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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

I've been snapping away at things as a hobby for almost 30 years now but I'm only just getting into using digits for more serious snapping. Until recently I used only film, with the following gear:

Analogue 35mm:
Contax RTSIII body x 2
Contax S2 body
Contax S2b body
12 Contax lenses

Ricoh GR1S, GR21

Hasselblad X-PanII with 30/5.6 and 45/4 lenses

Analogue 645:
Contax 645 kit
3 lenses

Analogue other:
Canham 4x5
Fuji GX617

And digital was just for convenience with a Sony DCS-P71 - bought it years ago primarily for taking pics of stuff to put on eBay and for snapping straightforward 'record' shots of recording venues on site visits and of recording rigs set up for future reference. It's taken a hammering but still seems to work, even if my cellphone now has a camera with the same pixel count!

In the last year or so I've been taking digital a lot more seriously. The big kick start on this was a family holiday this summer where we were away for five weeks and the quantity of film I carried around was both heavy and cumbersome compared to my wife's digital camera and laptop to back up on. So now I'm looking properly at the whole digital thing and have so far arrived at:

Leica V-Lux-1 - basically the expensive version of the Pansonic FZ-50 with slightly different software set up to produce cooler/less over saturated colours. Got it (secondhand at a very good price which made it comparable to the Panasonic)for the wife to use on a 5 week family holiday in India, then found myself using it at least as much as she was!

Nikon D2Xs - I tried the Canon EOS1D/EOS 5D but found the Nikon much more comfortable to hold. After much playing with one in shop and a week long loan from a friend who uses them professionally and who lent me some lenses to play with, I bought a secondhand one to try out properly. The small sensor is a little frustrating as I like wideangle lenses and it multiplies focal lengths compared to 35mm but so far I like the results enough to have pre-ordered D3 (full frame sensor - hooray!) and D300 with a couple of lenses. I plan to check them out over a few weeks and sell onj whichever I like least.

Now I just have to properly gear up with the computer, software, printer, then a film scanner, and all the other bits and bobs! Not the cheapest hobby!

I won't be abandoning film yet a while as I still love using it, the film camera hardware is now worth so little that it isn't really worth selling, and I've yet to feel any kind of confidence in archiving of digital photos/media but the convenience and low running costs of digital are very beguiling.

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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

I don't remember this forum the last time I was at the shack. Very cool!

I just gave my 9 year old my Olympus C-3000. He's actually got a wonderful eye. I'm dying to see what he does with it.

My stuff:
Canon 350D/Rebel XT
18 - 55 mm, F3.5-5.6 EF-S lens
70 - 200 mm, F/4L USM (Early Christmas present from wife)

I shot just over 300 pics through the L lens this past Saturday at my son's soccer game. I don't remember clicking off that many during the hour long game. Very nice lens.

Houston, TX
My Subwoofer Build Page
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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

Right now I have the orginial Canon Digital Rebel with just your standard kit lense.

I hope to be upgrading to the Canon 40D in the next 6 months. Still looking into the lenses and what is better.

Too many hobbies.

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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

i have the canon eos 300d (original rebel) with the kit.


a casio EX-S880 point and shoot
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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

On film I use a Pentax MZ60 with twin kit lens, UV filters, shadow hoods and a sigma EF-430ST flash.

On digital we are using a kodak C330. We will be upgrading to a DSLR, just don't know when.
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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

For digital, I have a Nikon D200. I still regularly shoot film, though, mainly with Fuji medium format rangefinder cameras and a Sinar 4x5 and 8x10 view camera system.
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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

Shooting video here with a Sony PMW-EX1, Sony's latest addition to the CineAlta family of HD video cameras, and one of the few HD cams that records a full 1920x1080 raster and uses three 1920x1080 1/2" imagers. It pulls terrific depth of field, too.
Take a look at "Winter Thaw" and other videos that I shot last month with it here:
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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

I used to be right into photography with film. Had all Canon gear, love Nikon too but just started with Canon and stuck with it. Used to have EOS 30, 5, 1N and 1V(HS). Some L-Series lenses from 17 to 400. 35-350 was my most used lens.

All gone now, put the money into other hobbies.

Now I only have a Canon PS A640. It's great for a compact with everything I want, a swiveling LCD screen, AA batteries, good macro shots, fits in a (big) pocket etc.

The main bad point for me is the shutter delay, which is really great for a compact but terrible against the big guns.

Would love a DSLR. One day.
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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

Since you asked...35mm Ariflex movie camera with digital sound on a DAT recorder.
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Re: Tell us what you're shooting with.

Canon EOS 5D and a plethora of lenses (many are L lenses).
*Disclaimer: this does not make me a better photographer* (sigh)
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