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Prayers and a mircale needed for my dad

Been meaning to post this here for so long now...just keeps slipping my mind and being jam packed with work and school doesn't help.

About a year ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Never smoked a day in his life. Did chemo for quite some time, wasn't working so they thought to try the chemo for mesothelioma patients. Still didn't help. He, of course, lost his hair, but it wasn't too detrimental on his body overall. After a few rounds of that, and deciding that it wasn't helping, my parents decided to try the natural holistic treatment approach. They did that for some time and it seemed to help a little. Still no regression of the cancer though.

Now I believe he's in this experimental treatment where they're modifying T cells to detect that cancer and fight it.

They started that treatment about 4 weeks ago, but the doctors were worried he didn't have the 6-8 weeks left in his for it to take effect and help with the cancer. We had some more scans done today since my dad's breathing has gotten terrible to say the least. He's always on oxygen via nasal cannula, sometimes two when he walks more than 10ft. We found in the scans today that the cancer has spread to his ribs and spine. Very hard to take. I'm only 19, he's only 49. Tough to imagine why this has happened to him at such a young age. Any and every prayer will be greatly appreciated for the Rodriguez family.
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Re: Prayers and a mircale needed for my dad

Dylan, that is so much for you to have to deal with on top of life. My prayers are with you and your father that The Lord puts a pause on this cancer and that the DRs will succeed in this.

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Re: Prayers and a mircale needed for my dad

Wow Dylan... he is awfully young. I know it has to be tough on you... and him as well, and your entire family. That cancer is never a good thing, unfortunately.

I will definitely keep you all in my prayers. I pray that God can somehow in someway give you all comfort and peace as you continue to go through all you are going through and will go through. I pray He will at least ease some of the heart felt pain you all are going through. May He bless you all.

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Re: Prayers and a mircale needed for my dad

The thoughts and prayers of the Alexander house will be with you my friend - God bless.
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I will keep your father and family in my prayers. Know God will give you comfort and peace during this difficult time and may the good lord heal him. Amen.
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Re: Prayers and a mircale needed for my dad

My prayers are for your family, hang in there Dylan.
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Re: Prayers and a mircale needed for my dad

Wow Dylan, that is bad news. Know that my thoughts are with you and your family.

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Thank you everyone for the replies. They're really appreciated. I'm really hoping and praying that he can make it to Christmas but it's not looking promising. My grandfather went through the same thing about 3 1/2 years ago...but he smoked since he was 14.
It's hard to comprehend why God would put such an amazing man through this. My dad has always been a staunch Christian, followed the bible to a tee, tried his hardest to live for Christ, etc... I wish I could know the reason why this is all happening. But I'm praying that God's will be done and that he strengthens the family to make it through whatever he has planned.
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Re: Prayers and a mircale needed for my dad

Dylan, we never know why such things happen. Please spend as much time as you can in prayer not only for your Dad, but for yourself and your family as well. God will answer your prayers with the strength to get thru all this. He provided that strength both to me and my wife when we lost our parents several years ago.

Most of all, this is a time to examine your own relationship with God so that someday you will join him in Heaven.

Hug your pet today!
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Re: Prayers and a mircale needed for my dad

Thank you Dylan for sharing you & your dads plight. My prayers are definitely with you, your dad & family. I'm a nurse & want to add that two liters of Oxygen is a not a large amount. Nasal canulas are good up to six liters. I've seen patients add a second concentrator & use a mask which would provide up to 12 liters per minute. The goal is too not be, or at least try to control his shortness of breath. while not using it if you don't need it. If they prescribe pain medication, (Morphine drops are common), they will not only help the pain, but also his shortness of breath.

The Bible reminds us that the Lord works in mysterios ways, and that everything is for a purpose.
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