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BWU paint white looks grey, advice needed

Hi all,

First let me introduce myself. I am Mark and I live in The Netherlands.

A few weeks ago I bought a projector (Optoma GT1070x short throw) and a standard white screen, also from Optoma. While this performs nicely in the evening with no ambient light, the screen looks dull during the day. It helps a lot closing the curtains to block off direct ambient light but I know it can do better.

That's when I stumbled on this amazing site an read up on the Black Widow Ultra paint. Last week I ordered the ingredients and mixed up a batch.

3 parts RAL 7038 with 1 part AAA-F (the new stuff).

I painted a small MDF test sample with it, let it dry for 30 minutes and tried it out. What I saw was that the blacks were indeed a much deeper black than before. They look so much better! So far so good.

But On the other side all the colors are also darker including the white. It's not actually bright white anymore, as it is with the white screen, but it looks grey and dull. It is far more noticeable on a fully white background, for instance a windows explorer screen, than it is with a movie.

Is it supposed to be like this (white turning grey) or did I go wrong somewhere along the process?

I really like the deeper blacks, especially during the day, but the muddy greyish whites I am not a big fan off.

Before ruining my white screen I would really like to pick your DIY veterans brains about this matter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Re: BWU paint white looks grey, advice needed

Hello Mark!

Yes, it's suppose to look that way because there are no magic formulas which can deepen the blacks and raise the whites so much for a wow responding to the human eye. Black Widow Ultra does a good job with the blacks but still remains a gray paint. That means that your whites will be affected as well although the aluminum factor will trying to raise up your gain. So at the end, it's a matter of preferences and options. If you think that colors are dull, you can go with a lighter mix, but your blacks will not be the same anymore.

I would suggest to give it a try and then come up with your final decision.
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Re: BWU paint white looks grey, advice needed

I am going to be taking the PJ plunge I hope in the next 2 years. However from what I can tell you need a very controlled environment for a PJ. I think you can achieve a great experience but I think its rather fruitless effort to get the PJ working good in a room with ambient light and in the same room at night. If you watch sports during the day as your main reason for having a PJ optimize for the experience. If you mostly watch movies at night optimize for that experience. Trying to balance both may leave you frustrated.
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Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate the input.

Unfortunately I have the worst kind of environment for running a projector. I have white walls, a white sealing a beige floor and curtains that do a poor job at blocking light.
Although The environment might be far from optimal, the picture still looks quite nice with the curtains closed.

I decided to leave my white screen for what it is at the moment. But since I already have the paint I might as well make a smaller screen from MDF for my game room just to satisfy my curiosity and DIY urges 😃.
If it doesn't work out I can always paint it plain white and nothing will be wasted.

I Should be done with making the screen in about a week or so, maybe two. When it's done I will post my findings for those that are interested.
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I finished building my new screen this weekend and it turned out pretty nice. Blacks are definitely darker and I don't even notice the whites becoming a bit more grey because I don't have a direct comparison.

It still does a poor job as a daylight screen though and I still need to close the curtains or the colors wash out. All in all a slight improvement compared to my store bought screen so I am happy with it. It will be a nice upgrade for the man cave / game room

Thanks again for the help.
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