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Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic and Pangea P-100 powersupply


For sale is my USED, BLACK DacMagic with a Pangea P100 external PSU. This is NOT the DacMagic PLUS or the DacMagic 100.

I am downsizing things a bit so this piece has to go. It is a very great DAC for someone with multiple devices (CD player, computer, game consoles, etc). It has a single USB input (IIRC its 16/44.1 limited), and 3 sets of coaxial and optical inputs (24/96 limited). It has a set of RCA OR XLR outputs as well as a set of DIGITAL OUTPUTS. From what I understand as well the XLR outputs are TRULY balanced rather than QUASI.

I believe I still have the original box for both units but will have to double check. It works great as I am using it currently.

Included is a generic IEC powercord for the Pangea, the Pangea’s cable to connect to the DacMagic, and both units of course. I “think” the DacMagic box has the original powercable but am not sure, but with the Pangea you don’t really need it. A link to the PDF owners manual is below. If I have the other connectors for the Pangea they will be included, but I don’t remember if they are in the box or not.

Before anyone asks I'm NOT wanting to split the two up at this time.

I am asking 250 + ship for this item but am willing to entertain offers. If you’re within driving distance we can talk about meeting up instead of having to ship. I also have this posted locally on Craigslist.

Links and information below (PM for pictures).

DacMagic Owners Manual for Download:
Stereophile review:
Pangea P100:

Additional DacMagic Specifications below:

• 2 digital inputs featuring both optical & coaxial connections for each, plus an additional USB audio input.
• Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA audio outputs
• ATF (Adaptive Time Filtering) up-sampling intelligently interpolates incoming audio data (16-24 bits, 32-96kHz) to 24bit/192kHz output through the use of a 32bit Texas Instruments DSP
• Twin Wolfson WM8740 24bit DACs used in dual differential configuration.
• Selectable digital filters (Linear Phase, Minimum Phase and Steep) differ slightly in optimization and allow user to select filter of their choice.
• USB audio input allows the DacMagic to act as a high quality DAC/soundcard for your
• Digital output provides 'pass-through' output to recording devices.
• Available in black or silver finishes Cambridge Audio DacMagic

Detailed Specifications
Inputs 2 x Digital Inputs (choice of either co-axial or optical connection for each)
1 x USB PC Digital Input

Audio Outputs
-1 x pair Gold Plated RCA phono outputs
-1 x pair XLR balanced outputs
-1 x Co-axial digital output (pass through)
-1 x Optical digital output (pass through)
-D/A converters Dual Wolfson WM8740 24bit DACs
-Digital filter Texas Instruments TMS 320VC5501 DSP upsampling to 24bit 192kHz
-Analogue filter 2-Pole Dual Differential Bessel Double Virtual Earth Balanced
-Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz (±0.1dB) *
-Output level (unbalanced) 2.1V rms
-Output level (balanced) 4.2V rms (2.1V per phase)
-Digital input word widths supported 16-24bit**
-Digital input sampling frequencies supported 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz ***
- Audio output upsampling Fixed 24bit 192kHz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 52 x 215 x 191mm (2.0 x 8.6 x 7.6")
Weight 1.2kg/2.6lbs
* Steep filter disabled, **16bit for USB, ***48kHz for USB

Additional Pangea P-100 specifications below:

-Highly-regulated and filtered low-noise AC power supply
-Compatible with Cambridge Audio DacMagic, Cambridge Audio 540P and 640P phono stages, and Musical Fidelity V-Series components (including V-Series II)
-All needed cables are included (see below)
-Noise- and vibration-resistant compact steel chassis
-Power On/Off switch
-Front Panel LED light
-Everything You Need Is Included
-P-100 Regulated Power Supply
-IEC-style AC power input cable
-DC power output cable for Cambridge Audio DacMagic (also works with 540P and 640P phono stages) (1.0M long)
-DC power output cable for Musical Fidelity V-Series components (including V-Series II) (1.0M long)
-Instruction sheet

We've sold thousands of Cambridge Audio DacMagic and Musical Fidelity V-DAC USB DACs over the years. Our customers love their outstanding performance for the money. Being audiophiles, the folks at Pangea Audio wondered how they could make these DACs sound even better. Using better cables makes a big difference, but they wanted to dig even deeper.

The answer to better performance from these components is the Pangea Audio P-100, a new highly regulated power supply created by legendary audio designer Peter Madnick exclusively for Pangea Audio.

"If you own one of the Cambridge Audio or Musical Fidelity models listed above, then I suggest that $99.99 for a Pangea P-100 is the best hundred bucks you could spend," says Sam Tellig in the February 2012 issue of Stereophile. "Dynamics improved. The little V-DAC MkII sounded bigger. . . The Pangea Audio P-100 is for those who want to wrest the very best form their budget gear."
Just Plain Better in Every Way

Compared to the power supplies that come with the DacMagic and V-DAC, the P-100 boasts better filtering, better regulation, and a much lower output impedance. You might say that the P-100 is just plain better in every way. And the circuitry is housed inside a noise- and vibration-resistant compact steel chassis. All of this dramatically cleans up the power flowing to the DAC, resulting in a noticeable upgrade in sound quality.

A No-Brainer to Use

The P-100 couldn't be easier to use. Just substitute it for the AC adapter that comes with the DacMagic or V-DAC. In fact, you can use the P-100 with any Musical Fidelity V-Series components for a nice performance enhancement, and that includes the new V-Series II products. And if this isn't enough excitement for you already, the P-100 will also upgrade the Cambridge Audio Azur 540P and 640P phono stages.

The P-100 includes all the cables you need for connecting to the DacMagic (plus 540P and 640P), and V-Series components. Each cable is 1.0M long and clearly labeled. Get listening, and have a blast.

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