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A quick removable screen for movie night

I am on the 1 year plan to a happy home theater .

The end goal is an acoustically transparent screen using material from Seymour AV. I didn't want to shell out for the nice material before I was sure of some basics: how big should the screen be? what is the right height? etc.

So I decided to put together a temporary screen using these instructions: http://www.seymourav.com/articles/DI...FrameGallo.pdf

I have done a fair amount of woodworking but I always use hardwood. The first issue I hit was framing lumber is anything but straight! After ripping a 2x12 it bowed up and down... crazy!

So I had to face glue the pieces and rip again:

Then I cut the profile. I did it a little differently from the plans because I did not want the screen to be flush with the back of the frame:

I then installed the window screen track and wrapped it in velvet from SY Fabrics. By the way they shipped fast and the material works great!

For a temporary screen material I used blackout cloth from Jo Anns. The cost was ~14$ with a coupon .

105" is the maximum I thought I could do with the height of the material and the amount of boarder my frame needed. And in fact I should have trimmed an extra 1/2" inch off the vertical to give me some more working room when tensioning.

As this is a "temporary" arrangement I needed a way to place the screen in front of my plasma:

The screen is mounted on a pair of simple frames:

It has a small shelf the screen rests on and some rare earth magnets embedded in the frame. I screwed some metal plates to the back of the frame for the magnets to grab onto:

The end product:

I also needed a place to store the screen when not in use. So I made some simple brackets that are very similar to the frame but mounted directly to the wall:

All in all I am pretty happy with the end result. Some random thoughts:
  • The velvet is great because it lets you zoom the image out a hair and the light just disappears leaving a perfect rectangle.
  • 105" feels huge from 9' away.
  • 33" off the ground feels too high and puts a crick in my neck.
  • Minor wrinkles visible in the screen in the day do not seem to affect the performance when in use.
  • I have no complaints about using blackout cloth as a screen material (if you don't need/want AT).
  • The difference between one 60w light on and no lights on is significant for projector performance.
  • Why aren't all remotes back-lit?
  • Netflix streaming looks much better then DVD (a surprise to me!)
  • 1080p blu-ray looks amazing on a 105" screen
  • 720p ATSC TV looks pretty good too.
  • The magnet attachment system works well! It is stable against bumps but still fast/easy to remove/attach.
  • Use the longest metal corner braces you can get when screwing the frame together. Even then a frame this size without bracing is very wobbly.
Thanks for reading!
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Re: A quick removable screen for movie night

Very ingenious mate - nicely done!
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Re: A quick removable screen for movie night

Nicely done. You do have some wood working skills. I love wood working.

~There are many roads to nirvana, while the ultimate goal is the destination, don't forget to enjoy the ride~
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Re: A quick removable screen for movie night

Agreed! Thats great work. I love the woodworking you did its very clean.

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Re: A quick removable screen for movie night

Thanks for taking the time to post your build. I always find other people's
project informative. I've got a couple projects on deck myself that I should
probably take the time to post. (DIY Audio panels, homemade component
cabinet, etc)

What kind of table saw do you have? I always run into issues with lumber not being straight.
Right now I have a Miter saw and a circular saw that I make the best of. But I know
that if I ever want to make more intricate pieces I need to get a good table saw.
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Re: A quick removable screen for movie night

On woodworking forums my "shop" aka garage seems pretty meager. But on ht forums it is a relatively well equipt shop . The saw is a sawstop ICS. I bought it used but in fine condition. It is a wonderful saw, no complaints except for the price.

I have a planer and jointer also and usually don't have any problem straightening out wood. And I am used to hardwood closing in on the cut a tad but I was not prepared for the crazy reaction I got when I ripped the 2x12!!

By the way please do post your acoustic panel build. Hopefully I will get there by the end of the summer.
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