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Re: Which DVD Ripping Software Is The Best?

KalaniP wrote: View Post
1) DVD Fab works just fine in the free mode, just for ripping, then use Handbrake (totally free) to convert. Two step process, true, but very reliable, and completely free. Updated versions of DVD Fab are released regularly, also free.
2) Canned scripts in Handbrake require little or no tweaking, but offer immense control if you wish to extract every last bit of quality. Both also work with BR discs, if you have a BR drive. (Leawo does have a BR option that's $10 more than the regular one, I see)

The quality of Handbrake conversions is second to none. Periodically, as technology changes (referring to BR only, as DVD tech doesn't change at this point), there is some lag before DVD Fab (free) is updated, so occasionally there is a wait before a particular disc can be processed. I'm ok with this because it's free... I would hope Leawo is as on-the-ball as the DVD Fab authors are, with updates. As one of the two industry leaders, I can depend on DVD Fab to be updated as needed, I don't know enough about the much smaller Leawo company to say the same.

But, the money is spent, so if you're happy with what you have, that's a good thing, as that's all that really matters.
The vesion of DVD Fab I downloaded included a 30 day free trial of all their products, which left a watermark on the converted files when using the DVD Ripper option. Looking at their site it sounds like the product I could have used was "DVDFab HD Decrypter" to convert the DVD to a VOB then use Handbrake to convert it from there. This is something I may use when I get a new computer.
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I use 1 click dvd copy pro and 1 click dvd to ipod by LG Software, i have been using these now for about 4 years and never had a problem with them.With them programs when i bought them, i got a dvd ripper program with them as a special buy. Its called " dvd rip" and came with the other two programs and it does a fantastic job of ripping dvds. One thing to note which is real important is i recently built my own computer and changed my email address and was permitted to register the same program on my new computer after some great support from the customer service at LG software. This is a paid version i am talking about and is well worth the money. No problems at all.

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Re: Which DVD Ripping Software Is The Best?

Have you tried Makemkv? I use it as I don't need menus and don't need to save as ISO file.
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Re: Which DVD Ripping Software Is The Best?

RTS100x5 wrote: View Post
DVD FAB rocks !!
I second that...have had it for years!!
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Re: Which DVD Ripping Software Is The Best?

I've been using AnyDVD HD for about a year now. It's been pretty solid for what it does, but I think DVD Fab has more features. There is a Mac version of DVD Fab too but I think it's not as fully fleshed out yet.
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SandraG69 wrote: View Post
Good evening everyone,
I have tried a couple of different programs, such as AnyDVD to rip my a few movies out of my collection but so far the output file has been jittery and unwatchable. I've tried different settings but the outcome is the same. I've recently bought a blu ray burner so I'm looking for a program that will rip both dvds and blu ray discs.

Thanks for all your help!
If your output file from anydvd is jittery then your problem lies elsewhere, most likely hardware, because anydvd does nothing to the outputted video file.
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Re: Which DVD Ripping Software Is The Best?

I use AnyDVD HD for encryption removal mainly. Recently I started using MakeMKV, but when it doesn't work I use AnyDVD HD + ClownBD and then use MKVMerge to make an MKV with chapters .
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Re: Which DVD Ripping Software Is The Best?

I would highly recommend MakeMKV, especially just for ripping, I ripped over 80 blu-rays from my collection without any issues to the hard drive, you dont have to worry about any copy protection, the fuss of using another software on top of that, plus its free. It makes an exact 1:1 copy will not lose any quality in either video or audio with all the chapters intact , except for the trailers/menu. It all plays flawlessly with the HD audio to the receiver from XBMC. Here's a how to if you're interested http://assassinhtpcblog.com/guide-ma...e-even-easier/

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Re: Which DVD Ripping Software Is The Best?

Another vote for MakeMKV
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Re: Which DVD Ripping Software Is The Best?

I use MakeMKV all the time. If by some reason or another MakeMKV can't rip the BD, I then use ClownBD + AnyDVD HD.
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