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Re: What about 3 channel SACD?

cafyon wrote: View Post
And sorry if this is off-the-scope but, is there anyone listened to 3-channel SACD layer on "RCA Living Stereo" disks?
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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

Well, if I'm listening to a redbook cd I generally keep in in stereo, which IMO is the way it was mean to be heard. If, however, I'm listening to DVD-A or a 5.1 Surround recording, I go to the full surround speakers, either DTS or Pro II
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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

I listen to CDs in stereo. My Denon 2910 does the decoding (for CDs and DVDs), bass management, etc. and I use analog outputs into my HK receiver. If I'm sitting in the sweet spot on the couch, this gives the best imaging, center vocal image, soundstage, etc. The other sound modes don't even compare.

(I also have first reflection points treated, bass traps in the front corners, and a BFD for the sub)
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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

That's how it's done, Bri. Treat the room acoustically, then finish off with EQ. Can't wait till my room is done!! I'm jealous.
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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

I'm just lucky that we found a rental (house) with a nice big rectangular living room. And lucky that it's on one end of an L-shaped layout with the bedrooms at the other end of the house. And that my wife lets me keep acoustic panels in the room (she didn't really have a choice - I got them and said "hope you like them" - hehe - I compromised a little bit on them, so they aren't stacked to the ceiling in the front corners, and now they're just doubled up in the corners).

But with flat frequency response, you don't even have to run the sub that hot to get fantastic bass for both music and movies.

I was tweaking some more last night, switched my VTF-3 Mk2 back to Max Extension (I get strong output to mid-teens, but lose a little headroom up higher), and re-did my BFD filters (on a different channel). Now it's extremely flat, even more than before, to high 30s, with a big rise from high 20s to high teens, with it dropping to "flat" level of higher bass around 15Hz (I'll try to post a graph or two tonight). I did this while running REW through the receiver, so I could work on the response as it combines with my Ascends (I cut some more in the 70s and around 100Hz to get it flatter to around there). Probably too many filters, but it's very flat now and I'll go with this for a while unless I play a scene that makes the sub show signs of stress.

I tried a bit of The Haunting DTS again after this, and for the first time (haven't checked the scene in a while, since doing all the tweaks) I heard the actual bass and creaks and sounds, and not the booms echoing around the room after the bass. At -15 it was massively loud, but it seemed like I heard just the bass and not the room. (and no stress from the sub)
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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

I listen to music in PLIIx or L7....depends on the type of music.

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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

This is an interesting thread. I'll give it a bump.

I personally listen to cd's in analog 2ch through my dedicated cd player. I let it do the processing. I run the preamp in direct mode with no base management for the mains. In this mode I walk up and turn off the sub as direct mode still sends full range to the fronts and still 80 and below to the sub. I spend a fair amount of time listening to jazz. I do listen to rock and some alternative also. None of which the mains have any problems with the base.

When tinkering about the house I listen to Sirius. Normally in 5ch stereo as it sounds fuller while moving around.

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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

Ayreonaut wrote: View Post
From a Stereophile interview of Jim Fosgate
Guttenberg: PLII can work its magic on LPs and CDs?
Fosgate: Yes. Please understand that PLII doesn't affect the stereo soundstage, other than to display the in-phase part of the program over the three front channels—the out-of-phase or randomly phased signals are sent to the rear. When switching between stereo and PLII, you'll see that the stereo soundstage stays intact but has greater depth and width. Sometimes you're not even aware of the extra speakers, until you turn them off and the soundstage collapses back to stereo.

Guttenberg: PLII comes in two flavors, Music and Movie. What's the difference?
Fosgate: In the digital implementation, the logic is the same for both modes, but the movie mode adds some time delay to the rear channels for a more frontal presentation. Of course, you can listen to movies in Music mode, which is the way I listen to DVDs. I recommend trying it both ways to see which one sounds better to you.

Guttenberg: Can PLII break on through to the two-channel faithful?
Fosgate: In real life, we're used to hearing in a 360º sphere from all around us. Stereo is unnatural in that it is coming only from the front speakers. With my triamped, all-tube system, stereo sounds very, very good—it's what great stereo is all about—but when I switch from stereo to multichannel, there's no comparison. It's not that one is so aware of the back channels, but PLII makes the front soundstage wider and deeper. Some of my guests aren't aware of the rear speakers' contributions until I turn them off.

I find this strange. At least with music sources, I find there is a difference in how the sound is mapped across the front 3 speakers when switching between DPLII Music and Movie. Movie puts a lot more sound in the center speaker, and Music keeps the soundstage a little wider across the front with more sound going to the sides.

At least this is how it works on my HK AVR240.

My HT Gallery (Updated pics of my setup and room treatments)

My REW measurements with bass traps and BFD eq
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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

I prefer music in stereo. I am usually streaming off my Roku Soundbridge though. I haven't broke out a CD in a loooong time...
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Re: What mode do you listen to CDs in?

2-channel stereo for everything except pipe organ. Then I add the sub.
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