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View Poll Results: Are you going to buy an HD DVD player and which format?
I now own or plan to own one within the next year... 54 30.51%
I'm waiting on a future generation player... 30 16.95%
I'm holding out for a dual format player... 23 12.99%
I prefer HD-DVD... 50 28.25%
I prefer Blu-Ray... 38 21.47%
I want a player but I'm undecided on what I want right now... 33 18.64%
I doubt I'll even buy one... 5 2.82%
I now own or plan to own both player formats... 2 1.13%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 177. You may not vote on this poll

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post #21 of 95 Old 07-30-06, 01:21 AM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Same goes for me. I'll jump on the PS3 somtime next year after the first price break.
I have never been a "bleeding edge" kinda guy. Got my first surround 4 years ago, first big screen 2.5 years ago and my first pro-scan dvd a little over a year and a half ago. I still don't have HD I'm a patient man.

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post #22 of 95 Old 09-02-06, 08:47 PM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Well, three months ago, I voted that the inevitable winner would be Blu Ray, and that I would not touch HD until a winner emerged, or we were into the second or third generation of players. Well..... "My Name is Derek, and I am an AV-a-holic." I just broke down and bought a Toshiba HD-A1 (haven't tried it out yet, just set it up). The way the Blu Ray camp is messing things up at almost every turn now makes that format look more and more like vapor-ware. It is a case, IMHO, of the tortoise (HD-DVD) and the hare (Blu Ray): while the hare will explode out of the starting gate, it will soon tire and fall over out of exhaustion. Meanwhile, the tortoise has held the same slow, steady, consistent pace, and will eventually overtake the hare (who's over-confidence was the end of him)..... As for swearing allegience to the BR camp, anybody want to join me in a generous helping of crow?

Peace... Vader

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post #23 of 95 Old 11-03-06, 09:54 PM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

nobbie wrote: View Post
I'm perfectly happy to sit on the sidelines and let HD and Blu-Ray duke it out! I got my Denon 756s Universal Player with HDMI, Up-Converting, DVD-A and SACD and I am happy as a clam, thank you very much!

Mmm I have a denon universal too, but my HDA1 blows it away with ease. Even tho it was more exxy to import the HDA1 to Oz, it was worth it for half the price of the sd universal street here. Both are keepers btw as I still like the odd multichannel music disc too, and the denon has to be used for my region 4 sddvd discs
But if you haven't tried an HDDVD on your big screen yet, please do. It is very very nice.
And yes, when BR pull their act together I can easily see myself owning one of those too (the price willl not be so ridiculous by then and the players will be better - give it 6 mths)

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post #24 of 95 Old 11-24-06, 08:47 PM Thread Starter
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

I have to say I agree... my Denon 2900 and 3910, neither are up to the pic quality of the A1... SD DVDs look great, better than they've ever looked... and of course HD look even better.

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post #25 of 95 Old 11-25-06, 09:53 AM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

I bought the HDA1, played around with it for a few months and then sold it. I thought the picture was good in most cases but I wasn't blown away by it just yet. At the time I had to use the multichannel outs for sound and that was not impressive at all. I'd like to try a Blue Ray next over HDMI within the next few weeks.
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post #26 of 95 Old 11-27-06, 09:00 PM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Judging from what I saw in this article, the Average Joe consumer is pretty disgusted with the whole thing and more oft than not opting for neither one.

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post #27 of 95 Old 11-29-06, 07:44 PM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

Wayne A. Pflughaupt wrote: View Post
Judging from what I saw in this article, the Average Joe consumer is pretty disgusted with the whole thing and more oft than not opting for neither one.

Hey... I resemble that remark.

Actually, I tend to agree. From conversations with friends and family who haven't jumped on board yet, some would like to get an HD player, but the cost of choosing the "loser" is stopping them. However, most of them are only vaguely aware that HD discs are available, and don't know there is a Blu-Ray/HD DVD battle going on.

For me, the "war" is something I read about, but it has no real impact on my purchases. I bought the HDA1 when the sale price was around $400, and have about a dozen HD DVD's so far. I'm not looking to replace all my DVD's with HD versions, but I buy the more "visually stunning" releases when they become available. I figure it'll take years for a "winner" to emerge victorious, and in the meantime I can buy and enjoy a lot of HD content. If the HD DVD format is not the winner, I can still watch what I have (I suppose the player may die, but I still see Betamax players for sale and how long ago did they lose that war?).

Mostly, I try to get friends on MY side. I figure if everyone waits for a winner, we'll never have one. So... for those leaning towards Blu-ray, I tell them they should wait - For the others, I may buy them all an HD DVD movie for Christmas. Maybe they'll get something to play it on .
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post #28 of 95 Old 11-29-06, 08:34 PM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

^^^ But hey, even though I have to use "backups" since I use a component video connection, the Toshiba HD DVD player does a super job of upconverting SD DVD's to 1080i.

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post #29 of 95 Old 04-17-07, 10:28 PM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

I'll wait for a high-capacity player (400 disc). Bt the time these come out, one format should be the dominate disc.
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post #30 of 95 Old 04-26-07, 01:14 PM
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Re: Poll: HD-DVD or Blu-Ray

I'm happy to say I'm officially format neutral now and have both!
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