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Anyone have a hot tub?

I've wanted a hot tub for a while but only thinking seriously about it now. I think it would be a much better purchase than a pool. I'm trying to figure out if its something I will get bored of and regret buying. I know someone that has theirs drained at the moment because they tired of messing with it. Another person left theirs when they moved and didn't purchase another.

I think the 2 person models are appealing because its less water to drain and refill, less electricity, and cheaper covers. Its for my gf and I so I don't need something huge. The smaller models run around 2k with the name brand larger models costing 5-10k which is way more than I would like to spend.

Any advice or input?

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Re: Anyone have a hot tub?

I've been lurking here for about a month soaking in a lot of good information(pun intended). Here is my chance to contribute on a topic I am familiar with. We have had a spa for over 10 years and I cannot imagine life without one. We use it on average once a day. I know people who have them and never use them. And I know a 23 yo who had one in Florida and now wants one in Las Vegas.

Do you have a physical job? Play a lot of sports? Experience muscle soreness regularly? A spa is wonderful for muscle aches.

Do you like soaking in a hot bath? Hate when the water gets cold? Can't fill the whirlpool because you run out of hot water? You will love a spa.

We have ours in a sunroom by a wall of windows, in a room on a separate zone for heat and a/c, so we are not affected by weather. It is right next to our bedroom. The sunroom has outdoor rated doors into the house, so we can minimize the humidity and odor that could enter into the house from the spa. I am now spoiled so that I would not have one outside. At a minimum I would want it in a covered area so as not to deal with rain, snow, leaves, flowers, and blowing wind. There is less wear and tear on it indoors and it is more convenient to maintain. We still have the original cover, although is getting tattered. We have replaced both pumps and motors in that time.

We set the spa temp at 100 in the summer and 101 in the winter. The jets will run a half hour, and we will linger in it afterwards up to another half hour. You should not be in it longer than 15 minutes if you have it set at the upper limits.

Ours is 8 X 8 with 2 lounge and 3 upright seats. We generally move from one spot to another during a session. The more adjustments, jets, pumps, and speeds the better.

We use Bacqua Spa chemicals instead of chorine based ones. When we first started I used the full range recommended and found they interfered with each other. I change water about every 3-4 months and use only a PH adjuster and shock for chemicals. Clean the filter once a month and change the filter once a year.

My wife and I use the spa for therapeutic purposes. It serves to warm us up in the winter, soothe muscle ache and soreness, and relaxes us. Since we are indoors and no one can see us, we use it au naturel.

Because of the noise of the jets, I often listen to headphones with an iPod. If you are thinking television, I would recommend using headphones for that too, otherwise it is just too loud.

I am told that you can get refurbished ones at a significant savings. This might be a way to try it out. I would recommend you sit in any one for at least 15 - 20 minutes to see if it really is comfortable. I jumped in and out of a few - and the one we bought is not as comfortable as I would have liked.
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Re: Anyone have a hot tub?

thank you for responding. I would have a deck built outside if I do decide to buy a tub. We simply do not have space in the house and I would be hesitant about that kind of moisture indoors. I've been doing a bit more research and any of the cheaper models from walmart and costco will end up costing me more in the long run on maintenance and electricity.

I walked around at the great escape and they had jacuzzi brand which most went for around 5k +. I'm going to check out sonco as they sell hot springs and caldera. I would like to stay under 3k but maybe would go up to 3500. I'm not sure if I can find a quality 2-3 person spa for that price or not. I also have to factor in the price of the deck and wiring which I have family that do that stuff for a living so I can get by cheap there.

I am mostly a lurker myself on HT forums. I have a very modest setup. Naturally I purchased a projector for the true ht experience and after a few years I find that I'm happier with a flat screen. The big screen experience wore off somewhat and I ended up preferring a more practical option. So like with anything I wonder if a hot tub will go the same way for me.

Edit: I also wanted to add that yes I do have a rough job. Maybe a hot tub could pay for itself by making me feel better thus motivating me to pick up extra hours

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Re: Anyone have a hot tub?

IMHO, the answer to whether or not you enjoy taking baths is key to whether or not you will use it enough to justify the time and expense commitment. Can you see yourself using it AND maintaining it during different seasons? Here in Chicago this morning at 5 I would not be willing to venture outside to get to it. But I will be in it this morning. We often use it after we wake up to loosen the muscles and mentally prepare for the day. If it is a physical day, we will use it when we get home to help reduce potential soreness. The added humidity is good in the winter. The smell can be more the issue. That is one of the reasons we use fewer treatment chemicals.

I appreciate your comment on the projector. I have decided a dedicated home theater is not worth the trouble or expense. I bought a 65" DLP for the family room four years ago and am happy with it. Now I am working on the audio aspect and will be addressing internet access and media storage (primarily for music). Good luck with your decision!
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Re: Anyone have a hot tub?

One other thing to keep in mind is that if you live in a colder climate and the temperature does go below freezing in the winter months you must either drain it "properly" meanning all the lines (not an easy task) or keep it running all the time. This will get costly very quickly with the electrical/gas bill. If you only use it once a day for 30min think of what the utilities will cost you for that convenience.

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Re: Anyone have a hot tub?

As an afterthought, you could explore converting an existing tub to a whirlpool tub with a heater. Might be a less expensive way to go. Most people don't know that you can have a heater for a tub. In the design stage of our house we incorporated a 6 foot (I am 6'3") two person whirlpool tub with a heater. The heater maintains the water temperature much longer. I have easily spent an hour lounging in it. An added little inexpensive trick was to put recessed lighting above the tub on a dimmer with a remote control. Can read for a while then turn the light off and just vegetate. Downside is you will need a 75 gal water heater to fill a tub that size. And you waste a lot of water. But you save on electricity maintaining water temp in cold zones with outdoor spas. Good luck!
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Re: Anyone have a hot tub?

redbird578 wrote: View Post
I appreciate your comment on the projector. I have decided a dedicated home theater is not worth the trouble or expense. I bought a 65" DLP for the family room four years ago and am happy with it. Now I am working on the audio aspect and will be addressing internet access and media storage (primarily for music). Good luck with your decision!
Now that our basement room is almost done I decided to make it into a theater. The projector is much more appealing if you have a permanent setup that is practical. If you are able to hang a screen and darken the walls a bit its worth picking up a budget projector. You could possibly get a very nice projector and cheap screen for under 1k.

I still have 2 things deterring me from getting a tub. The concern I have is being exposed to chlorine. The research I have read says that even chlorine from a regular shower is hard on us. Its actually safer to drink tap water than to shower with it because when its absorbed through the skin it can displace important chemicals in the body ... yet its still the safest option. The other issue as I mentioned before is the initial cost. To get a quality new tub they start around 4k. If you go with a cheap tub outside of a dealer it will end up costing more in the long run.

For the moment I decided to pickup a set of berkline theater chairs instead of a hot tub. Enjoying them a lot
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Re: Anyone have a hot tub?

I can tell you with all confidence (I can find references if needed) that your concerns about chlorine exposure are not warranted. Skin and eye irritation are likely, but the other stuff is bunk.

My opinion, which often tends to upset people, is that hot tubs are no different than Advil, but a lot more expensive. That is assuming your fantasy is only to relax and rejuvenate. If you want a focal point for a party...that's a different story.

A pool will motivate you to exercise, stretch and will relieve stress at the same time. You could get a fabric pool and keep it outside, filled only in the warmer weather, and heat it for free with a solar heater. Use a propulsion system or water-treadmill for exercise. I priced the whole shebang and it came out at around 7k.

I also covet a nice home theater chair and even sometimes a warm bath, but being healthy, maintaining blood flow to my head and keeping somewhat physically limber improve my life immensely.
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Re: Anyone have a hot tub?

My wife and I bought a hut tub last spring and love it, for the most part. We bought a used one off Kijiji and it started leaking in the middle of the winter. Not sure where the leak is, probably in one of the jets. The cover also needed replacing, but my wife wouldn't allow for it in her budget. The leak plus the poor cover gave way to too much water loss (down 6" in a matter of 3-4 days). There was even more water lost to evaporation if kept at 38C. It became unusable because of that, but since it was -10C outside I couldn't really drain it. I kept it running and warm at 15C and topped it up once a week.

Other than this frustration, I do like it. Nothing is better than a cool night and a dip in the tub. We use bromine with a floater and the tub has an ozonator so the chemical levels don't have to be so high. I check it once or twice a week with a chemical strip and add PH+ or PH-. About every 3 to 4 months I do a complete empty, clean and refill. If you don't like chlorine or bromine you can't really avoid it. You can minimize it by using an ozonator or a UV system or a salt water system. Expect to pay extra for that feature however.

Another thing to consider is the electrical hook up and if your breaker panel has room. If not then you'll have to add a sub panel. You'll also need an external disconnect panel with a GFCI breaker on the outside of your house near the hottub. Add some outdoor rated 6 gauge 4 wire cable (most spas are 230 volts) from your inside panel to the outside panel and to the tub. You'll be looking at an additional $400-$500 for new breakers, a GFCI panel and wire not including labor.
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