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Re: Ribbon Midrange in a 3way design: Good idea?

The Dayton mid is not a bad mid, especially for the money. But keep in mind, it won't cover the actual "mid-range". It won't play low enough to do that. So let's say you cross it over at 900Hz so as not to add a crossover in the actual mid-range and 2.5kHz. You are barely covering 1 and 1/2 octaves. So you have to ask yourself if it is worth it and what benefit will there be? Will it be worth the cost and complexity that it will add to the crossover?

The Dayton tweeter that you listed is too all to use as a single tweeter. It would have too limited of a vertical dispersion. The only application I see for it is a line source.

The Fountek is an okay tweeter as well, but not something that I'd personally choose. I wouldn't even want my audio signal to pass through the steal screws that they use for connectors.

Also keep in mind that you can't just grab a tweeter and throw it into a wave guide. Chances are about 95% that the response will be a mess. And with the one that you posted a part number to I can guarantee you throat cancellation effects. Wave guides have to be designed and built per each tweeter. And what works great on one tweeter can make a mess of the response on another.
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Re: Ribbon Midrange in a 3way design: Good idea?

I found a DIY kit from the same web site which is authorized to sell the BG Neo in Europe (actually they have an anaechoic chamber and work together with Sony) and a review from a prestige Magazine in Germany. They refer to the kit as a very open, almost unheard-revealing speakers. The audax in turn have been on he scene for 35 years and seem to be a respectable company, as loudspeakers from other companies are being there developed and so on. I am sold on the BG Neo10+Neo3. Here is the kit:


It is 1069 Euro with 2x 8-inch custom Usher woofers and X-Over. It is too expensive though. I played with the REW a little bit, I am gonna order the miniDSP UMIK-1 mike and will design the X-Over with your help myself There isn't a rear plate on the Mid-Cab, only solid layers of damping material from Polyester. X-Over points are 300Hz and 3kHz.

I'll come back as soon I have something going on with the delivery of the Neos. Besides the autors of the review for this Kit say it reaches the performance and quality of the 20000+ Euro speakers. It depends how good the X-Over will be though. It will cost me 110Euro for the Neo 3 and 280Euro for the Neo10. From the woofer side i didnt decide yet, i think something like 6,5 Seas Excel or a Accuton driver.

My Builds:
RE AUDIO SE 10 F3-25Hz in 1.8cu ft http://www.hometheatershack.com/foru...-finish-9.html

Accuton/ Mundorf 2-Way mains: http://www.hifi-forum.de/index.php?a...267&thread=490

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Re: Ribbon Midrange in a 3way design: Good idea?

They missed the boat on that design in a few areas. They added too much surface reflections around the Neo drivers. That will actually cause a bump in the response of the Neo 10 that the crossover then has to correct. They also failed to separate the front to back wave, and that keeps the Neo 10 from playing down low enough. So the crossover gets pushed up too high into the mid-range. That's not good.

Also, the MiniDSP is a fun tool to play with but sounds absolutely horrible. The D/A conversion is equivalent to a $49 CD player from Walmart. There is a reason they are sold so cheap. They are cheap! The parts quality is the bottom of the barrel. If you want to suck the life right out of the music then that will do it.

What you need below the Neo 10's are fast bass drivers. And while the Accuton is great all around driver it is not a driver one would choose for 200Hz and down. The Seas Excel is just a problematic mid-bass driver that doesn't sound very well. I wouldn't use it in anything if I could help it.

It is also very hard to match the speed of the Neo 10 with anything. The only way I can see making it work was with servo control. For a non-servo controlled woofer consider using 4 series paralleled mid-bass woofers (5.25" to 6.5" woofers) in a sealed box and let the first octave and a half be handled by external subs. Look for light weight paper based woofers with low moving mass.
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Re: Ribbon Midrange in a 3way design: Good idea?


I read the article about your idea for a 3 way system with the use o the B&G Neo8-S, here is a pic of my system, not completely finished, but absolutely very good sounding, the sound is very 3 dimensional and fast, the advantage of a dipole system, the only (little) minor side, it can not sound as loud as a PA system, but loud enough for a livingroom, i used the REW5 software to measure the system, it needed very little tampering, I use a digital active crossover, totally changed to suit my system, passive output and built in 6 way preamp and discrete PSU instead of the switching, that came with the unit, it drives 3 (very old) Kenwood poweramps, 2 M1's fot the satellite and 1 M2 for the Disub subwoofer (in the middle).
So the complete sysytem is a dipole system, including the subwoofer.

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