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Re: Apple Home Sharing for Whole House A/V

if you're talking about the Plex App, haven't used it but i do use a lot of other apps for 'flinging' content from the iPad to ATV2's and Airports including Pandora, Hulu+ and others. With a strong wireless network there simply isn't another streaming config that has more available content from local storage to web content and streaming services. Once iPad mirroring hits in iOS5, it'll be end-game for all of the other streamers and HTPC's. For those with XFinity cable, their iPad app is unreal in what it can do. I'll be building an 8TB Nas shortly to start saving my BD soon as i add some more memory to my windows PC which i use for all of my ripping/encoding. Apple doesn't play nice with Blue ray.
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Re: Apple Home Sharing for Whole House A/V

I've been playing around with MakeMKV for a little while now. I'm impressed by the speed it goes through Blu-Rays and Blu-Ray .isos. And now I think I've gotten the hang of selecting what I want to keep and what I want to toss for a single file. My big problem right now is that I can't really do anything with them without transcoding. My PS3 and Tivos can play them but both transcoded via PS3 Media Player and PyTivoX respectively. A player that can natively handle a 1080p MKV would be nice but it's not in the budget for right now. Still, I may go ahead and start ripping more of them in preparation for having a better player.
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Re: Apple Home Sharing for Whole House A/V

Not sure if anyone is still monitoring this thread but I thought I would share my setup. I actually store all of my media on a custom built Windows Home Server 2011 machine. I would much rather use an Apple server but the WHS 2011 is actually very user friendly. It also has built a built in DLNA server so it pretty much serves media to all of my devices without any problems. I have the Plex Media server installed on it and that allows me to get to my media to my iOS devices out side of my home network. And I use Freemake Video Converter, as someone mentioned earlier, if I want to convert video to mp4 to transer to my iOS devices. All in all it works very well.

I have the latest Apple Airport Extreme connected to my high-speed broadband connection. In my living room I have a 58" Samsung Plasma HDTV. Connected to it I have a PS3, latest MacMini running Boxee, an Apple TV2, a GoogleTV and our DirecTV receiver. I also have an iPhone 4S, iPad 2, HP TouchPad, iPod Touch 4th Generation, and another GoogleTV in the bedroom connected to a 50" Samsung 3D HDTV. As you can see I love gadgets.

My goal is to convert everything to MP4 in hopes to simplify some of this. I am currently testing MyMovies and AnyDVD to rip my owned DVD collection to my WHS 2011 homeserver for storage. This is especially useful for my 5 year old son's movies so that he can stream them rather than scratch the discs.

Anyway, that is my setup as of right now. I really enjoyed reading through this thread. Very interesting to see how everyone else has their setups working!
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Re: Apple Home Sharing for Whole House A/V

Apple enthusiast here. Although I've been a Windows tech since the late 90s (less so in the last few years), I share the sentiment that I don't want to have to troubleshoot my system when I sit down to relax with my wife. That being said, I'm sure there are Windows-based media systems that are robust. Just not my cup of tea, I suppose.

I'm looking to replace my WDTV Live+ that I bought a couple years back. It's got some issues that have been getting worse and since WD has abandoned firmware updates and it's out of warranty it seems it's time to look around at a new media player.

My setup is three pronged:

1. Music: Macbook Air (running iTunes 11) hooked up to a Musical Fidelity V-Link asynchronous USB to SPDIF converter being fed into a Pioneer VSX-1020-K AVR.

2. Video Files: WDTV Live+ streaming files across network from 2TB "Air Disk" (formatted HFS+) hooked via USB to a latest Apple Airport Extreme gigabit router. This has worked well except for high bandwidth (Blu-ray) video files which I think is a limitation of the Live's processing power. The Airport Extreme will stream at full USB2 speed but the Live can't process it fast enough.

3. Streaming: 3rd gen Apple TV for Netflix, MLB, NHL, iTunes movies.

I just need to replace #2 for file playback across the network. It seems the best candidates for me (since I don't need 3D) are either a Mede8er 500X2 or Dune Smart H1. Leaning toward the Dune because of its "bulletproof" reputation. Plus I'd like to catch the last Blu-ray licensed solution (for playback of BR ISO's with menus) before it pulls out of the station for good. Any recommendations?

Overall, the Home Sharing model Apple has employed has worked well for me. The one big caveat being I don't use the Apple TV to listen to music or watch video. I use my iPhone or iPad to navigate iTunes on the MBA in another room using the Apple "Remote" app for playback in the living room over the coax digital input. The quality of such a wired connection is obviously more reliable and higher than WiFi streaming over Airplay. The latest update to the Remote app where you can edit the "upcoming" playlist allows you to entertain quite well without having to make a new playlist every time. Plus you have almost as much control over the library as you do from a computer now. A very nice update from Apple!

The shortcoming of the Apple model is the limited file types that can be streamed. Basically, if iTunes doesn't accept it, then you are screwed. That's why I rely on a media player device: cheaper than a Mac Mini or HTPC with less heat and electricity consumed. For such a narrow purpose (watching MKV, MP4, ISO, VOB primarily), it seems to fit my needs well.
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