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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

I concur: I waited until earlier this year Wayne, but I can see the difference on my 720p 50" from 14ft away, of course, some dvds are closer to blu-ray quality than others, but we watch two movies a week via netflix and a tv series too and the blu ray picture is exceptional, if you view closer than 10ft I think you will definitely see the difference, even on 720p. I picked up a very good pioneer blu-ray player and dvd picture improved markedly: I'm confident the panasonic blu-ray players recommended will do the same.
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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

Seems like a good time to post this again:
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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

With BR's falling in prices, I'd take the plunge. I get them all at for super cheap so I've even replaced some of my action DVDs with BR but not many. If it were me, I'd go with the Panny BR player, although I eventually took mine back and got a PS3, which I don't regret at all.

For me, with a HD PJ and 110 screen the choice was pretty clear. DVD's were jaggy and when I tested a friends PS3 against my DVD player, (same video, same scene) the choice was clear.
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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

Being that I have just have started my equipment setup the BD player is a big jump from watching older DVDs but have to say some of the newer DVDs are to me just as good as some Blue ray discs. Found this with my kids Disney DVDs that were all scratched up and still played remarkably clear.
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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

I just recently made the plunge myself with a new panny plasma and an Oppo BDP-83 from an old HD CRT that I could only watch DVD's at 480p.I found with DVD's upconverted to 1080p on the plasma looked a lot more grainy than on the CRT at 480p,but still had a good picture.With Blu-ray on the plasma it's a whole other story,picture looks better than OTA HD on the CRT and a very noticeable improvement over DVD.

On the audio side of things,I didn't find much of a noticeable improvement over the lossy codecs when it came to the lossless audio and was a little disappointed,but it shows how good the lossy codecs really are.

To me the picture quality is what makes blu-ray worthwhile and with the wider availability of material to watch compared to a couple of years ago,it's definitely worth the plunge.
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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

Drudge wrote: View Post
On the audio side of things,I didn't find much of a noticeable improvement over the lossy codecs when it came to the lossless audio and was a little disappointed,but it shows how good the lossy codecs really are.
That all depends on your system if you have good to very good speakers/sub and a mid to high end receiver or PrePro setup the Uncompressed formats do make a very big difference. I have A/B them both on the same BluRay movie and there is no competition the uncompressed audio wins.

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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

Well,I'm using the analog outputs of the player into the multichannel input of the Lexicon MC-12 and if I switch back and forth between the multi-channel input and the SPDIF with the higher bit rate lossy Dolby or DTS being output on the Blu-ray player with a blu-ray disc,I only notice a slight difference in the bass.

It's probably just the difference between the analog and the digital connection and since I don't have the ability to have the lossless audio passed via the HDMI connection and hear it that way,I may not have heard it yet in all it's glory.

My speakers are studio monitors that have pretty good(anechoic)response combined with Audyssey and minimal passive room correction and even when I listen to a DVD soundtrack with the lower bit rate lossy codecs there is not much of a difference that I hear with good soundtracks vs. the lossless Blu-ray audio,just maybe an ever so slightly smoother sound,but not anything significantly better.
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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

A lot of people do say that they do not notice much difference between Lossy and lossless soundtracks but it is IMO best passed over from the BD player via HDMI and let the processor handle the processing.
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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

Thanks all for the comments. We made the plunge and snagged a Yamaha BD-S2900 off eBay. Woo hoo!

When it first came out, this player took a lot of guff both in reviews and on the Forums for its high price, and for conspicuously lacking features that other players had for a lot less money. But it got high marks for its video performance and build quality. And it is a monster - steel chassis and weighs nearly 13 lbs! Here’s an in-depth review, and here’s a discussion thread.

Well, I don’t have any use for any of those features the Yamaha was “lacking”; all I care about is picture quality. For the price we paid - only a bit more than the recommend Panasonic DMP BD6 and significantly less than the Oppo BDP-83 - it was a no brainer. The seller said it was bought new but never used. That appears to be accurate; for one thing, the remote still had the cheapie stock batteries in it.

We borrowed a blu ray of the Dark Knight movie from our neighbor, and it was certainly impressive. We were duly impressed right away, in the early scenes of the movie, where the two clown guys are on the roof and break into a telephone box. All those hundreds of tiny wires were sharp and as clear as a bell.

One thing I was concerned about with the BD-S2900 reviews was negative comments about its picture quality with standard DVDs. But I noticed most of those comments had to do with test patterns and 3.3 and 3.2 cadences (thanks Greg, for pointing out that’s a non issue for all practical purposes). IOW, I was't seeing any comments based on viewing actual discs.

We rented two copies of a DVD last night and sync’d them up in both the 2900 and our current standard DVD player, a Yamaha flagship model from a few years back. The verdict? The 2900’s picture was noticeably better: Colors richer and more accurate, whiter whites. Detail was slightly better as well. Subtle, but indeed better.

We also like the remote, the best of any DVD player we’ve ever had: Nice and large with white buttons on a black background, easy to see and use in dim lighting. Why do so many manufactures insist on supplying black remotes with tiny black buttons for their DVD players?

Needless to say, we’re impressed with this player, especially for the ridiculously low price we paid!

Again, thanks to all for your input. The comments about playing your standard discs on a blu ray player were especially helpful and encouraged us to make the plunge. It would have been something of a bitter pill to get a spiffy new player only to find that our library of standard discs was a step down in quality.

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Re: Blu-ray – is it all that?

Good news Wayne The Dark Knight is an impressive disc to start with as the PQ and SQ is first class and it is a bonus it does your DVD's justice!!
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blu-ray , that?

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