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Sub build Q's (old Kicker Solo baric) 10"

Okay - lemme start off by saying thanks for any/all advice. I assume most will be to STOP and rethink what I'm proposing... but my budget is small (roughly zero) and I have all parts on hand so I figure why not build something to hold me over until my budget grows?

My current system consists of an older Onkyo Receiver (I can get specs/model number later if it matters). Hooked up to it are a Bose set of speakers (I assume some level of disdain for Bose and add them for folks to gauge my current system)
Front - 301's series IV
Center - VCS10
Rears - V100's

What I have that is sitting gaining dust (I'd prefer to keep it vs. sell because I feel the amp and JBLs are nicer quality than the rest of my system):
Electro-Voice 7100 (2 channel amp)
JBL Control 25's
Kicker S10L5

My thought was to replace the rear speakers with the JBLs and build an enclosure for the Kicker and power it with the EV7100? I can build anything out of wood/MDF with a full wood shop at my disposal, and have considerable pressure from the wife to KEEP IT SMALL. She in no way, wants a monster 3+ cubic foot box sitting in our smaller living room. I should also state that I do not have the ears for appreciating differences between some really expensive systems and my old okayish system, nor do I have the interest to push major funds that way. I'd rather take the kids to Disneyland or on a world trip to Europe?

The plan: waffling between a lager 13x12x30 ported box to hide at the bottom of our book shelf OR building a 1 cubic foot sealed box and set the sub up down firing integrated into a coffee table (both volumes and port designs would be per the Kicker owners manual). I was going to set up the EV amp and have that power the sub/box. The receiver has a sub output RCA. I've purchased the 3 Pin connector/RCA cable to connect the EV amp to the Sub Output and just need to build the box at this point.

Here's the Kicker specs for their 10" L5 from ~ 2005 era:
Nominal Impedance [Zn], ohm [per coil]: 2 or 4
Resonance Frequency [fs], Hz: 34.9
Sensitivity [SPLo], dB @ 1W, 1m: 86.5
Effective Piston Area [Sd], in2 (m2): 68.05
Power Handling Watts, Peak (RMS): 900
Effective Frequency Range, Hz: 24-100
Effective Excursion [EXmax™], in (mm): .51
DC Resistance [Re], ohm [coils in series]: 7.1
Voice Coil Inductance [Le], mH: 5.9
Voice Coil Diameter [d], in (mm): 2 (50.8)
Voice Coil Length [h], in (mm): 1.36 (34.5)
Mechanical Q-Factor [Qms]: 10.764
Electrical Q-Factor [Qes]: .523
Total Q-Factor [Qts]: .499
Force Factor [BL], Tm: 22.38
Equivalent Volume [Vas], ft3 (L): 1.19 (33.75)
Moving Mass [Mms], oz (g): 5.93 (168.2)
Net Displacement, in3 (cc): 97.7 (1601)
Outer Frame Dimension, in (cm): 10 11/16 (27.1)
Mounting Depth, in (cm): 6 (15.2)
Magnet Weight, oz (kg): 77.25 (2.19)

I can also provide the specs for teh EV amp - though nearly all of it looks like hieroglyphics to me.
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That amp can do 260w at 8ohm if you bridge it. Won't bridge to 4ohm. Will provide 145w per channel 4ohm. That sub may have dual 4ohm voice coils best case or dual 2ohm. Assuming 4ohm voice coils...Since the amp is not 2ohm stable, you will need to run the drivers voice coils in series to your amp.

English translation: your either going to get 260w using the whole amp, both channels or you are stuck using a single channel good for 145w to power your sub.

How big is your room?
Do you want to try to do the shelf sub you mentioned? (Could get really boomy and one note sounding) or freestanding our in the room? Can you borriw a sub a do a sub crawl (put sub in your seat and crawl aroIn either case, what are the max dimensions that the wife will accept?

The data sheet shows 2.25 cuft 3" x11" x 18" long port. It doesn't state what tuning that is though, which is important when thinking about Home vs. Car requirements. We need to model the driver in winisd next. I would recommend a tuning between 18-28hz. You'll likely end up on the high end of that spectrum.
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Re: Sub build Q's (old Kicker Solo baric) 10"

Thanks! The sub does in fact have dual coils... though I'm unsure if its dual 2 or dual 4. My plan was to wire it in series and use the full amps power output. The Kicker Manual shows (connecting Pos 1 to the Pos Amp and Neg 1 to Pos 2 and Neg 2 to Neg Amp)?

One more Q on the receiver output... should I assume the center sub output on the Onkyo has a crossover control or some other limiter for higher frequencies? I can get a cross over to cut off highs OR is there a simple way to check the receiver output. I fumbled through the Onkyo manual and didn't see anything that listed frequencies per channel.

I was going to try for the Kicker Manual recommendation for Street or Deep Base - between 1.75 and 2.25 ft^3. They say that volume + port displacement. Does anyone know what that means? I assume I'd just figure the volume of my box and remove the volume of the wood used in the port. The Kicker Manual says the effective range for mine is 24-100 htz. I'd prefer the balance of low notes and minimal size... obviously a trade off between the 2 at some point.

The living room is long and narrow @ ~ 11' X 26' with an additional 5' of width about 1/2 down the length. Picture a backwards L. The home theater sits at the top of the backwards L with the TV, front and center all along the wall. The 2 rear speakers sit at the very back wall and seating is placed roughly midway in the room. Total area is 358 sq ft with (I believe) 9' ceilings. Its an older brick home with 1 exterior solid brick wall where the rear speakers are attached and the remaining living room walls are old 1" thick plaster.

I have an unused space next to the bookcase at the front of the room that is roughly 3' X 3' X 16" that I was planning on using for the end table/sub box location. I'm leaning towards hiding it in an end table as we currently have no usable surface there for drinks or remotes. I purchased some Beech wood for the shell. I was a bit concerned about the table vibrating on our laminate flooring and planed to use some form of padding if it did manage to jump on the hard floor.

Thanks for the help and direction!
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Re: Sub build Q's (old Kicker Solo baric) 10"

Update. The sub does in fact have dual 4 ohm voice coils. I built a box over the weekend that is 16x16x18 interior dimensions with a port that is 3x7x26 with a right angle at the 16 inch area. Its sealed and I purchased this crossover which is secured inside the box... Its a 120 htz crossover.

I made legs to stand it 3 inches off the floor to give the down firing room to breath. Primer is drying and I should have pics up for folks to check out tomorrow. I used the leak stop spray "as seen on TV" type stuff to seal the inside. I'm thinking of using some all thread and can locks to brace the sides but figured I'd test sound first.
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