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post #1 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 12:54 PM Thread Starter
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New car shopping fusion vs malibu

Looking for opinions on the two. We went and drove a ton of cars this last weekend and narrowed it down to either:
2009 Ford Fusion SEL V6 loaded
2009 Chevy Malibu LTZ 4 cyl

What would you choose and why? We are both really torn.
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post #2 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 01:28 PM
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I like them both, but I'd choose Ford just from a financial stability standpoint.
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post #3 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 01:37 PM
Angel City Audio
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Plus I think Craig can hook you up.

Craigsub/Bigcigar or whatever hat you wear today, please don't shoot me.
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post #4 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 02:01 PM
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I don't feel I know enough about either car to cast a vote, but I attended the Cleveland Auto Show last week and was very impressed by the appearance of the 2010 Fusion (available this spring). I couldn't sit in it, but I DID sit in a 2009 model and was fairly impressed. The 2010 Taurus is pretty eye catching as well. YMMV.
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post #5 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 04:07 PM
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We had rented a Malibu a number of months ago due to our other vehicle being in an accident (not our fault I might add, we were not even in the car at the time it was hit). This rental had only 600+ miles on it and I really liked the stying of it. The car ran and handled pretty well but there was one very quircky thing that was going on with the car. The power door locks, locked and unlocked by them selves even when the car was being driven. You would park the car at a store and lock the doors and the doors would lock and unlock the entire time you were out of it (maybe every 45 sec. or so). It was strange to say the least. We returned it and rented a Toyota Camry instead.
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post #6 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 05:00 PM
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Two reasons why I would choose the Fusion:

1) I am a lifelong Ford Fan.

Not even because of the first reason, but

2) I had a 2007-2008 Fusion as a rental car on a business trip and was very impressed by how well it drove.

I haven't driven the new Malibu but I have driven a related vehicle, the 2008 Saturn Aura, and thought it drove nicely, and the Malibu does look very nice. In the end my decision would be driven by reason # 1 and backed up by reason # 2.

As an aside, I agree with Ajax, the 2010 Fusion and 2010 Taurus are mighty sharp looking vehicles.
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post #7 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 06:13 PM
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Ford reliability numbers are right up there with Honda, Toyota and Hyundai (yes, I said Hyundai).

GM is improving, but Ford is by far the most reliable American car company right now.

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post #8 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 06:25 PM
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From just a quick look...

Almost too close to call from my armchair.

Fusion: available with all-wheel-drive and remote start. Does it snow in Minnesota? An updated 2010 Fusion is due out in spring. 2010 available as Hybrid. Ford's advertising $3K+ tax credit on them (price is about $3,295 more than most similar gas model). Here's a USA Today road test of the 2010 Fusion Hybrid. "Test Drive: 2010 Ford Fusion is best gas-electric hybrid yet"

Malibu: If you have a GM Card, you earn 5% on purchases, redeemable when you buy or lease a new GM product (limit is $1K on the Malibu). Here's USA Today's road test of the 2008 Malibu.

Consumer Reports recommends both but thinks the Malibu is a slightly better value than the Fusion. It doesn't score as highly as the Fusion, but it's five year operating costs rate to be about $4K less than the Fusion. In CR terms, the Malibu scores a 74 and the Fusion 77. Operating costs are $31,750 vs $35,750 respectively. CR also rates the Fusion's projected reliability better than the Malibu: 42% better than average for the V-6 FWD Fusion and about 20% better than average for the Malibu. Both nice results.

About the Fusion CR says "Highs: Ride, handling, transmission, SYNC media-control system, interior room, reliability, crash-test results. Lows: Turning circle."
"Like its siblings, the Mercury Milan and Lincoln MKZ, the Fusion is based on the old Mazda6. It combines a firm and controlled ride with responsive handling. AWD is available, and ESC is optional for 2009. An updated 2010 model goes on sale this spring with a more powerful four-cylinder with a six-speed automatic, an optional 3.5-liter V6 in the Sport version, and standard ESC. Our initial impressions are that engine noise is reduced, and interior fit and finish is better. A new hybrid version uses an updated version of the Escape hybrid's powertrain. Crash-test results and reliability are both impressive."
About the Malibu, CR says "Highs: Fuel economy, quietness, controls.
Lows: Turning circle, small trunk opening.
The Malibu is very competitive in its class. Two engines are offered: a 169-hp four-cylinder and a 252-hp V6. A mild-hybrid version of the four-cylinder engine is also available, but gets only 27 mpg. The car is quiet, rides well, and has responsive and secure handling. The LTZ is tauter, but that doesn't result in compromised ride comfort. The V6 is quick and refined. With the optional six-speed automatic, the four-cylinder gets 25 mpg. ESC is now standard across the line. The interior is roomy and mostly well put together. IIHS crash-test results are good. First year reliability of the 4-cylinder has been above average and the V6 average.
Personally? I'd get on a dealer's list for a 2010 Fusion Hybrid. :crowd:
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post #9 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 09:24 PM Thread Starter
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We were pretty set on the fusion.....then we checked out the malibu tonight. I gotta say that is my favorite at the moment. I love the looks, inside and out.

I wish the 2010 fusion was priced similar to the 09 or malibu but the dealers around here all want MSRP for the new ones coming in, and no 0% APR.

The 2009 fusion is still a nice car, making the choice difficult. Gotta say it does feel slightly dated in comparison, but with that may come better reliability.
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post #10 of 49 Old 03-09-09, 11:28 PM
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Because of the way Chevy treated me when I had trouble with my '98 Corvette, I will never buy another Chevy. Of course they won't miss my money, but that is the only recourse I have.

Between the two, I'd buy the Ford. FWIW- a coworker found a Fusion for around $13,000 in a Sunday paper AD as a loss-leader. Came very well equipped- a surprise considering the price he paid. This was sometime last year, IIRC.
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