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Re: REVIEW: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System

I owned a set of these before I blew out the subwoofer (sparks flew everywhere!). However, that wasn't Logitech's fault; I simply turned up the volume too far between my computer and the speakers volume setting. You should know, that Logitech sent me a whole new package and all I needed to return to them was control pod and the remote.

I ended up selling the new set to a fraternity brother of mine and have since moved up to an Athena F2, B1, C1 system which I've been very happy about. Well, the center speaker is actually terrible, but the floor standers and bookshelfs are awesome!

The high end Logitech speaker systems are worlds better than any HTIB I've heard outside of the Onkyo systems which go for twice as much. I wonder if the newer Logitech models have additional digital inputs? If these puppies have 2 or 3 optical inputs now, they're an even better deal than they used to be.
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Re: REVIEW: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System

Hey guys,

I realise this is a sticky - hope I'm not out of line for posting here.

After two years in a tiny university bedroom (furnished, it has 2 sq.ft. of floor space... the word is "cramped") I'm moving into something larger in July, and I want to let loose with the audio. The system I choose doesn't need to be deafening, but it should be powerful enough to 'fill' a spacious double bedroom (I'd estimate it at around 10' by 15') without having to drive it too hard. My TV's a 32" Panasonic Viera LCD, and I intend to connect my laptop, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PCH A-110 to an inexpensive-but-decent 5.1 system for DVD, Blu-ray, music and videogame playback.

Any personal advice on the suitability of this Logitech system (or indeed on other ones) would be appreciated.

Thanks, as ever.


EDIT: I did read the review, by the way. From what I understand, the Z-5500 is fabulous for a PC, or for Home Theatre in a confined space... but how confined are we talking...?

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Re: REVIEW: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System

You know; I used to own this setup. The only speaker I liked out of this whole package was the sub, but of course the digital amp would not work using other subs. So at the time I has a Athena speakers (front L/R, Center & Rear surround) and hooked them up. It actually pushed the 4" drivers pretty well for what it was.

This system is simple and work with your DVD player or you can run it from your PC.
I sold mine, but only because I wanted more components, but now likely we're going to be moving to a smaller home, this system maybe the way to go.
I would like to buy this Z-5500 and run the sub and try my HTD L2 speakers and see how she blows

Oh I remeber using my XM and Ipod with it. It was a neat idea at the time. I would not hesitate to do it again; Either!
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Re: REVIEW: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System

should mention that I am listening through my PC with a Creative Audigy2 ZS sound card in a 9 x 13 room with a carpeted floor. The Audigy2 ZS sound card is important to mention because this is an EXTREMELY nice card. It has a S/N raito of 108dB with full 96kHz/24bit and DVD-audio capability, as well as a nearly endless number of options to clean-up and modify the source signal. The signal that I am feeding the Z-5500 is absolutely clean, so that certainly maximizes the speakers performance. I have both a digital coax cable and the 5.1 analog cables connected so I can use either my card's decoder or the Logitech's decoder. While the Logitech's decoder is awesome, you simply can't get any better than the Audigy2 ZS. If you are in need of a sound card, DO NOT hesitate to get the Creative Audigy2 ZS, it rocks!
The only problem with this is that the Audigy 2 cards, in all forms are not truely capable of 24 bit processing. Not only that, they happen to leave an open bitstream to the PCI bus that causes all of your other PCI based devices to slow down. This is because they don't actually sleep properly and it was a quick solution for creative to fix this issue. The z5500's are nice, but way too boomy in the 30-40hz range to be enjoyable at higher volume levels. compared to most cheap HTIB's i'd have to agree, its a decent setup. Logitech was my go to for my speakers for a while, the Tang Band Drivers are awesome. But the downside, once you've gotten the upgraditus bug, you'll quickly dismiss this as "Quality" sound.
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Re: REVIEW: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System

Logitech is mass-market and definitely not even being worthy of ground level on the audiophile mountain.

These speakers are the anti-bose. All Highs, All Lows. Zero Midrange. And Low Cost to boot. They are just as as bose and because of the hole in the audio spectrum, there is virtually no dialog coming from them. I'm not a bose fan, but bose is the lesser evil here. Do not buy. Spend your dough on a Set of M-Audio montors for $99 and be better off. I know the M-Audios are stereo, so for under $399 (Msrp for Z5500) you can get a better surround experience from a pair of QUALITY headphones from Sennheiser (HD650, HD800), AKG (K702) , Beyerdynamic (DT880, DT990), or Audio-Technica. After all you were born with two ears, not five or 7 and it's your brain not the ears that determines where sound comes from. Proper holophonic processing for headphones done by many soundcards and software accuratly fools the mind in to believing things are coming from all directions.

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Re: REVIEW: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System

Excellent review MrPorterhouse. I will soon post my Logitech Z-2300 review.
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Re: REVIEW: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Speaker System

I almost got this system a few years ago and I'm glad I didn't. Instead I chose to slowly build my HT system.

...Thousands of dollars later

I'm glad I did.
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