straight to the begining of the movie home screen--just press play and you are watching the movie.

I am subscribed to Block Buster's mail rental program and the DVDs are always front loaded with advertising and movie trailers. My old Pioneer seemed to know how to get through this and take you straight to the movie's home screen. I am updating my system to include Bluray. The new multiformat Bluray/DVD players that I have tested do not have any function that eliminates the constant Fast Forwarding to get past the junk and straight to the movie.

I have a Sony BDP-S350 and a Samsung BDP-5000U (piece of junk), and neither have any button or command that will advance to the movie's home screen. I have tested many more display models in stores and have yet to find one with the same feature as my old Pioneer. My Pioneer never advertised this as a function or feature and even so, I found it by accident. Through-out time, I found this to be such a time saver. When I have asked audio/video techs about this feature, they look at me as if I am crazy and tell me that there has never been a player made with that feature except some professional high dollar models that are not available to the general public.

Does anybody know of a new generation multiformat bluray player that has the capability to jump directly to the main movie menu?
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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

Not sure about BluRay players but you can try pushing the stop button twice on the remote, and then push play. On some players this is how you get past the intro's and go straight to the movie.
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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

The option to skip the trailers and previews is a feature built into the BluRay or standard DVD and is not a hardware feature of the player its self. Disney DVDs for example have the "quick play" feature that allows you to go directly to the movie.
On some BluRay movies the only way to skip the junk at the beginning is to FF through them one at a time and on others you can just hit the "menu" button.

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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

Afaik, being able to skip certain parts of a dvd (or not) are the so called UOP or PUO or puops: prohibited user operations. Some dvd's have these enabled (can't skip ads), some don't (can skip ads). What you are looking for is a player that ignores these puops. Any player carying the dvd logo has to adhere to the standards set by the dvdforum (or else they are not allowed to carry the official dvd logo) and thus oblige these puops.

Some software dvd players (on a computer) do ignore these puops (all linux dvd software seems to ignore them), but using those may be illegal depending on where you live (the illegal part is the way they handle css-encrypted dvd's). An other option is to rip the dvd, remove the puops, and burn it to another disc (or play it back as iso from a harddrive). I have no experience with that though, since I playback everything from a linux HTPC, which means the prohibited operations don't bother me.

Wikipedia has some information about this, as well as about options to remove/ignore the puops: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_operation_prohibition
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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

I always press the Menu button and it takes me to the Play option.

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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

I have had a few DVDs and a few Bluray movies not allow me to jump to the menu. It's not all of them, just a select few. What I end up doing is hitting FF so that it is 100X and it wizzes past the trailers in a matter of seconds.
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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

Thanks for all of the replies. I did just try Mike P's advise about pressing the stop button twice and it worked on one bluray disc. I also discovered (by accident) that if I put the disc in and turn off the player, when I turn it back on it goes straight to the menu as well.
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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

Mike P. wrote: View Post
Not sure about BluRay players but you can try pushing the stop button twice on the remote, and then push play. On some players this is how you get past the intro's and go straight to the movie.
Mike..I tried that last night on a DVD, and it worked a treat...Straight to the movie..
Good call..

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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

I'm not sure if this is the case with all DVD players but this works for me. After loading the disc, as soon as the DVD logo on the player's display appears (or when the TV says DVD-Video), I immediately hit the menu button. That usually skips over the junk and goes straight to the main menu. Second best is hitting Stop, then Menu. My observations may only apply to the Oppo HD-981DV.


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Re: DVD player that skips straight to Movie

Bummer. I just tried the stop/stop to skip to the movie on the Sex and the City on bluray and it would not work, also tried the power off/on toggle with disc in and it did not work either. Apparently, directly skipping to the beginning of the movie appears to be hit or miss on my Sony BDP-S350. I didn't get a chance to try the Samsung before the wife returned movie.

In my switch from standard DVD to bluray players this is such a hassle. My old Pioneer standard DVD player used to skip to the beginning of the movie with the menu button. I tried and compared it against discs the Sony and the Samsung will not let you skip through--it still does. I was originally planning on phasing out the Pioneer for the multiformat blurays--to get more features/quality, I did not expect to lose a function I really liked.

For those of you that rent DVDs you know what I mean--it is not as simple a FastForwarding or skipping chapters, and go straight to the movie. On these rental discs, it is as if they have added several chapters to the front of the disc that do not let you skip them--the most you can do is FFWD at high speed until that movie trailer/advertisement/rating screen is over, and then do it again on the next, and the next....until the movie home screen appears. The whole process takes a few attentive minutes.

Also, in looking to the future, as bluray takes over, I can just imagine how much that can be front loaded on a disc with all of that extra capacity and with me not in control--being forced to watch. Does anybody know of any software or firmware tweaks that can remedy this?

I have been renting (and not purchasing) DVDs for so long that I am not sure if the ones you buy in the store have all of this front-loaded junk on them or not. Some discs I receive are specifically made for Block-Buster and have their logo in several different places through-out the disc.

It seems to me as if i really began to notice all this after belonging to the rental program--and it appears to be getting worse. This might be a way to screw up people trying to copy the discs.
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