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Favorite LIVE concert?

I did a search, and saw there was no thread on this subject. I'm surprised.........

My favorite concert, for a single big name band, was The Doobie Brothers. They were excellent live! Saw them twice, and both times, they were outstanding!
First time was at Duke University, right after the Captain & Me album.
Second time was at Carrowinds Theme Park, in Charlotte, just after Takin' It To The Streets album came out, so Michael McDonald was with them then.

My favorite overall concert, was Atlanta Pop Festival, in 1970. It was one of those three day concerts. I saw so many great groups! Groups like Mountain, B.B. King, John Sebastian, Allman Bros., Rare Earth (remember them?), and one I'm extra glad I saw ............. Jimi Hendrix (3-4 months later, he was dead).

The concert was July 3,4,and 5, 1970. It was at Atlanta Race Track, outside Atlanta. It was HOT, in more ways than one!
Hendrix played his version of The National Anthem, the night of July 4th, just after dark, when they started the fireworks! It sent chills down my spine. Probably everyone else's too.

I also spent some time that weekend, down at a river (about a mile from the concert), skinny dippin', with about 20,000 other people, trying to cool off! Never seen so many naked people! Cops had to direct traffic, because so many guys and girls were walking up to the road naked, and jumping off the bridge, into the river. The cops never tried to bust anybody, or indecent exposure or drugs (which there was a lot of). They would have had to call in the Army, to help control close to 500,000 people, if they had tried to bust anybody. So, they never even said anything to anybody. They enjoyed the concert and the naked people too!

If you'll do a Google search for "Atlanta Pop Festival", you'll get a bunch of pages on the subject. There was one in 1969 also, but Woodstock over-shadowed that one, so we didn't hear about it.

Was anyone here at the 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival?
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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

Growing up in London, Ontario, Canada (half way between Toronto and Detroit), I did not get a lot of live concert opportunities. I did see Lighthouse at least once and quite enjoyed that. The concert that stands out in my memory though was B.B. King.

I was only about 15 at the time. None of my friends knew who he was so I went alone. The concert was at the University of Western Ontario. I ran into one of the older guys from my neighborhood. He was there with a bunch of his university friends. They were all in their late teens and early twenties. They insisted that I sit with them when they found out I was alone.

The concert was fantastic of course.
I got taken along to all the after concert activities as well.
Quite a memorable experience in many ways.
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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

Wow... I've been to so many concerts it's hard to choose which one I would say is my favorite, but I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

Pink Floyd: May 1, 1994 Legion Field, Birmingham, Alabama - The Division Bell Tour with David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, Jon Carin, Dick Parry, Guy Pratt, Tim Renwick, Gary Wallis, Durga McBroom, Sam Brown and Claudia Fontaine.

A close runner up would be the Eagles in 1994-1995... saw them in Orlando, Florida and in Birmingham, Alabama.

I use to be a ticket broker so I've seen nearly everyone that toured the southeast in the 90's.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

I grew up in South-Africa and can honestly say that nobody toured there. As a young adult I lived in Amsterdam and got to see some bands, stand out concerts would be Pink Floyd in Leuven, Belgium. The Rolling Stones I saw in Nijmeging, Holland, great experience but too many people,about 50 000 iirc. Seeing Page and Plant in Rotterdam though blew me away, I have always liked Led Zeppelin and it was as close to seeing Zeppelin as I was ever going to get. Other gigs that have stood out would be Nick Cave Solo in Helsinki, Finland a few years back and then The White Stripes in Stockholm, Sweden.


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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

The Rolling Stones, The Tattoo You tour. Actually, any time I see these guys, it's awesome.

Probably the most "fun" concert I ever saw was an all day concert that ended with The Beat Farmers. Just one of the garage bands that did well; however, Country Dick Montana (their drummer and part time lead singer) was just as entertaining to watch as anyone I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot -- I worked security at special events all through college.

Another great "concert" was a local band back in the mid-80's. A friend of mine and I went to a local club and saw a group called The X-Men that had recently signed a record deal. A great crowd pleasing group. Since you've never heard of them, it's obvious they never "made it", but man, that was a great show.

Even though I don't care for him, Bruce Springsteen had one of the best concerts I've been at. You could just feel the "electricity" in the air with that one. I saw David Bowie's Glass Spiders tour -- that was one of the best concert productions I've ever seen.

My favorite recent concert was Flogging Molly that I saw at an outdoor venue. Crowd was into it. It wasn't too big. I love the band. The beer wasn't ridiculously overpriced and it was "the good stuff". Two from me.

Anyway, there's my contribution.

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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

I would say the Anberlin concert in Australia. The band was great. Sound wasn't that great but I enjoyed the music
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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

Bare Naked Ladies. Maybe it's because it's the last one I went to. Or maybe because it was my wife's birthday and we had a great time. I don't know but those guys put on a good show.

I was a big Kiss fan in my younger years and they always put on a great show. Until they took the make-up off. :raped:

I loved the George Thorogood shows as well... I got a haircut, now I need a real job!

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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

I have a hard time choosing one, but I'd have to rank the Pink Floyd Animals Tour, Ray Charles Live, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival as my best experiences. Another that was a joy was Vince Gill. He is a truly gifted guitarist who just loves to play and a joy to watch.

Looking for me, just google my username. I have used the same one for most sites for many years.
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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

Way back when I used to go to big stadium shows but now I only go to smaller venues (couple of thousand seats). Of the stadium shows I've seen, I think Peter Gabriel (the tour following So) was my favorite. (Had I been able to see Pink Floyd live, I'm sure that would have won.)

Of the small venue shows, I think the Decemberists was my favorite. Although I really enjoyed seeing the Ditty Bops at the Steppenwolf (Chicago) basement theater for it's incredibly intimate feel.

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Re: Favorite LIVE concert?

That's easy.

Bruce Springsteen. Opening Night. Born in the USA tour. 19 row floor seats at Giant's Stadium in New Jersey. Literally the most amazing concert I've ever seen. All energy and no pretension (See David Lee Roth for that).

Conversely - the worse show I've ever seen? Right now the Police reunion show at Dodger Stadium sticks in my mind. Wow did that suck. I mean the band screwed up so many times I might've well gone and seen a Police cover band. On the plus side, Foo Fighters opened and they rocked!
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