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Re: A Rant: Distracted Drivers

I can understand your frustration. My wife, Juli, was hit from behind last Thursday while stopped at a light. Lucklily there was no damage, other than she had a headache and a sore shoulder for a couple of days. The kid was reaching to catch something falling off of his seat and was not paying attention. She called me very upset, as the kid just wanted to blow it off since there was not any visible damage and I insisted that they file a Police report and wait for the officer to arrive. The kid was upset that he got a ticket when there was no damage. I pointed out that he could have just as easily killed someone with his carelessness and that perhaps the ticket and some increase in his insurance rates might make him a bit more attentive.

The only solution that I know of is to drive as defensively as possible and to write them more tickets that cost more.

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Re: A Rant: Distracted Drivers

I'm rather torn about this senior citizen driver issue too, being a senior myself, and I understand how it can be difficult to turn one's head when backing up, changing lanes, etc., but there are certain safety requirements to doing so and I always make the effort, however painful, to check behind me, even if it means taking off the seatbelt for a few seconds so I can turn sideways and get a better rear look while backing out of a parking space.
So far though, all of the people who have hit me are young folks --50 and under. Some of them may have been distracted, some claimed they didn't see my large, red SUV in front of them at the traffic light. Many of them seemed to have other problems evident at the time of the collisions.

With new cars these days, it's often hard to tell if there's concealed damage inside the plastic bumpers. It's a good idea to file a police report, especially if the impact caused physical symptoms like headaches and shoulder pain. Headache could be a sign of brain injury or whiplash. If a crash victim is experiencing headaches after a crash, I would urge that person to visit the hospital and get it checked out. It could be nothing, but it could also signal a potentially serious injury. You need to get it on record who that driver is, just in case you find yourself with huge medical bills.

I am still in physical therapy. My back doesn't seem to be getting any better. I've got severe muscle spasms in the sacroliliac (sp?) area on the left side where I felt the pop sensation at the time of impact. The doc is talking about an MRI and maybe back surgery next, but they wish to avoid surgery at my age, if possible, although I'm still fit as a fiddle. The case is in the lawyer's hands and it could be a year before it's settled. It will go to court, because the other driver has Allstate, which is known for fighting tooth and nail on every liability case.
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Re: A Rant: Distracted Drivers

I know how you feel about distracted drivers. As most of you know, Vancouver is slated to host the Winter Olympics, which is good in some ways, but bad in others. Our infrastructure is not ready to support the massive amounts of tourists that are going to be here for this event. Our roads are already filling up, and we have not left enough room for expansion in many areas. Couple this with more drivers, and foreign drivers (not a slur, but the fact that the BC road system is extremely complicated and often stupid, it takes some getting used to. Out-of-towners don't realize how complicated it can be) and you have a recipe for collisions. I have only been involved in 1 car on car collision. I was in my works customer shuttle, and I was making a left turn on a green light without a dedicated signal. I waited for my opportunity to proceed. I was turning on to a 2 lane street, with people from the opposite direction turning right. Rules state you must turn into the closest lane. When I was making my turn a large Dodge Ram turned right and went straight into the far lane. No one was hurt but I was awe struck by the sheer obliviousness of the driver. I was in a 2007 Toyota Sienna, which is no small vehicle (it even has decals on it promoting my dealership). If this keeps up, insurance rates are going to sky rocket, and my public transportation system cannot handle the increasing commuters that are trying to avoid such rates.

Stiffer penalties must be enforced to reduce the amount of stupid drivers. I'm not talking about increasing the age to attain a drivers license (I'm 20 and I still don't have a full license). That would hurt those responsible, and capable of proper driving technique. I'm talking about more licenses lost, making driving lessons mandatory (I took lessons, best thing I ever did).

And one final note to the OP, a stiffer vehicle will not insure your safety. As a matter of fact, your severe injuries are directly related to your current vehicle. Large trucks and SUVs use non unibody frames that are extremely rigid. They don't damage as much in a collision, but they also don't absorb much of the blow. Thusly, a larger amount of force is transfered to the occupants. A car with more crumple zones is the best bet to reduce personal injury. Yes, your car will more likely be written off, but you will be alive.

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Re: A Rant: Distracted Drivers

Sheep wrote: View Post
I'm talking about more licenses lost, making driving lessons mandatory (I took lessons, best thing I ever did).
I would also agree that lessons should be required and add that every 10 years you should have to re-read the rules of the road and pass a test. When I got my license I lived in a state that required drivers ed and offered it as a high school after school course and I agree that it has added substantially to my awareness and overall safety. It blows my mind how many people don't know what to do at a 4 way stop, or at a flashing red light.
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Re: A Rant: Distracted Drivers

Yeah, it is quite scary how little most of the drivers really know. In BC, we have a very strict license system, that takes more then just a test to attain a license.

I'll go through with you how it works.

1.) Turn 16 :-P
2.) Go to ICBC (license and insurance center in BC) and take the "L" (learners) test. Test consists of 50 questions. There is a book you MUST read in order to pass this test, as the questions are worded in a awkward way. I failed this test twice, then I read the book and passed. You pass when you get 40 questions right(80%).
3.) Once you pass the test, you will receive a paper license and eventually get your "L" card. You can either take lessons, or practice with your parts/guardian. If you take lessons, you can take the "N" test after 9 months. If you don't take lessons, you can go for your "N" test after 1 year. The L license is VERY restrictive.

Rules for "L" License:
-Must display red "L" magnet clearly on the back of car.
-0 tollerance for alcohol.
-Must be accompanied by someone 25 years of age or higher with a full license (class 5).
-No driving after midnight.

During this period you must attain 30 hours of driving experience as well (needs to be documented).
4.) Once the above is completed, you are able to take your "N" test. This is a driving test, in which you are asked to do certain things. Multiple failures of any 1 maneuver or failing to follow protocol will result in a fail.

Once passed, you will receive your "N" card, and will be able to drive by yourself. You are limited to 1 passenger (unless immediate family) and must display a green "N" magnet. 0 tolerance for alcohol. Any infractions on your license over 3 points and you will lose your license (depending on severity, length of loss also dependent of severity), and will have to repeat the 2 year "N" term. If you make it to 1.5 years without any infractions, you can go to take the Class 5 road test 6 months early.

This is where I stand right now. I've been able to get rid of my "N" since 1.5 years after I got it (no infractions) but I just didn't feel like it. I drive a stick, but my car is lowered to only 4 inches off the ground. It doesn't ride very well, regardless of driving skill. If I use my parents car, I will have a bad habit to drive 1 handed (like stick).

It's a difficult system to attain a drivers license, but it's not a right, it's a privilege.


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Re: A Rant: Distracted Drivers

interesting, in Australia it is basically the same except that you must have 120 hours logged experience in all conditions (late night, rain, peak hour, etc) befoe you can sit your license test. proffesional lessons have no impact on the amount of hours you must do before you can sit your license.
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