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Silent Bob
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Cleaning vinyl

I'm sure this has been answered many a time but I'm wondering what the best way to clean vinyl records is. I've been using Chemtronics's "Plast'n'Glass" which is basically deionized water is a spray can along with a fine anti-static brush. The problem is, it leaves fine dust which collects on the stylus which causes it to get more distorted as I play the disks, until of course, I clean the stylus.


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Re: Cleaning vinyl

Nitty Gritty 1.0 for $350.
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Re: Cleaning vinyl

I have a Record Doctor (less expensive Nitty Gritty clone). It works well if a little noisy. They are no longer available under the Record Doctor name.

The GEM Dandy seems to do a better job for less money ($150). It isn't a vacuum assisted device like the Nitty Gritty. It has been well reviewed.

I just ordered a Spin Clean. At $60 it's the least expensive cleaning machine I've found. It was reviewed very well at

I clean every LP once. With the Record Doctor first and then the GEM Dandy I also rinse with distilled water and vacuum again with the Record Doctor. I realize this may be overkill. However, for all subsequent plays I just brush with a carbon fiber brush. I also periodically use Stylast and keep my stylus clean (Mr. Clean Magic erasor). All my vinyl is in poly lined inner sleeves. Paper sleeves shed. I don't throw the paper sleeves away. Many of them have liner notes etc.

Spin clean

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Re: Cleaning vinyl

I know its a little more pricey but the VPI 16.5 I have blows away the Nitty Gritty because you can scrub album as it sits face up on full size platter where the NG is upside down on a very small plate.
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Re: Cleaning vinyl

chadnliz wrote: View Post
I know its a little more pricey but the VPI 16.5 I have blows away the Nitty Gritty because you can scrub album as it sits face up on full size platter where the NG is upside down on a very small plate.
Given I don't doubt the VPI does a better job cleaning, but wouldn't you think that you would rather vacuum a surface from the underside as you'll have gravity working with you to pull anything in the grooves downward?

I have used a Nitty Gritty to clean all of my LPs and use a carbon brush before and after every play.
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Re: Cleaning vinyl

For routine stuff a Discwasher
For deep cleaning filtered water and Kodak Photo-Flo 200 Solution

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Re: Cleaning vinyl

Get broken or junk TT and a record clamp. Mix 4:1 purified water and isopropyl alcohol with just enough photoflo to stop it beading. Clamp LP to old TT, spread fluid with Discwasher brush or DIY equivalent and then vac off with wet-vac and nozzle. Nozzle should be covered with some thin foam and velvet to protect LP surface.
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Re: Cleaning vinyl

silvergsx wrote: View Post
Given I don't doubt the VPI does a better job cleaning, but wouldn't you think that you would rather vacuum a surface from the underside as you'll have gravity working with you to pull anything in the grooves downward?
This is one of those situations where the observation seems perfectly logical. The question is, in this situation, will gravity play any meaningfull role?

I have a DIY machine built around the VPI wand and decided other factors were more important. The main one is the ability to change tubes. I have custom tubes for LP's, 45's and 10 inch 78's. I have two tubes each, one is used to vacuum the cleaning fluid and the other is used only for the distilled water rinse. This way I minimize cross contamination. I also make my own tubes and change the velvet frequently and a far smaller cost than the Nitty Gritty strips.

I've read that the Nitty Gritty machines are excellent and I'm sure they do a great job. I was able to build my machine for less than 1/3 the cost of the Nitty Gritty with manual rotation. I do like the fact that there's no platter and mat to possibly contaminate a newly cleaned side. I use two mats with my machine, one for the uncleaned side and one for the cleaned side.

No matter what kind is chosen, I think a vacuum type RCM does a significantly better job. The results are amazing!
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Re: Cleaning vinyl

For deep cleaning, I've had excellent success with Elmer's glue, diluted. Spread on thinly, let it dry, then peel off. If memory serves, Reg Williamson wrote about this perhaps 30 years ago and recommended adding a bit of antistat. That strikes me as a good idea, especially with a fatty quat (like a stearyl or lauryl), a bit of which will stay behind and keep the record destaticized.
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Re: Cleaning vinyl

I just stand mine up in the dishwasher and run it through a rinse cycle sorry just had to say it.

The glue one sounds interesting, but I would want a little more proof that it works before I would do it.

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