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Starbucks does overcook 'em for my tastes....they do have this great caramel apple cider drink that is great though.

Oh I loved out there (sore subject on why I left that has to do with my now ex-wife)..but many folks don't get it. It is a different lifestyle, but I can tell you I've never felt healthier in my life......all while being the poorest I've ever been in my life. That should tell me something.

I sometimes get a little choked up when I reminisce about living out there.....maybe one of these days I'll try to move out there again. The Big Island is a special place for sure.
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I'll paypal cash to you. Just send me a pm and let me know...seriously!

Jason wrote: View Post
lol...she doesn't really have a site. She used to, but didn't really use it, now it's not there.

This is not meant to sound like a knock on her, but folks who live out there (especially in the more rural areas) don't operate like we do here....particularly for mom and pop type outfits. Laid back is not exactly the right term.....

On the Big Island, when the weather service issues a high surf warning, a good 25%+ of the workforce calls in sick (sometimes doesn't call in at all) to go surfing. Their business sense isn't as focused as what we're used to seeing here. Consequently she is sometimes difficult to reach.....It's not uncommon for it to take several days to catch her on the phone. She doesn't even use email.

She always sends me my coffee though when I send her a check.

Next time I catch her on the phone, I'll ask her how she'd prefer I send referrals her way.

public house
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I had this in an older coffee thread...
Ive been getting my beans from a local roaster for years now. We have been pretty much in sync on roast, most are on the lighter side, which I like, as most of the varietal subtleties haven't been degreed away. Course his Kona is not a deal!!!!
I'll add that the Celebes is one of best dark's I've ever had. How Sam roast this one is special. Dark is not my fav but this one I enjoy alot.
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If anyone is interested, I have a friend that has a web site that sells only green coffee beans from all over the world. You buy the beans and roast them yourself just before grinding and drinking. It is suppose to be the best possible way to make coffee. He also sells some roasters too. If you have one of the old "air pop" popcorn poppers, they are suppose to make good roasters too. The site is - His selection of coffees is impressive.
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Well I just broke down and bought a Technivorm 741 Thermal. There was going to be a price increase of $35. starting Feb 1 so I bit the bullet.

I just received it yesterday and the reservoir had a crack in it that didn't go all the way through so I tried it and am also getting a new unit. I am switching to the CDT model since the lid on the carafe can fit under the CDT when attached and the flow through lid on a Nissan Thermos carafe can also fit under it. On the 741, they don't fit without raising the machine a bit. The company I bought from included some stick-on silicone feet for the 741 but they're a bit funky and don't stick very good.

I really like the looks of the 741, I don't have the CDT yet to compare, but the 741 has an industrial design I find more appealing than the pictures of the round cylinder CDT. The machine itself is much lighter in weight than I thought it would be. It has an industrial three prong plug that doesn't curl up too easily and sticks straight out from the wall receptacle. The plastic parts seem well made and not cheap feeling.

I was using a Presto Scandinavian drip coffee maker which had gotten good reviews at coffeegeeks and brewed at the higher temps but still used a warming pad to keep coffee hot. It was only $20 compared to the $265. for the Technivorm. There is quite a bit of difference in the coffee the two brewers make. The main one being the Technivorm is much smoother with no bitterness of the Presto. Very easy to tell when comparing the just brewed cups from each coffee maker. This was with beans that the local Costco roasts daily here, so fairly fresh. I have not tried it with better beans yet.

My wife (entomologist at UH) works with some of the Kona coffee growers and some of the Kauai coffee growers so we sometimes have access to their coffee, either buying at a small discount or if my wife have beans left over from a field trial then she can process them at the university. She has all the roasting and processing equipment since they need to process the coffee for the trials so I'm looking forward to trying some this and comparing. My wife is on the mainland at the moment so I would like her opinion when she gets back since she has had some experience cupping coffee.

As a disclaimer, I just had sinus surgery so my sense of taste and smell are a bit diminished at the moment which I guess says something if I can tell the difference.

I bought the coffee maker from Clive Coffee. They were very easy to deal with, sending me a new unit right away without first receiving the other one back. They also had the cheapest shipping to Hawaii.

After consuming the whole pot of coffee this morning I think I've had enough for now. Giddyup.
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mobileusa wrote: View Post
I have a KitchenAid Pro Line grinder but don't use it all the time...I'm a simpleton...what's a faux pas?...
I recently bought a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine after having done a fair amount of research. Surprisingly all sources say that the coffeemaker is an accessory for the grinder and not the other way around. All sources I've seen also say that the flavor of ground coffee starts deteriorating right after grinding and shouldn't be ground more than two hours prior to using it. The other thing all sources seem to agree on is that coffee should be roasted no more than two weeks prior to using it.

You should definitely try the fresh ground route and decide for yourself. I'm not going back... Get a decent burr grinder though, not the ones with the blades. Coffeegeeks forum
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Jason wrote: View Post

Next time I catch her on the phone, I'll ask her how she'd prefer I send referrals her way.
Yes please do. I'd like to get my hands on some of that too.

Tim Evans
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Well, Marina called the other night at 11:00, while I was *busy* on a date :sly:

She was just calling to let me know my latest order had shipped. I haven't been able to get a hold of her to find out how she wants me to refer those who've expressed interest....but I'm working on it.

I don't know how much longer I'll be ordering from her though, as I've just ordered this roaster:

Pretty cool deal, as SweetMaria's also ships this with 8 lbs of green coffee (don't know the varieties). I'm hoping to have it in sometime next week.

As far as a grinder, I ended ordering one from Baratza, the Virtuoso.

Baratza's website sells factory refurbs, and this one is $143 vs $225 for new.
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Do any of you guys have a favorite travel mug that you use? I need a new one and want one that keeps the coffee hot, still fits in my car cup holder and doesn't cost a gazillion dollars.
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Monkeypimp wrote: View Post
Do any of you guys have a favorite travel mug that you use? I need a new one and want one that keeps the coffee hot, still fits in my car cup holder and doesn't cost a gazillion dollars.
LOVE this one:

I bought it at Bass Pro. The lid is pretty slick, and it will keep warm for hours (if you need it that long). I took off the carabiner for my everyday use, but it has come in handy at times.

Just bought one for my father as he kept trying to take mine!
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