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Re: Looking for a hi-fi sound card

Greg if you can provide us with a box with firewire connection that can

Re-Encode EAX 1.0-4.0 to Dolby Digital or DTS

Parametric Analyze and EQ (30 bands per channel)

Bass Management 1Hz - 150hz in 1Hz steps for all channels including sub. (ie the sub reaches it -6dB at 18hz you can filter the FS below that as to lessen the risk of damaging the speaker)

SPL Leveling per channels in 0.5dB steps

Real Time Variable Mater Clock

User Selectable 44.1khz, 48Khz, 96kHz, and 192kHz Resolutions

32bit Float DSP with 32bit EQ Float DSP

Eight 192khz/24bit DSD Quality or better DACs

96/24 ADCs


Gold RCA Connections with Coaxial Digital Out

I will definitely buy if you can give me all that in one package.

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Re: Looking for a hi-fi sound card


We are still in development. Actually, we are at a fairly early stage, having just completed the conceptual prototype. We are now working on some of the components for the working prototype. I have a few questions for you regarding your list:

Re-Encode EAX 1.0-4.0 to Dolby Digital or DTS - if you are outputting multichannel analog, why would you need this? Isn't this a feature useful for people that want to decode multichannel DD/DTS with their A/V receiver?

Parametric Analyze and EQ (30 bands per channel) - we are planning to include EQ, but just haven't decided on final specs (I used to work for Sonic Foundry and we developed some excellent parametric EQ features for our apps)

Bass Management - this is definitely something we have been planning to include. However, bass management will be native to Vista, so we have to rethink how we are going to approach this.

SPL Leveling per channels in 0.5dB steps - can you explain how this works with your A/V receiver? We are trying to decide on the best method for volume control. The best technology is pretty expensive, especially when applied to 8 or more channels. If we were to build digital volume control into the drivers, you would lose resolution that might effect sound quality. There are many options for analog volume control and some perform better than digital volume control. A lot of this depends on the price our customers are willing to pay.

Real Time Variable Mater Clock - Our prototype has a built in low-jitter internal clock and supports FireWire SYT recovery and sync to external clock (like a lot of the good proaudio soundcards)

User Selectable 44.1khz, 48Khz, 96kHz, and 192kHz Resolutions - This isn't a problem (and will also be easier in Vista). However, some people would rather have the application (DVD software player or audio software player) set the sample rate. Are you asking us to automatically upsample each channel in the stream to a user selectable rate? I've use some audio cards that do this and wasn't very happy with the sound quality. There are some software programs, like J.Rivers Media Center that seem to have pretty good quality upsampling.

32bit Float DSP with 32bit EQ Float DSP - our prototype is using a 1.6 gigaflop 32-bit floating point DSP. We may upgrade this in the future, but the performance is pretty good.

Eight 192khz/24bit DSD Quality or better DACs - The quality of DACs, along with the analog section of opamps will be very high quality. Comparable to that found in high end dedicated DACs. What sort of dynamic range would you like us to achieve? Again, this is a feature that will depend somewhat on what people are willing to pay.

96/24 ADCs - The ADCs in our prototype (there are 4 2-channel ADCs actually) and they are 24bit/192KHz. The final number of ADCs hasn't been decided.

Midi - MIDI I/O is currently included in the prototype

Gold RCA Connections with Coaxial Digital Out - Since the signal path is balanced, we have XLR outputs. However, we also have built in amplifiers, so we have binding posts for connection to the speakers (we used Cardas binding posts in our prototype, but they might be too expensive for the commercial product). Again, since we provide the amplification, I don't know if we will offer a S/PDIF output. Can you give me a good reason for this feature?

Thanks for giving me these suggestions. We have our opinions of what we think would make a good product, but those opinions aren't as important as potential users. So I really appreciate any feedback.

BTW - I'd really like to create a new type of audio product. Instead of a closed box, like current receivers and amplifiers, I'd like something a little more like a personal computer where you can choose whatever, motherboard, CPU proc, RAM, video card, case, power supply, etc. We would like to build something that is pretty modular. So you could pick from a variety of different DAC options, amp modules, power supplies and case designs.
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Re: Looking for a hi-fi sound card

What about the Chaintech Av710?
It does spdif-> receiver excellently. Also ,IIRC it has one decent 24bit dac in its rear channels for analog stereo output.

Used it before receiving the X-fi Fata1ty as a bday present

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Re: Looking for a hi-fi sound card

Thanks to everyone who responded. In case anyone’s wondering how the story ended - after seeing REW in action when Sonnie was here a couple of weeks ago, I decided I had to have it, so I ordered the Creative Sound Blaster MP3+ outboard soundcard it requires.

Didn’t take long to figure out that I could use it for my desktop when I wasn’t REWing – win, win! Don’t know if it’s considered “audiophile quality” or not, but it’s dead quiet, and with my Swans MS200 speakers it sounds as good as a CD player direct (a real one, not a portable). So I’m a happy camper, and it only cost $40 or so. As an added bonus, it also has digital ins and outs, should I ever need them.

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Re: Looking for a hi-fi sound card

I've been using this Juli@ soundcard from ESI, for two channel listening and ver yvery pleased with it
and now another dedicated two channel card which i have yet to open
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Re: Looking for a hi-fi sound card

Prodigy HD2 Gold sound card looks very promising, and I'm already willing to get one myself, but as far as I know this card currently available only for Korea and Japan markets, and I don't know how much longer I have to wait till it gets to Australia. (if it will at all).
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Re: Looking for a hi-fi sound card

Great thread!

I know I'm late on this one but I have learned a lot and got some great options. I think I will go with something below $200 myself Wayne. But those Lynx options look pretty sweet, maybe someday.

Now that Vista is out I plan on researching and testing out some of its advanced audio features.

Thanks for all the advice

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