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Frame or no frame around the screen?

I have all too much enjoyed viewing movies lately, meaning I havn't finished my frame for the screen even though I bought the material some months ago.

I would like some input on how people think the frame affects the percieved image, as opposed to not having their screen framed.

I have now begun to work on finishing the frame, it will seem more like a real screen with a frame, but I wonder how it will affect the percieved projected image.

On one hand it creates a distance or margin to the wall, perhaps that helps the pervieved contrast of the image?

On the other hand it will also introduce a truly black surface next to the image, a shade that atleast not my PJ has a hope of matching in blacklevels. Perhaps that will in some way ruin the percieved blacklevel of I get something that dark to compare it with?

So, frame or no frame around your DIY screen, pros and cons?
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Re: Frame or no frame around the screen?

I don't have a screen myself but have seen them with and without i would go for the frame, i think it gives a more theatery feel (if thats even a word).
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Re: Frame or no frame around the screen?

Adding a frame made a big difference to my screen and as mentioned already it hides the edge of the projected image. My HD20 has a very small grey band around the edge of the image which was annoying but with the border you cant see.
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Re: Frame or no frame around the screen?

I got the frame finished yesterday and it really gave the image a push, 16:9 material looks really good now!
2.35:1 looks ok but I would really like to mask the borders, don't know how though.
But then again, ones I am immersed in the movie I don't really notice the unmasked borders...

The frame also made the screen look more authentic, looks like a real screen now and not just a rectangular painted area on the wall!

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Re: Frame or no frame around the screen?

I bought my velvet over a year ago and have not gotten around to building the frame. Partly because I am lazy, and partly because I am nervous about doing a good job, how to hang it, will it sag, will I screw up my screen in the process, etc.

Any pictures of the frame build process and/or finished result? What did you use for your frame?

Screen shots from my HT (featuring Elektra DIY screen paint).
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Re: Frame or no frame around the screen?

1canuck2 wrote: View Post
I bought my velvet over a year ago and have not gotten around to building the frame. Partly because I am lazy, and partly because I am nervous about doing a good job, how to hang it, will it sag, will I screw up my screen in the process, etc.

Any pictures of the frame build process and/or finished result? What did you use for your frame?
I will try to get a picture but this is what I did and if you take your time it will come out great. How big is your screen number 1. I used I think its 3/4 x 2 1/2 mdf from home depot in a different aisle than the wood moulding or it at least it was, its flat its not like window moulding if u know what I mean, the edges are slightly rounded, if u are gonna wrap it with syfabrics velvet and I cannot tell you the difference if you do that meaning what a difference it makes. The only issue was I have a 110" screen, they did not make a 10' in that mdf moulding at the time they made it in 3 1/4 though which would look better but my screen is under a tray ceiling and the 3 1/4 would not work for me. So I bought four 8' pieces. I have a joiner so cut my side pieces mitered corners and spliced a piece in from what was left over to make the top and bottom the length I needed. My screen is 96" by 54" so when u miter the corners u are short which is why I had to do the splice and since I was going to wrap it did not matter about the splice. The mdf will be straight no issues with warping and its pretty inexpensive but again if your using the 3 1/4 you can find a 10 footer and not splice anything.

Mine was a reused frame sprayed flat black, the mdf is white to be safe even if I was going to wrap it would spray it flat black first cheapest paint u can find. Look for the thread that MM did on how to wrap the frame in velvet, if you a do a search u will find it, its on the avs forum but a google will lead you to it. This is the best part, cut your four pieces and wrap them. Then put them up one at a time, I started at the top as I wanted it level with my moulding not level because I wanted it to be straight to the eye. I had crown so took my 4' level which is 2 1/4 inch wide and put it at the bottom of the crown and put the top piece against it so the eye would see it as perfectly level against the crown and the crown is not perfectly level never is. Don't go crazy with the finish nails and this is a 2 or 3 person job, I have a trim gun and still had 2 people helping me. Shot the top piece, took a large right angle square and laid it on top of the top piece so the right side would be straight. Top piece use 5 nails max, side pieces maybe 3, probably hit 2 studs on the top rest just shot into the sheetrock at an angle its enough to hold them up. So know I have the top piece in, right side in, here is why you need 2 people besides yourself. You need to have one person holding the left side piece with another person holding the bottom so they butt together perfectly you hold the right side of the bottom piece another person is on the left helping with the bottom piece and making sure the left side butts together. This ensures everything lines up, nice about the velvet is the mitered corners because they are wrapped in velvet come out perfectly when butted at each corner. I used the syfabrics triple velvet really nice stuff. For a 110" screen 3 yards could do a few frames so if you got a buddy doing one you could split it.

Actually they might of made the 2 1/4 in a 10' length but I am cheap on some things so I might have decided why spend the extra money for a 10' piece when I knew the scrap from cutting the sides with an 8' piece would be plenty to splice in the top and bottom pieces. 96" so u need 101" when u miter, 54" so u need 59" when u miter so see what I mean about whats left over to bring the 96" to 101. Think it was under 20 bucks for the frame, 28 bucks for the syfabrics velvet actually bought it from their ebay store was a few bucks cheaper than buying it from them direct so u have a beautiful frame for under 50 bucks, the 3 1/4 would be more and here is the best part, cause u shot it one piece at a time, say in a few years u want to try a different screen paint just pull it down one piece at a time repaint and stick it back up, that is why u do not want to hit every stud as u may want to do that down the road.
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