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Doug Plumb
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Re: Speaker project ideea...some suggestions

Canadian eh ? Me too.

Doug Plumb
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Re: Speaker project ideea...some suggestions

I agree wholeheartedly with post #5,Im using active crossovers because I know I could not achieve anything near the same performance if I had tried to design my own passives.

Doug with your RPlusD you have placed a wonderful tool in the hands of DIYers.With it and the DCX 2496 and some good drivers one could make themselves a very nice active system.
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Re: Speaker project ideea...some suggestions

axlstyle wrote: View Post
yep. exactly ! i just bought a one-way subwoofer crossover (120hz, 400w, 12dB/oct)...and there are no layouts on the components. i tought i could make another one for cheaper just by buying the components....but i can't
it's nice, were i live in montreal-canada, there's an electronic shop, like partsexpress, but much cheaper, and with good products, like the sub crossover that i got for 10 bucs.
Just a note, in this field, you often get what you pay for. a 10$ crossover will sound... well, 10$.
If you ever decide to go passive on that future crossover of yours,
better get quality parts to get your "great sound quality".
Ive worked with both cheap and expensive passive crossovers, and the difference in rendering is stellar.
In canada, I suggest this place ---> www.solen.ca
They can design a good passive crossover for your drivers, and sell you the parts, but it will cost you more, as you should expect. If your project ends up using good drivers, it's worth it IMHO.

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Re: Speaker project ideea...some suggestions

Axl, I'd agree with a few of the posts that picking up the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook would be a great investment, especially the cheap version. I ordered it when I wanted to start my own speaker project, and I learned a TON while reading it (I read through it all before I started anything, and mostly what I learned was how little I knew and understood about drivers and crossovers and their interaction). But I ended up choosing a design from the book to build as my first non-sub project, and the pre-designed crossover worked great. You can check the link to my DIY rear surround in my sig if you're interested in the construction.

I know it can be a bit discouraging when you have grand ideas in mind, and then find that your original plans won't work, but don't let it get you down, just use it as an excuse to learn a little bit more and take a look at some of the other already designed speaker projects on this and other forums. There have been some great ones, both big and small, and I bet you'll find one that interests you.

- OJ -
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Re: Speaker project ideea...some suggestions

I have built several speakers and many subwoofers over the last several years and I would not even consider designing a speaker for my first project or any other project If you want a good speaker system that has been tried and tested check out these designs. Designing a crossover is harder than people would lead you to believe

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Re: Speaker project ideea...some suggestions

My first speakers were Adire kits, so the design burden was taken off of me. My current open baffle project is my first "ground up" speaker, although I've tested a lot of drivers and designs in the process.

BoomieMCT has made about 7 "from scratch" speaker designs, so hopefully he'll chime in more on crossover design here.

there is no magic in it, you just need to be prepared to take one of two approaches:
1) Plan, plan, plan, test, tweak, and (hopefully) done
2) Plan, test, replan, test, replan, test, tweak, and done.

Unfortunately you can't just wire up any driver with any crossover components and be done. There's definitely a trial and error approach to it, or at least a measure-model-build then trial and error to get it right. I happen to like the simulation aspect of it, I know BoomieMCT likes the trial and error aspect (we live close by, so we've both helped on projects).

So if you're up for the adventure -- go for it. Otherwise, there's no shame in starting with a kit and seeing how it takes off.
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Re: Speaker project ideea...some suggestions

Yeah, what Anthony said!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, making your own crossovers is definately not impossible. It does take some understanding of the principles involved as well as the patience to do some trial and error. You have to be willing to not get the answer on the first try. It also helps to do some simple test builds first to get your knowledge base and experience up. I've built many speakers I didn't need just because I wanted to test out a concept to understand it better.

I'd say the minimum equipment is some kind of simulation program to get started (I tend to use FRD Consortium products but there are others) and some kind of microphone to test your results. I started with a Radioshack SPL meter which I used to take manual measurements, now I have a Behringer mike that plugs into my computer and I use Room EQ wizard. Adding simple acoustic treatments to your test area helps a lot too. I make a habit of buying extra crossover componants every time I make a parts order so I have stuff on hand to play around with. Contrary to what Anthony said I do model designs on the computer before building them, I just put a lot more faith (and enjoyment) in the testing and evaluation process. I've also learned to trust what makes my ear happy more than what comes out in a FR.

For people who don't want to commit the time for testing and evaluation and money for testing gear (or don't have the right mindset to enjoy the process) I'd suggest kits or using other's plans.
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