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DVD Releases: January 26

The Boys Are Back (2009) Clive Owen, Laura Fraser, Emma Booth, George MacKay, Nicholas McAnulty. Story of an irreverent and independent sportswriter who suddenly faces single fatherhood. Extras: "The Boys Are Back: A Photographic Journey," "A Father and Two Sons, On Set." (Miramax).

Callan, Set 2 Two-disc set with 13 episodes, $59.99. Edward Woodward stars as Callan, a brooding, conscience-stricken assassin for a shadowy British intelligence service so secret it doesn't have a name. Marking esteemed British actor Edward Woodward's first major television role, Callan aired from 1967-72 and earned a rabid following, spawning five novels and a feature film. Extras: Commentary by Woodward. (Acorn Media).

Copyright Criminals: This Is a Sampling Sport (2009) Documentary traces the rise of hip-hop from the urban streets of New York to its current status as a multibillion-dollar industry. For more than 30 years, innovative hip-hop performers and producers have been re-using portions of previously recorded music in new, otherwise original compositions. When lawyers and record companies got involved, what was once referred to as a "borrowed melody" became a "copyright infringement." As artists find ever more inventive ways to insert old influences into new material, this documentary asks a critical question, on behalf of an entire creative community: Can you own a sound? (Indiepix Films).

Cowboys & Outlaws (2009) Two-disc set of the History Channel series, $24.95. (A&E Home Entertainment).

Dominick Dunne: After the Party (2009) Candid and poignant journey through Dunne's roller coaster life, as told through the pictures, films, and unforgettable stories of the man himself and those that knew him best. Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Dunne became known the world over for his vociferous championing of the rights of the victim in high-profile murder cases. His powerful commentaries have made compelling reading in Vanity Fair for a quarter of a century. In the documentary, Dunne is covering his last murder trial for Vanity Fair - the trial of music producer Phil Spector - and he reflects upon his past as a decorated WWII Veteran, his rise and spectacular collapse as a Hollywood producer, and his rebirth as the writer we know today. (Indiepix Films).

Fuel (2009) Michael Esparza, C. Thomas Howell. A young man, stuck working at his stepfather's gas station, struggles to change his life and save his girlfriend from an abusive life. But a tragic flaw - a violent streak he possesses, induced by exposure to gasoline vapors - all but destroys his best-laid plans. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Vanguard Cinema).

JFK: 3 Shots That Changed America (2009) Strips away years of confusion to allow for a fresh and clear-eyed view of that historic day in November 1963, when a gunman pulled a trigger and forever changed the world. This four-hour special relies heavily on evidence and facts, exploiting the vast archive of recorded film and photography and presenting it alongside the testimony of eyewitnesses, and is shown as a countdown clock re-creation, ticking inevitably toward Zero Hour - the moment rifle shots ring out in Dealy Plaza. Single-disc, $19.95. (A&E Home Entertainment).

Jonas (2009) Single-disc with seven episodes, $19.99. Extras: "You've Just Been Jo Bro'd: Surprising Jordin Sparks," premium magnets featuring each of the Jonas Brothers on the package. (Disney).

The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After (2009) Near real-time account of this pivotal day in history told from the point-of-view of Vice President Lyndon Johnson that uses stunning details uncovered in newly public documents to reveal a vice president thrust into the role of commander-in-chief, forced to make critical decisions with limited information. Single-disc, $19.95. (A&E Home Entertainment).

MI-5 Volume 7 (2009) Four-disc set with eight episodes of the British spy series, Extras: Commentary, behind the scenes documentary, more. (Warner).

Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) A compilation of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage of Michael Jackson as he prepared for his series of sold-out shows in London for his "This Is It" tour. Available as a single-disc DVD and single-disc Blu-ray Disc. Extras: "Staging the Return: The Adventure Begins" Making-of documentary reveals Michael Jackson’s unique, groundbreaking vision for his ambitious return to the stage, with director Kenny Ortega and the entire crew; "Staging the Return: Beyond the Show" documentary; director Kenny Ortega and the crew discuss Michael Jackson's final rehearsals, and the purpose behind creating the concert film; "The Gloved One” Costumes featurette; costume designer Zaldy reveals the elaborate new costumes created for Michael Jackson to wear on the "This Is It" tour. "Memories of Michael" featurette; Kenny Ortega and the crew share personal stories about working with Michael Jackson, and how they will remember him; "Auditions: Searching for the World's Best Dancers" featurette. Blu-ray Disc adds "Smooth Criminal" full-length vignette starring Michael Jackson which was to be shown before the performance of "Smooth Criminal" at the "This Is It" concert; "Making Smooth Criminal" featurette;"Thriller” full-length vignette; movieIQ: connects viewers to access real-time information on the cast, music, trivia and more while watching the movie; "This Is It" interactive playlist where viewers can bookmark favorite songs featured in the film and email themselves a customized playlist. (Sony)

Mr. Vincent (1997) Frank John Hughes, Lisa Locicero, Mimi Scott, Robert Bruzio. A struggling songwriter and high school teacher, who obsesses over the women in his life, gets involved with a female drifter who drags him down with lies, threats and betrayal. (Vanguard Cinema).

On the Line (1987) David Carradine, Scott Wilson, Victoria Abril. A Border Patrol agent is determined to catch his old nemesis, an American criminal who successfully smuggles illegal aliens across the border from Mexico. (Vanguard Cinema).

Paris, Texas (1984) Dir.: Wim Wenders; Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski, Dean Stockwell. German New Wave pioneer Wim Wenders brings his keen eye for landscape to the American Southwest in "Paris, Texas," a profoundly moving character study written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Sam Shepard. "Paris, Texas" follows the efforts of the mysterious, nearly mute drifter Travis (a magnificent Harry Dean Stanton, whose face is a landscape of its own) to reconnect with his young son, living with his brother (Dean Stockwell) in Los Angeles, and his missing wife (Nastassja Kinski). From this simple setup, Wenders and Shepard produce a powerful statement on codes of masculinity and the myth of the American family, as well as an exquisite visual exploration of a vast, crumbling world of canyons and neon. Extras: Commentary featuring Wenders; interview with Wenders by German journalist Roger Willemsen; excerpts from the 1990 film "Motion and Emotion," featuring interviews with Wenders, actor Harry Dean Stanton, composer Ry Cooder, cinematographer Robby Muller, Samuel Fuller, Dennis Hopper, and Peter Falk; new interviews with filmmakers Allison Anders and Claire Denis; Cinema cinemas: "Wim Wenders Hollywood April '84," with Wenders and Cooder working on the score; deleted scenes and Super 8 home movies; gallery of Wenders's location-scouting photos; behind-the-scenes photos by Robin Holland; booklet featuring an essay by film critic Nick Roddick and interviews with Stanton, writer Sam Shepard, and actors Nastassja Kinski and Dean Stockwell. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (The Criterion Collection).

Pawn Stars: Season One (2009) Two-disc set, $19.95. Extras: "Meet the Pawn Stars" and "Real or Fake" featurettes, additional footage. (A&E Home Entertainment).

Pie in the Sky, Series 2 Three-disc set with 10 episodes of the much-loved British detective series that features equal amounts of police work and culinary adventure, $49.99. (Acorn Media).

Prom Night in Mississippi (2008) Documentary about a small-town in Mississippi as it prepares for its first integrated senior prom. In 1970, the town of Charleston, Mississippi, allowed black students into their white high school, but refused to integrate the senior prom. Twenty-seven years later, Charleston resident and Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman offered to finance the prom - under one condition: it had to be integrated. His offer was ignored. In 2008, Freeman made the offer again. This time the school board accepted, and history was made. Extras: Conversation with the director and producers, deleted and extended scenes, filmmaker biography. (Docurama Films).

Roberto Rossellini's War Trilogy Roberto Rossellini is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. And it was with his trilogy of films made during and after World War II - "Rome Open City," "Paisan" and "Germany Year Zero" - that he left his first transformative mark on cinema. With their stripped-down aesthetic, largely nonprofessional casts, and unorthodox approaches to storytelling, these intensely emotional works were international sensations and effectively launched the neorealist movement. Shot in battle-ravaged Italy and Germany, these three films are some of our most lasting, humane documents of devastated postwar Europe, containing universal images that encompass both tragedy and hope. In a three disc set loaded with features, $79.95. (The Criterion Collection).

St. Trinian's (2008) Rupert Everett, Colin Firth, Lena Headey, Russell Brand, Mischa Barton. Extras: "The Official School Diary" making-of featurette, blooper reel, deleted scenes, Girls Aloud music video. (Sony).

Southland: The Complete First Season (2009) Two-disc set with seven episodes, $29.98. (Warner).

Surrogates (2009) Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike, Boris Kodjoe, James Francis Ginty, Michael Cudlitz with James Cromwell, Ving Rhames. Extras: Commentary by director Jonathan Mostow, "I Will Not Bow" Music video by Breaking Benjamin. Blu-ray Disc adds "A More Perfect You: The Science of Surrogates," "Breaking the Frame: A Graphic Novel Comes to Life" visual exploration of the evolution of "Surrogates" from graphic novel film, deleted scenes. (Disney).

Tennessee (2009) Mariah Carey, Adam Rothenberg, Ethan Peck. Two brothers on a cross-country search for their estranged father are joined by an aspiring singer fleeing her troubled marriage. Extras: "Road to Tennessee" behind-the-scenes featurette. (Vivendi Entertainment).

3 Americas (2008) Kristen Gonzalez. A young girl - America - spends her summer in Boston shoplifting, hanging out with friends and avoiding her aunt's alcoholic husband. But a tragedy sends her to Buenos Aires, Argentina to live with her reclusive and anti-American grandmother, and America must struggle to find her place. (Vanguard Cinema).

The Waltons: The Movie Collection Six Walton telefilms that aired between 1982-1997 on CBS: "A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain," "Mother’s Day on Walton’s Mountain," "A Day for Thanks on Walton’s Mountain," "A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion," "A Walton Wedding" and "A Walton Easter"; $39.98. (Warner).

Whip It (2009) Dir.: Drew Barrymore; Ellen Page, Drew Barrymore, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Zoe Bell, Juliette Lewis, Daniel Stern, Jimmy Fallon, and cameo appearances by real life derby girls Rachel Piplica and Kristen Adolfi, better known as "Iron Maiven" and "Krissy Krash" of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. Extras: Deleted scenes, alternate opening, extended scenes. Blu-ray Disc adds digital copy. (Fox).

WWII in HD (2009) Visually astonishing landmark series presents the story of World War II through the eyes of 12 Americans who experienced the war firsthand, using color footage never before seen by most Americans - converted to HD. Extras: Character profiles, Behind-the-scenes featurettes: "Finding the Footage", "Preserving the Footage." Three-disc Blu-ray, $39.95. Also available on DVD. (A&E Home Entertainment).

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (1985) Remastered deluxe edition. Extras: "Animating a Charlie Brown Musical." $19.98. (Warner).

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