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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?

The BD-S2900 is a superb player. A good used one is a smart buy if the feature set is not an issue, as they were quite expensive.

I have very much enjoyed my blu ray player. I was late to the game, as I do not watch a lot of movies, and could play with lots of machines from my dealers if I needed one for testing and such. But since I own one, I have found that I watch more movies. I also like some of the features that I thought were silly, like being able to connect to the web and download a movie or listen to Pandora.

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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?


I see you getting a lot of replies on this, and they are positive. I can add my positive. I have a 720p PJ and sit 12 ft.from a 6 ft screen. At that distance, 720p has just merged into a non-pixelated image. Any closer/larger I would need a 1080p PJ, and I am looking...

Anyway, I occasionally watch a DVD, and I am instantly struck how it looks like a TV all over again. The color gamut of DVD is less than BD, and it really looks it. The sound is usually not too great; no DTS Master Audio, for sure. And the picture is just fuzzy. So if you aren't sure that BD is all that, I have a good test. Get your BD player, and watch BDs for slightly less than the 30 day return period. Then put back your DVD player and try it again. I think you will be quick to put the BD player back in the rack.
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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?

I hooked up a friends BR along side my DVD player, put in two exact movies and switched back and forth. The next week I bought a PS3 and haven't looked back.
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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?

I beleived once I got the appropriate gear (Oppo, 70" DLP 1080P TV) if was worth it. I also sit closer then most (small room)... On a funny note, I recently got of a DVD collection of the Six Million Dollar Man. I brought it upstairs and popped it in my Oppo and turned on my 70. All I can say is OW!! 1970s resolution at 70" close up hurts. Looks just fine on my 32 at 14 feet though..:P
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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?

On some discs, I've really appreciated the cleaner sound of the lossless audio. I was always disappointed between the lossy soundtrack of a movie and the original lossless on the soundtrack CD.

Also, I have two players, one for DVD and one for Blu-ray, because I want the best DVD picture quality possible. Which gets back to your original question.

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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?

Ideally a dedicated player for each format is the best way of achieving optimum performance but with the likes of Oppo bringing out Universal Players like the BDP83/SE models that gap has been narrowed quite considerably.
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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?

Too late to help the OP, but my recent experience was going from a 10+ year old DVD player to a cheap but current DVD player. The improvement in all my DVD's was amazing. Soon after, I bought a Blu-ray player, and the standard DVD's look about the same as on the current DVD player, with the Blu-ray discs slightly better. On the other hand, my wife doesn't notice the difference between DVD and Blu-ray at all.
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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?

That's a shame. My wife can tell, makes everything easier


Don't worry... nothing new here, I've already made that mistake. Trust me.
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Contrary to what many here say, I would argue the largest difference can actually be in the audio (if your system is revealing enough to let the lossless audio shine), PQ certainly is improved by raw data presence, you'll see more of the same compression even on a bad BD vs DVD - but overall I find the audio to be more impressive for films that aren't as visually pleasing. For some films, both are spectacular and really show off the format. Watching Avatar DVD vs Blu-Ray is a night and day difference.

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Re: Blu-ray is it all that?

I was also thought the audio was a more telling difference when BR and HDDVD first came out, but now that transfers are getting better, I'd say PQ has taken the edge.
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blu-ray , that?

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