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Re: New Passive Radiators from Creative Sound

John Janowitz from Acoustic Elegance has been working on variable mass passive radiators where mass can be added from the front; a very nice feature, indeed. I'm not sure if Bob from CSS will be selling those as well (the existing CSS PR's are built by John).

Either way, it's about time some dependable large displacement passive radiators are available to the DIY market again.
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Re: New Passive Radiators from Creative Sound

Brian Cheney of VMPS uses some sort of putty type goo to allow his PRs to be tunable. I suppose you could do the same with any PR.

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Re: New Passive Radiators from Creative Sound

Sonnie wrote: View Post
Brian Cheney of VMPS uses some sort of putty type goo to allow his PRs to be tunable. I suppose you could do the same with any PR.
He uses Moretite, aka rope caulk. And claims the amount removed by pinching some under a fingernail has profound effects on the tuning......not!

His old school design, low excursion, resistively loaded PR's, work much differently compared to the modern design PRs being discussed here.
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Re: New Passive Radiators from Creative Sound


I think some are missing the boat here. Alot of big/giant sub fans here, thats quite obviouse.

Yup the easy loading variable mass tuning PR's that John J. designed and sold a few years back were nice. Also having a choice in SD-sizes & loading sizes were a nice plus. The new PR's Johns playing with & working on sound very interesting. Hope they do come forth now he back up and about to release his newest stuff in January. He selling some old/new stock Lambada IB drivers on the AE forum now in case some don't know with some great pricing.

Getting a bit off topic and back to the point, being CSS is about the only one offering long throw low fb PR's currently, at least their something out their. The foam surround dose not scare me. Foam has evolved a along way since the 80's. The TC's PR's very were nice but where do you find them anymore, aside from costing a ton.

As I understand things Pr'ed subs seem to work best using drivers with lower Fs's 20-Hz or lower, with a lowish Qts-.20 to .40 and a small/er Vas. This is where their benifit seems most desirable for those looking to get that extension, spl, and all in a smaller encloser.

EBS/LLT "is likely" the place where just buying another mega driver and having another big encloser is the smarter/better move. This assuming one dosen't mind & can handle another giant/large encloser.

I'm just starting to attempt to work on a quad PR based designed encloser now and bummed that the old Stryke 15" PR's are not around anymore, they'ed work nice. The new 18's from CSS are really likely more than I need. The 12" Pr's I've just located are border line for working well. Tho they have 22-mm one way linear (another 6-mm sus) but needing four and still not sure this will really work. Still tossing emails for more info & specs as he just found a few he thought were all gone. When these few are gone there will be no more period.

It's my first PR based encloser and a giant learning experience for me. Reading tons and simming is not the same as building it then fine tuning & listening. I'm a big mid/low Q-sealed fan, this project could end in a be a big let down. I certainly hope not tho.!

I'm now basically forced into a smaller cabinet for 2 drivers considering my other single driver rather large HT vented subs will be evntually sold, & (no don't want to go sealed & LT with the new sub). Looking at using two TC-12's in an opposed mount to be used aa a LCD/Plasma stand for my up-coming TV and just plain limited to a around 6-ft³ +/- internal volume. The key is I want to use drivers & a Amp or Amps that are just piling up in the house and not purchase anything new aside from PR's. I think from the numbers I currently have, that 4 of the 12" PR's and the dual TC-12's will get me their in time, I hope.

I want "everything opposed mounted to be sure the cab is dead from the natural canceling forces, hence the looking to do the all opposed mounting of drivers and PR's. Of course it also has to be nice looking when finished.

Time will tell, I have a good few months to work out all kinks. Might have to give the CSS PR's (two 18's) a try in the end.

Boy that turned out to be a long novel not a post.

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Re: New Passive Radiators from Creative Sound

I have installed eight of the 15" flat passive radiators similar to the CSS passives except for the color of the surrounds in my subwoofers and I had 8 other passive radiators from another project that I installed in my mains, giving me a total of 16 passive radiators in my front speakers. My subwoofer's tuning frequency is 20.4 hz, and the passives reduced the tuning of the mains' cabinets from 29hz to 23hz. There is a sharper rolloff with the passive radiators, but with the subs tuned to 20hz, they still go very low, especially with the movie explosions and other movie sounds. I have my subsonic filters set at 13hz.

For those of you who have never heard a good subwoofer using passive radiators, you need to find one and listen to it. The bass, IMHO, is smoother and has its own deeper and richer sounding bass. You don't hear port chuffing and internal cabinet resonances that can be heard through the port which, according to Vance Dickason, can be amplified by as much as ten times through the ports.

IMHO, Bob's CSS passive radiators are as good as they get.

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