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DVD Releases: December 18

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume 2 (1992-93, 1996) Nine-disc set, $117.99. Extras: "Historical lecture: War and Revolution," interactive game, interactive timeline. (Paramount).

Balls of Fury (2007) Dan Fogler, Christopher Walken, George Lopez, Maggie Q, James Hong, Terry Crews, Robert Patrick. Extras: Deleted scenes, alternate ending, "Balls Out: The Making of Balls of Fury," "Under the Balls: The Life of a Ball Wrangler" "mockumentary." (Universal).

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (1982) Dir.: Ridley Scott; Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, M. Emmet Walsh, Daryl Hannah, William Sanderson, Brion James, Joe Turkel, Joanna Cassidy, James Hong, Morgan Paull. Director Scott's new version of the film, restored and remastered from original elements, containing never-before-seen and extended scenes. Three DVD editions will be available: a Two-Disc Special Edition ($20.97), a Four-Disc Collector's Edition ($34.99) and a Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition ($78.92) in collectible "Deckard Briefcase" packaging. Simultaneous HD DVD and Blu-ray versions of the five-disc set, in both digi-pak and "Deckard Briefcase" (in numbered, limited quantities) will also be released. (Warner).

Blade Runner: The Final Cut Special Edition (Two discs) Disc 1: Ridley Scott's all-new "final cut" version of the film. Restored and remastered with added and extended scenes, added lines, new and cleaner special effects and all new 5.1 Dolby Digital audio. Also includes: Commentary by Ridley Scott; commentary by executive producer/ co-screenwriter Hampton Fancher and co-screenwriter David Peoples, producer Michael Deely and production executive Katherine Haber; commentaries by visual futurist Syd Mead, production designer Lawrence G. Paull, art director David L. Snyder and special photographic effects supervisors Douglas Trumbull, Richard Yuricich and David Dryer. Disc 2: "Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner": A feature-length authoritative documentary revealing all the elements that shaped this hugely influential cinema landmark. Cast, crew, critics and colleagues give a behind-the-scenes, in-depth look at the film -- from its literary roots and inception through casting, production, visuals and special effects to its controversial legacy and place in Hollywood history.

Blade Runner: Collector's Edition (Four discs) The Four-Disc Collector's Edition includes everything from the Two-Disc Special Edition plus three additional versions of the film, as well as an "Enhancement Archive" bonus disc of enhanced content that includes 90 minutes of deleted footage and rare or never-before-seen items in featurettes and galleries that cover the film's amazing history, production teams, special effects, impact on society, promotional trailers, TV spots, and much more. Disc 3: 1982 Theatrical Version: This is the first theatrical version of the film. It contains Deckard/Harrison Ford's character narration and has Deckard and Rachel's (Sean Young) "happy ending" escape scene. 1982 International Version: Also used on U.S. home video, laserdisc and cable releases up to 1992. This version is not rated, and contains some extended action scenes in contrast to the Theatrical Version. 1992 Director's Cut: The Director's Cut omits Deckard's voiceover narration and removes the "happy ending" finale. It adds the famously-controversial "unicorn" sequence, a vision that Deckard has which suggests that he, too, may be a replicant. Disc 4: Bonus Disc: "Enhancement Archive": Featurettes: "The Electric Dreamer: Remembering Philip K. Dick," "Sacrificial Sheep: The Novel vs. The Film," :Signs of the Times: Graphic Design," "Fashion Forward: Wardrobe & Styling," "The Light That Burns: Remembering Jordan Cronenweth," "Promoting Dystopia: Rendering the Poster Art," "Deck-a-Rep: The True Nature of Rick Deckard," "Nexus Generation: Fans & Filmmakers"; "Philip K. Dick: The Blade Runner Interviews" audio; "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Cover Gallery" images; "The Art of Blade Runner" image galleries; screen tests: Rachel & Pris; unit photography gallery; deleted and alternate scenes; 1982 promotional featurettes; trailers and TV spots; marketing and merchandise gallery images.

Blade Runner: Ultimate Collector's Edition (Five discs) The Five-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition includes everything in the Four-Disc Edition, plus the ultra-rare, near-legendary Workprint version of the film, newly remastered. The Ultimate Collector's Edition will be presented in a unique five-disc digi-package with handle which is a stylish version of Rick Deckard's own briefcase. Each briefcase will be individually numbered and in limited supply. Included is a lenticular motion film clip from the original feature, miniature origami unicorn figurine, miniature replica spinner car, collector's photographs as well as a signed personal letter from Scott. Disc 5: Workprint Version: This rare version of the film is considered by some to be the most radically different of all the "Blade Runner" cuts. It includes an altered opening scene, no Deckard narration until the final scenes, no "unicorn" sequence, no Deckard/Rachel "happy ending," altered lines between Batty (Rutger Hauer) and his creator Tyrell (Joe Turkell), alternate music and much more. Also includes: Commentary by Paul M. Sammon, author of "Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner" and a featurette, "All Our Variant Futures: From Workprint to Final Cut."

Braveheart Special Collector's Edition (1995) Mel Gibson, Patrick McGoohan, Catherine McCormack. Two-disc set. Extras: "A Writer's Journey" featurette, "Alba gu Grah! The Making of Braveheart," "Tales of William Wallace," cast interviews, photo montage. (Paramount).

Bring It On: In It to Win It (2007) Ashley Benson, Michael Copon, Cassie Scerbo, Jennifer Tisdale, Kierstin Koppel. Third direct-to-video sequel. Extras: "He Said, She Said" music video by Ashley Tisdale. (Universal).

Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron (2003) Shannon Elizabeth, Brian Dennehy, Christian Kane. TV drama about the Enron scandal. (Echo Bridge Home Entertainment).

Deep Water (2005) Documentary narrated by Tilda Swinton. The film details the true story of Donald Crowhurst, an amateur sailor who enters the most brutal nautical challenge ever -- the very first solo, non-stop, round-the-world sailboat race. After risking his finances and finding an investor, Crowhurst choose his boat, enlists nine extremely skilled sailors and begins preparing for his voyage, a process that was riddled with obstacles and omens. Setting sail on the last eligible day, Crowhurst began a treacherous journey that would leave six of the nine men dead, and his own life, sanity, and victory hanging in the balance. Documentary filmmakers Louise Osmond and Jerry Rothwell use Crowhurst's recently re-discovered original 16mm films and tape recordings -- as well as numerous interviews with his wife Clare, son Simon and his competitor Robin Knox-Johnson -- to reconstruct the extraordinary journey. (Genius Products).

The Evil Dead Ultimate Edition Commemorates the film's 25th anniversary. Over the years, Anchor Bay Entertainment has released numerous special editions of "The Evil Dead," each one more dynamic and diabolical than the one that preceded it, in an effort to continually satiate and satisfy the ravenous hunger of the film's worldwide legion of fans. This three-disc set includes: Disc One: Widescreen version, "One by One We Will Take You: The Untold Saga of The Evil Dead" featurette, commentary by director Sam Raimi and producer Robert Tapert ; Disc Two: Full-frame version, "The Evil Dead: Treasures From the Cutting Room Floor" featurette, commentary by actor Bruce Campbell; Disc Three Special Features: "Life After Death: The Ladies of the Evil Dead": At home, on the road and behind-the-scenes with Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker and Theresa Tilly, "The Ladies of the Evil Dead Meet Bruce Campbell: Ellen, Betsy & Theresa join Bruce for an informal yakfest, "Unconventional":Cast and crew reunite to discuss horror conventions and beyond, "At the Drive-In": No-holds-barred Q&A with a drive-in audience of hardcore fans, "Reunion Panel": The once-in-a-lifetime panel at Chicago's Flashback Weekend Horror Convention, "Discovering the Evil Dead": A look at the British home video release of "The Evil Dead" and it's place in the "Video Nasties" debate, make-up test, trailer, TV spots, still gallery. $34.97. (Anchor Bay Entertainment).

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Second Gig: Individual 11 Single disc, $29.97. (Manga Video).

Halloween (2007) Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Daeg Faerch, Tyler Mane, Sheri Moon Zombie, Pat Skipper, Dee Wallace Stone, William Forsythe, Ken Foree, Lew Temple, Danny Trejo, Hanna Hall, Danielle Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Clint Howard, Two-disc unrated director's cut. Extras: Deleted scenes, Alternate Ending, bloopers, commentary by director Rob Zombie, "The Many Masks of Michael Myers," "Re-Imagining Halloween," "Meet the Cast," casting sessions, Scout Taylor-Compton screen test (Laurie Strode). (Weinstein Co./Genius Products).

Hatchet (2007) Joel Moore, Tamara Feldman, Deon Richmond, Mercedes McNab, Kane Hodder. Backwoods slasher film about a deformed boy, accidentally killed, who returns from the grave to wreak revenge. In rated and unrated versions. Extras: Commentary by writer-director Adam Green, cinematographer Will Barratt and actors Tamara Feldman, Joel David Moore and Deon Richmond; "The Making of Hatchet," "Meeting Victor Crowley": in-depth look at the creation of a new horror icon; "Guts & Gore" makeup and prosthetic effects featurette; more. (Anchor Bay).

The Last Legion (2007) Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley, Aishwarya Rai, Thomas Sangster, Rupert Friend, Peter Mullan, Rory James, Lee Ingleby, Owen Teale, Ferdinand Kingsley Extras: Deleted scenes, commentary by director Doug Lefler, fight scene choreography featurette, "Making The Last Legion" featurette, "From The Director's Sketchbook: A Storyboard-to-Film Comparison."
(Genius Products/Weinstein Company).

The Mod Squad: Season 1, Volume 1 (1968-69) Four-disc set with 13 episodes, $42.99. Extras: "Forming the Squad" featurette, "The Guest Stars of The Mod Squad," "Inside The Teeth of the Barracuda" (Episode 1). (Paramount).

National Treasure Collecter's Edition (2004) Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Justin Bartha, Sean Bean, Jon Voight, Harvey Keitel, Christopher Plummer. Two-disc special edition timed for the theatrical release of the sequel. Extras: Four new featurettes, sneak peek at "National Treasure: Book of Secrets." (Disney).

Once (2007) Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova, Bill Hodnett, Danuse Ktrestova. Extras: Commentary by director John Carney and actor-musician Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova; free music download of "Falling Slowly" from the soundtrack; "Making a Modern Day Musical" featurette, "More Guy, More Girl" featurette; webisodes. (Fox).

One Tree Hill: The Complete Fourth Season Six-disc set with 21 episodes, $59.98. Extras: Commentary on select episodes; unaired scenes; gag reel; "One Tree Hill in Your Town" behind-the-scenes look at taking the show on the road to the town of one lucky fan to film "It Gets the Worst at Night" with cast, crew and the lucky fans; "Tree Hill's Charity Basketball Game Highlights"; "Tree Hill High Time Capsule." (Warner).

Rawhide: Season 2, Volume 2 (1960) Four-disc set with 16 episodes, $42.99. (Paramount).

Simpsons Movie, The (2007) Voices: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Pamela Hayden, Tress MacNeille, Albert Brooks, rock band Green Day, Tom Hanks. Extras: Commentary by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Al Jean, Mike Scully, David Silverman, Dan Castellaneta, and Yeardley Smith; commentary by David Silverman, Mike B. Anderson, Steven Dean Moore and Rich Moore; deleted scenes; Homer's monologue on "The Tonight Show"; The Simpsons judge "American Idol"; Homer Introduces "American Idol"; "Let's All Go to the Lobby"; Alternate character designs by the directors and Matt Groening. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Fox).

Stardust (2007) Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Sienna Miller, Ricky Gervais, Jason Flemyng, Peter O'Toole, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Ian McKellen (narrator). Extras: "Good Omens: The Making of Stardust," deleted scenes, blooper reel, additional scenes. Also available on HD DVD. (Paramount)

Underdog (2007) Jim Belushi, Peter Dinklage, John Slattery, Patrick Warburton, Brad Garrett, voices of Amy Adams and Jason Lee. Extras: Bloopers, deleted scenes, original episodes from the classic television series. (Disney).

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