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Question Oh No! Roller marks – Assistance/Guidance Requested

I have a surface finish issue with my screen that I can see as variations of reflectivity. It looks like you are watching a TV cleaned with a filthy shop towel. I am hoping for some guidance to remedy this

This is what I have and the painting history of my screen:

• I have a 125” floating stretched canvas screen over a wooden frame that I have rolled with BW.
• The BW mix is ½ and ½ super flat and eggshell mix for the Bermuda beige.
• I am painting the canvas on the frame lying flat on the garage floor.
• I cannot keep the canvas tight enough for it not to stretch while rolling, and due to the stretch and the pressure of the rolling, I get an unsatisfactory finish that requires a final rollover for the coat I am painting. I am doing a vertical roll with no pressure on the roller for this final roll.
• I re-stretched the canvas before my most recent coat.
• I am using a ¼” nap (non-foam) roller.
• The last coat I did I cut the paint with 10% water and the max recommended amount of Floetrol. This gave me the best results so far, but not acceptable.
• I currently have almost 2 gallons of paint on this canvas between the ¾ gallons of primer the canvas soaked up over a required 3 coats and the 6-7 coats of finish paint from chasing roller marks.

I am looking for possible options for remedying my mark issue. I have adequate paint on the screen and seem to be fighting a finish issue. With that being said, I have considered the following and or combination (in order of my preferences):

1. Switching from BW made with super flat & eggshell to just a super flat.
2. Doing an additional roll job like the my most recent, but with the paint heavily thinned with water to keep it flowing after my final vertical roll.
3. Buying a latex electric spray gun and reshooting a final coat (though I’ve never used spray gun).
4. Having a professional painter spray a final coat.
5. Pulling the canvas from the frame and roll painting on the floor (I’m worried about the paint cracking as I remove it due to the thickness of the many coats)

Any thoughts/feedback on my ideas, or others?

In hindsight I would have done a different screen but as this is what I have, I would like to get it too work. I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks for your feedback and let me know if I can provide an additional information

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Re: Oh No! Roller marks – Assistance/Guidance Requested

Changing from a super flat/eggshell combo to just super flat probably wouldn't make too much difference, but I guess you would never know for sure unless you tried it.

From your description of the problem I don't know if you are seeing roller marks or a texture difference in the canvas itself. Either way I think the best fix would be to sand the screen until you get an even texture over the entire surface and then to spray the paint on using some form of HVLP sprayer. Popular electric systems are the Wagner CS (hard to find), the Wagner CS DD (sold by Lowe's, Home Depot and Wal-Mart), and the Graco model HV2900. Refurbished Graco units are available on ebay for $39.99 with free shipping! The Graco model is made by Earlex in the U.K. and are good units with metal nozzles and spray needles (the Wagner units use plastic). The Graco unit has the benefit of having the air turbine as a separate unit so the "gun" is quite a bit lighter in weight than the Wagner models where everything is contained in one unit.
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Re: Oh No! Roller marks – Assistance/Guidance Requested

I"m a master with a rattle can ... how tricky is picking up the skill to spray with a Graco?

and as a follow up, I don't think it's canvas related as the marks locations vary with a new coat. ..and there is so much paint on the canvas I don't think the canvas could have much of an effect.

I think my issue is texture related to the time of the initial paint application and the final roll (rolling the paint, doing the edges, getting adequate paint down, and then doing the final roll to smooth everything out). It seems like the paint is starting to dry due to the delay in getting the paint down and getting the final rolling done.
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Re: Oh No! Roller marks – Assistance/Guidance Requested

It sounds like you had an application problem with uneven roller pressure. With uneven roller pressure I am sure you have uneven finish thickness and finish coverage is sporadic. Your screen might look like it is covered but a light source will probably shine through the screen in areas and streaks.

Spraying is an easy way to make sure you have not missed anything. Another roller technique is to use a sheet of plywood shimmed to the height of your screen thereby allowing you to apply any amount of roller pressure when applying a paint finish onto your screen. The piece of plywood (or any clean/oil free flat surface) can be almost any size. Two to three times the width of your roller might be a minimum size. Then just move the screen over your backer board as you roll your way across the screen.

If you look under "quick links" above menu bar I believe you will find a link to several discussion threads on screen size, finish, color and applications. These are not simply discussions some of these threads require college level Physics and chem. seriously though you can find answers to questions you didn't know you had..., like the best color for your projector and the least expensive mix you can buy locally at the Depot etc.

We believe everything we tell ourselves..., don't we??
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