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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

Spuddy wrote: View Post
7 layers, eh? I like the way you guys think

I'm done half of coat #4 right now, and I can say right now that it's gonna be at least 1 or 2 more, though not with a foam brush anymore- Somehow I've forgotten that my dad has a crazy good laquer spraying system for his custom cabinetry business, so I'm gonna see about teaching myself some to spray the finish on. I don't know how many coats that will equate to, but it should make for an awesome mirror-smooth finish if I can learn it correctly on the first or second try. We'll see what happens
Well that would explain it - I guess you inherited your veneering abilities!

Res non sententia.
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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

Ha, guess so To save on a lot of cleanup and waiting for my dad to be done with his gun, I decided to just get a can of spray polyurethane and give that a shot. I don't know how many layers this is the equivilent of, but we can all rest assured of poly's crassitude knowing that I emptied the entire 11.5 ounces in the can on top of the 4 thick layers of brushed on urethane applied prior

It's not completely shiny right now (I believe it dried slightly too quickly due to being in the sunlight while I sprayed it on) so I'm letting the cabinet sit and cure for a week, at which point I'll follow through with progressively finer wet sandings up to 2,000 grit, then finalize the surface transparency with some quality finishing polish. Sooo until then, I have a couple of other things I need to catch up on (like fiberglassing my car hood.. the DIY's just don't end!), and I'll be back in about a week with some finished speaker pictures
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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

Very nice work, Spud! That will give your speakers a totally custom look!! Can't wait to see it after a few more coats of clear. Pretty much the more you do, the better it looks (within reason).

- OJ -
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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

Thanks OJ, should be any day now- It smells completely cured at this point, so now I'm just waiting for the micro sandpaper I ordered on eBay to get here and I'll be all over it
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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

looking very good,,

if you spray outside try to move the unit into a cooler area for more set time,,

always use a good tack rag just prior a coat to assure no debris is left on the surface,,

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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

Very nice work..... with having access to a workshop and skills behind you like you do, you should think about building your own speakers.... there are lots of great designs, the Dynamic 4T's are sexy, especially if you go the way Dougie085 did with a curved cabinet.

Here is a link to his photobucket showing the pics... He modified the original design, which IMO is beautiful.

I'll bet if you sold those Polks, they would pay for the entire build and have speakers that rivaled ones costing $5000 or more...
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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

WOW, I love that bubinga. Absolutely beautiful! Very nice work.
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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

Thanks again everyone for the ideas and compliments, and sorry about the wait on final pics- I was told 4-5 days shipping on eBay for my micro-grit sandpaper, so I figured ordering that way instead of going to the store would be the best way to make sure I have enough patience (I have a hard time looking at something that's getting sanded later and not just doing it NOW ) to do it right.

So two weeks later this stuff still hasn't arrived.. If it isn't in tomorrow I'll just drive to the store, but man this is frustrating

As for building speakers from scratch, I've built sub cabinets before in my mid-teen years and will be putting together my rotary sub (which is completely from scratch, driver and all) when I finally have some time to dedicate again, but entering the world of crossovers and driver matching is something that will take a lot of time (I'm verrrry all or nothing, even for someone with Asperger's Syndrome ) and I still have to rebuild my Impreza's engine before Fall for higher boost from the blower I slapped on it last year, which is of course yet another thing I'll be teaching myself as I go along haha. I love the idea of making all my own speakers, but it really just isn't a realistic goal to try and meet at this particular point in life
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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone- I am a perfectionist to the highest degree with anything artistic, and being as busy as I have been lately I simply haven't had the time available to be that fastidious, and therefore haven't done anything at all. I am currently looking at buying a house in a rural zone with a completely underground basement (higher SPL levels in the theater, anyone? ) and working tons of overtime to make the bills for it, so it's safe to say I am unable to veneer & polish my whole setup right now and in the near future. Bear with me for a couple of months though, and my Klipsch's getting a facelift will be only one of many theater improvement to look forward to
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Re: First time veneering! (African Bubinga on Klipsh)

It's already been said, but beautiful.. and I understand the patience thing. I just picked up a project that I'd dropped over a year ago. I don't recommend waiting that long, but don't rush yourself either.
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(african , bubinga , klipsh) , time , veneering!

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