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jd371 wrote: View Post
I live on Long Island and besides home theater, fishing is my other passion. I was at the South Shore Saturday getting some fishing in before the storm. I got hammered by the waves. As of Saturday night all roads leading to the South Shore beaches were closed. It's going to be really bad tonight with the storm surge and high tide combined with the full moon, we're looking at major flooding.
Right now it's not raining much, but we're expecting heavy rain in a couple of hours with increased wind gusts to 75-80 mph! Tonight when Sandy makes land fall the wind gusts are expected to reach 100 mph! They say this is supposed to last for 36-48 hours! Yikes!!!
Our power lines run behind the house and there is a lot of trees I can expect a power outage sooner or later.
We will probably lose some trees and power down here for a little while, but we will be okay. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like up your way. Stay safe, man.
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Yeah the Jersey/NY coastline is going to take a beating.

The iconic (if you want to call it that) pier in Ocean City, MD has been severely damaged already, today, and the hurricane is merely passing by our coastline.

I heard on the news that most hurricanes are a 6-12 hour event for most localities, the cold air coming in from the north is going to slow this storm down to about 15 mph. Basically stalling it and allowing it to hammer away as much as 3 times longer then normal.

We've had pretty heavy rain most of the night and morning and the bad stuff hasn't even started yet.

Stay safe up there in NY!
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Re: Frankenstorm

You guys be safe - hope it ends up being lighter than expected.
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It's raining harder now and the wind is kicking up with gusts over 50 mph. The storm is still a little over 2 hours out.
Had to move one of the cars out of the drive way because of falling branches.
Heard a transformer blow and I think the houses across the street are without power. I still have power now but in 2 hours when the stronger winds reach us we'll see.
I'm just catching up on some DVR'd shows to kill some time. Just watched the last episode of The Walking Dead.
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Re: Frankenstorm

Our news reports here in Oz say the storm has increased in power over the last few hours. Definitely not something you want to be around.
Keep safe over there.

Silence is golden but duct tape is silver.

DIY completed:
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It's definitely going to be ugly between Cape May, NJ and Atlantic City, NJ. Looks like Sandy is gathering speed. We've definitely seen the wind really pick-up here in Maryland. My heart goes out to the folks in the coast. It's a mess, for sure.
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Here in Folsom....Pa that is and it's pretty windy 35-40 mph winds. The rain coming down pretty good as well and listening to weather reports that say Sandy wont hit land until to tonight between 5-6. It will be a couple hours after that that Sandy will be in my area.
Two years ago the wife and i had the entire lawn and patio dug up to water proof the outside walls of our house. We also installed new downspouts that run down to the footing of the house. We also installed at the same time additional PVC (for any runoff that comes from underground) running along the downspout to the back of the house. In addition I had to rip out part of the interior walls for my HT. Bathroom included. I coated the interior walls with a product called Blue Max. It is a rubber coated type pair that seals your walls both exterior and interior.
The last hurricane Irene we had 0 water in the HT room. I was very relieved.
If my HT room last thru Sandy I could easily endorse this product.
You can roll it on, spray it on or simply use a paint brush. Besides its ability to seal walls it is water clean up and it does not smell. Fast drying time. 1-2 hours.
I hope everyone is safe and dry.

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Stay safe To everybody that will be effected by this storm and take precautions.
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Re: Frankenstorm

I hope and pray that all you guys get through this OK..It sounds like a really nasty one and we're getting constant updates on it's progress down here..
On my Cyclone Tracking chart it's still listed as a category 1, but it covers 1500 km.and it's moving very slowly, so it will probably pound for some time..
Keep safe..

Home Theatre...the never ending story!
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Re: Frankenstorm

just spoke to brother in west hempstead l.i. powers out,all of you in affected areas stay safe and use common sense,stay indoors power lines are nasty.
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