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post #11 of 93 Old 11-27-08, 11:16 PM
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

I'm a little on the fence with this. I've got 2 Schnauzers and 3 cats. I lost one cat a few years ago, that cat was "my" cat. I named him Loki because he was a mischief maker when he was a young feline. He got old and lazy and pretty much sat around for the most part, hacking up hair balls every once in a while and jumping on an open lap if there was one. When he was gone, I really didn't yearn to replace him, nor did I morn his loss. I'm not really a pet person at heart. Of course, it doesn't help that the 3 cats I have left are causing me grief insomuch as peeing on my basement floor when they have 3 litter boxes that are scooped daily with different types of litter in them. I want to replace the flooring ( pulled the carpet ) but I don't know what to put down without having them destroy it again/leave permanent smells that can't be removed because it migrated into something porous, etc. I still have them because the rest of the family loves the cats. Fine. The dogs, I really enjoy...probably because they truly love everyone in the family and love to be with us and are generally good pets.

I dunno how I'll react when we lose one of them. Maybe I'll be more emotional about it, or I may still be more calloused to it. Hard to say. I can certainly understand the bond that people form with them though. They are family. You take care of them because you want to, not because you have to ( , sometimes REAL family you take care of because you have to, not because you want to! ).

I do believe in one thing though. Pets are not disposable. They aren't "fashionable". Pets should be brought into a home only after the people responsible for them have accepted and will execute their responsibility to owning a pet. Too many people get an animal "just because _____" fill in the blank.
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

Sorry for your loss.

Each of the two family dogs I had growing up were very painful to lose.
My current pooch and I have an even tighter bond and this one will be aweful when the time comes in the next few years, I'm not married nor do I have any children he is my best friend.

The only way that I've ever been able to deal with it(at least the easiest for me) is to get another rescue puppy and start all over.
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

I am so sorry for your loss and I feel the same as you do about my Lab Brady. He is an adoption dog that I got on superbowl sunday 3 years ago. He was 12 weeks old and being a Pats fan I named him Brady. He is part of our family and would be sorely missed if something happened to him. Our pets are alway's there for us with a tail wag and unconditional love. Hopefully you got plenty of pics and can remember all the fun he brought into your life.
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

Absolutely a part of the family. On Monday I had to put down my best bud Sonny. She was a black lab mix. She had been fighting Lymphoma for a couple of years and it was finally to much for her.
Here's to hoping that Pet's find a better place too when they go.
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

I have a black lab mix also and I treat him like a person instead of a pet. I don't know if that is a good thing or not but I would be very upset if I lost him. Sorry to hear about anyone who loses a dear pet. I sometimes wonder what they would say if they could talk, well I know what mine would say.......LET'S EAT!!!!!!!
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

Oh yes, absolutely!
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

Pets ARE family members... I'm so sorry for your loss.
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Richard W. Haines
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

I have a small Quaker parrot who is not only a family member but as intelligent as
a 2 year old child. Most parrots (not parakeets) can not only talk but have word
association. Not mere mimickry but understand what specific words mean. As smart
as dogs are, they cannot do that although they have other methods of communication.
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

My wienie Turbo is my company keeper,protector,& a part of the family..Got him from a rescue group &
never regretted it.. He is a great companion..
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Re: Do you consider your pet(s) as family members???

You know I have never really been much of a pet person, just never really thought about them that much really. A little over a year ago the misses got a yellow lab and reading your post has just made me realise I am actually quite attached to him now. He comes all over the place with us, brings me my mail and has even just fetched me a beer from the fridge (the misses gave it to him). You know, I think he probably is part of my family to me now, and I couldnt really imagine him not being around.

I can now imagine what that loss must be like, after only a year I already have some fond memories. Sorry for your loss man.
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