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Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

Now $120 at the Shack Store... they just keep dropping!

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Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

My dad was able to grab two at his Walmart. One for him and one for me......this of course means I will have to set his up and teach him how to use it I stopped at the nearest Walmart here on my business trip and they were sold out within 30 minutes.

Many people on other forums are proclaiming this as the end to the format war - that's pretty silly, it will likely never end as long as the PS3 is a viable platform, but if every Walmart nation-wide is selling out of ~30 units, plus Best Buy stores nation wide have cleared out every unit they had, plus CC is selling through all theirs on price matches, plus online merchants are dropping prices to be competitive, and now BB has dropped the price on the A3, it should result in a pretty significant shift in favor of HD-DVD when this Holiday is all said and done. I just can't see a decent BR player dropping to $200 or less until this time next year at the earliest.

The hard part for me will be justifying $25 movies now. I typically buy all my dvds for under $8.

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Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

I FOUND ONE!!, Actually my wife did. She contacted a person in the US and he had gotten 4 of them and is willing to sell/ship one to us. She said its my Christmas present.
Even with shipping its cheaper than I can get on ebay or online anywhere.

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Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

Sonnie wrote: View Post
Wow! That fast huh. I wonder if anyone from the Shack will get one at WM.

Yup, I bought two at WM this morning.
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Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

Hi all:
My buddy and I were able to pick up 7 at the local Walmart this morning (at 7:45am). The lady said she had 30 total and was putting them out in lots of 10. Of course they tried to limit us to 1, but as we showed her, there were no such stipulations in the we got our 7. He took 4 and I took 3...Christmas present for 1 and the other 2 for main theater room and bedroom system. Oh, they do NOT come with HDMI cables, so know that! In addition, the wording of the firmware upgrade on Toshiba's site is very confusing and I will have to wait and see what it really does actually do when I "flash" it. I have downloaded and extracted the ISO file to a CD, but now I'm waiting for an HDMI cable. Let me say this: Even if the upgraded firmware does not give you 1080p/24 on this unit which looks iffy, my buddy has had one for months and I can tell you firsthand the pic is awesome on his 1080p Sharp Aquos. In addition my HD-ILA-61HN97, when set to "auto" detects whether the input is 24, 30 or 60 and adjusts automatically. Don't get me wrong, I do hope I get the 1080p/24, but if I don't: I'll live (and enjoy). Also, it should be noted that the upconversion capabilities of this player with standard DVDs is extremely good and already having ~800 of them, that's a big deal to me. Regarding availability of discs to play; although Blockbuster is only stocking BR in their stores, they have an extensive list from which to choose if you join their online program which is a heckuva deal in itself. You have to go to "collections" to find the HD-DVD titles while BR has it's very own...LOL.

Hope others were able to get some from their local stores. In our local store the big rush was on the Acer laptops more than the HD-DVD players. Not sure why the big rush on a Celeron with 1gb ram and 80gig HD, but I guess for the price of ~$398.00 it was a good deal even if you have to add a gig of ram.

I'll be back with results when I have them...let's face it though folks: The simple fact that one can purchase this thing for $98.87 is almost beyond comprehension.

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Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

Yes, I got two, but they made us get back in line each time to buy the next one- which is honestly more fair. It could have gotten ugly if the guy in the front of the line bought all of them.
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Smile Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

I was not able to get the hd player at wm ,got there too late,somebody posted they got one at best buy, does anyone if they are going to have more
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Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

Yes they are for sell in the shack. This player sold this morning at Walmart for 98.00 it has a mail in for 5 HD DVDs. Lets say each DVD is worth 18.00 that brings the value of the player down to 44 dollars. I suggest buying one on Ebay with the UPC and reciept then taking the money you make from selling the DVDs and reduce that from your total. Average selling price with receipt is 130.

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Re: Walmart & HD-DVD model HD-A2

I see people talking about the firmware update for it- but the player can do firmware updates over the net. (Using basement's jack advice, my component area is wired for internet!).

Can it do this new update or do I need to burn a disk?
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