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Akai DPS24 24 track DAW priced to sell

I know this isn't a "Home theater" product but it is an audio product.
If you have an interest in recording, I urge you to do some research on the following product. It is priced to fly.

I am making the switch to computer recording from the stable and simple life of stand alone DAW.
I will be doing much more sound for video and film starting this summer and will need a honking PC to do so.
In order to finance this, I am forced to sell my current studio centerpiece.
My Akai DPS24.
If I could afford to keep it and get my new system I would but alas, I must sell ASAP.

This is a state of the art audio production tool that will take you from musical ideas to a fully mastered and pro sounding CD, all in one box.

It has 12 fantastic preamps ( I had to spend $800 on 2 DAV pre's just to get something different! Not even necessarily better). A slew of analogue and digiital ins and outs that will accommodate just about any source you want to record from.
Fantastic sounding A/D converters. a 46 channel digital mixer with 100mm touch sensitive motorized faders. 4 internal 56 bit effects processors. EQ and dynamics on each channel.

Here's the specs from ZZOUNDS http://www.zzounds.com/item--AKADPS24MKII

The only true 24-track 24bit linear professional hardware workstation on the market. The most open system for expansion and communication with other systems. The best sounding integrated system in this price range, with 24bit/96kHz support.

True 24-Track Hard Disk Recorder
24 mono tracks, 24-bit uncompressed, 256 virtual tracks per Project

24 Track select keys, with Track Punch on-the-fly

Up to 24 tracks simultaneous recording, for live recording or digital transfers

Up to 24 channels of ADAT Digital Inputs/Outputs, with sample accurate ADAT Sync

Full-Featured Onboard Editing
Sample accurate editing, with sample accurate scrolling Waveform display and tape-like audio scrubbing

Non-destructive editing: Copy, Cut, Erase, Insert, Paste, Repeat, Move

Off-line DSP features: TimeStretch, PitchShift, BPM Match, Varispeed, Reverse, Normalize, Resample

Multi-level Undo/Redo

Digital Mixer
46 channels (12 mono inputs, 1 stereo Aux input, 24 mono track returns, 4 stereo FX returns)

Digital EQ and Dynamics processors on every mono channel (inputs and tracks), with onboard libraries

Surround Mixing (5.1, LCRS and Quad) ready

Onboard dynamic and snapshot automation

13 professional 100mm long-throw, touch-sensitive motorized faders

18 encoders for real-time control of parameters

Monitor section with Main/Nearfield outputs, stereo studio cue output with built-in talkback microphone

Effects Processing
4 simultaneous 56bit stereo FX: Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Phaser, Wah, Pitch Shift/Correction

FX Library with Snapshot automation

Flexible routing allows real-time processing through outboard equipment, including digital plug-ins hosts

Onboard Mastering
46 Channels -- 2 to internal Mixdown recorder (46 -- 6 in 5.1 Surround mode)

Multi-band Compressor/Expander for stereo Mastering

Sample Rate conversion and Bit Depth dithering

Track-at-Once and Disk-at-Once CD burning

Most Open System
Standard FAT32 disk format, Broadcast WAV audio files

Extensive multi-track audio Import/Export and data backup features via IDE, SCSI and USB.

ADAT lightpipe I/Os, ADAT Sync out and ADAT LRC remote support

Standard 5-1/4 in. IDE bay for CD-RW or removable hard drive

4 ADC Ins 'bypass' inputs for outboard preamps

Free ak.Sys TrackView software provides SVGA metering and 24-track scrolling waveform display, plus mouse/keyboard based editing

Expansion slots design for future upgrades

Serious Home Studio / Private Commercial Studio, aspiring Audio Engineer, Semi-pro / Pro Musician

Live recording, small venue live sound, Radio/Jingle Production, Houses of Worship
Technical Info
Record Tracks @ 24bit/44.1kHz: 24

PlayBk Tracks @ 24bit/44.1kHz: 24

Record Tracks @ 24bit/96kHz: 12

PlayBk Tracks @ 24bit/96kHz: 12

Simultaneous Analog Inputs: 16

XLR Inputs: 12

Mic Preamps: 12

Main / Nearfield Outputs: Yes

Cue Mix with Talkback: Yes

ADAT I/O Onboard: 8

ADAT I/O Option: 16 (optional)

ADAT Sync Option: Yes

WordClock: In/Out

SCSI: 68-pin option

USB: Yes

Removable HD Option: Yes

MultiTrack VGA Display: w/akSys (PC)

Motorized Faders: 13

Faders Size: 100mm

Touch Faders: Yes

Rotary Encoders: 12+6

Collar of LEDs Around Encoders: Yes (12)

Surround Mixing: Yes
It has worked flawlessly for me for exactly 3 years and I expect it to continue to fully blow away the standards and demands of even the most demanding audio engineer or hobbyist. Especially considering I babied it and it's never been near smoke.

It has a few dB increase in monitor noise which does not effect the sound of the recordings or the functionality of the system at all. In fact, if you turn the monitor output up to 1/3 the way or more, the signal to noise ratio is non existent. (ie. you will not hear this noise unless under special test circumstances or improper use.)

Although this noise does not affect the recording, mixing, mastering, CD burning, or really even the monitoring, I am selling it to go quickly. My need for a video capable PC system is now very urgent and the system cannot be build until I pay in full (i.e. sell the DPS24).

Therefore, although the DPS24 usually gets about $1800 - $2000 used, I am selling for $1300 +s&h.
It also comes with the padded rugged carpeted road case that would survive a nuclear blast! ($100 Pearson’s Case)

Also included is a tutorial DVD that will get you up and running in no time and a dust cover to keep it in the same pristine condition it’s in.

Again, if you have an interest in audio recording at all, for this price you will not find something even close to comparable anywhere. This board can provide all your needs from home demo recording or hi-fi pod casts to commercial studio recording which is what its use has been for 3 years. Unfortunately, it will not serve useful for sound for video, which is my need.

Thanks for reading

- Matt Marcil
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Re: Akai DPS24 24 track DAW priced to sell

Oh, I just realized, the ZZOUNDS page has the MKII. This was the black chassis version.
The one I'm selling is the original Champagne chassis version. Other than color, they are identical.
Actually, some have speculated that the originals are more robust and stable than the MKII but that has yet to be proven :0)

It looks like this:

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Re: Akai DPS24 24 track DAW priced to sell

Matt I dont know if this will go thru as I just registered on this site today.
I am looking to buy a DPS 24 ,( i bought one off ebay last week
only to have it trashed in shipping (Thank you UPS) so I am back at square 1
my name is Red. My email is shadyhillmusic@att.net
If you still have the machine I am very interested . Red
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Re: Akai DPS24 SOLD


Thanks all!

I sent an email Red.
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