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Finnished Rythmik DS1200

This is my first DIY attempt. I was looking for something that would be really simple to build, but would still perform well. After doing a lot of research I decided to go with the Rythmik DS1200 kit, which is basically the same as the old DS12 kit, only with the new DS1200 driver. Brian from Rythmik said that the drivers are almost identical, the biggest difference is that they are made by different companies. I went with the PEQ amp that has the ability to switch from a variable 12db/oct x-over to a fixed 24db/oct x-over at 80 or 50 hz. This feature has been VERY usefull so far. I havnt had enough time to mess around with the EQ much, but it seems like it will be a nice feature once I get some time to play with it.

As soon as I got the driver and amp from Rythmik and got them out of the box I thought they looked really good. The driver looked nice and beefy, and both the driver and amp looked very clean and nicely built.

The enclosure I used is actually from an old M&K Volkwoofer that I got in the early 80's. The old driver was shot and the amplifier that it came with had a fixed 125hz crossover that would of caused a lot of problems, so I decided to gut it and use the box. Its 3/4" MDF with some internal bracing. I added another layer of 3/4" MDF to the face, so the front is 1 /12". I lightly sanded the wood vaneer and re stained it, and repainted the front and back faces with a textured gray paint. I dont own a router, or know how to use one, so I did not recess the driver. In the end I'm kind of happy that I did it that way because the look has grown on me.

I know a lot of people are very interested in these Rythmik kits, so when I have a little more time I will post my opinion on this subs performance, and how it compares with the other subs I have owned.
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Re: Finnished Rythmik DS1200

Nice looking sub Nick! I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion on how this sub performs. What is the net volume of the cabinet?
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Re: Finnished Rythmik DS1200

Is it just me or is that trapezoid shaped?
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Re: Finnished Rythmik DS1200

It definitely is trapazoid shaped...but then again I may not be the best judge with my astigmatism

Excellent looking subwoofer! Enjoy.

If you don't have a BFD for your sub, get one fast!
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Re: Finnished Rythmik DS1200

Creative solution! Have you hooked it up yet?
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Re: Finnished Rythmik DS1200

Yes, the front and back face are in fact trapiziodal. The net volume is about 1.85. Brian told me that due to the servo nature of the sub, a + or - 10% from the recommended 2 cu ft. would'nt effect performance much.

I have had it hooked up for about a month now. The first thing I did when it was finnished was take it down to my HT and swap it for my Def Tech ProSub 350. I wanted to see if it would go as low as Rythmik claims, so I put in DVE and went strait to the base managment sweeps. Much to my delight I was getting decent output down to at least 15hz. After that I put in my Santana Hymms for Peace HDDVD in Dolby Plus. Right away I noticed that the Rythmik blended in MUCH better than the ProSub with my maggie MC1 set up for music. Crossed over at 80hz I could'nt tell where the base was coming from, it pretty much sounded like it was all coming from the speakers. I don't think it had as much punch or impact as the Def Tech did even with music. On top of that it sounded very tight and clean. I did notice right away that it had a little bit of a different sound than other subs I have used.

The next thing I did was put on some movies. In my room (2000 cu ft. open to another 2000 cu ft) the Rythmik did'nt do to well for HT. It continued to blend very well with the maggies, but I just did'nt fill the room with high levels of base. Even the Def Tech ProSub seemed to have WAY more output for HT. In this area I was'nt to impressed, but to be fair, it is a sealed 12" in a pretty big room, so I was'nt to dissapointed either.

After that I decided to try it out with my 2 channel stereo (B&W 804's in a HUGE room). At the time I had a Def Tech Supercube 1 hooked up with that set up, and although it would go very loud, I never could really get it to sound right with the B&Ws. I put the Rythmik on the set 50hz/24bd oct crossover and was amazed at how much better it sounded than the Supercube. Even in my massive living room, it was doing a great job with the 50hz and below sound, and with the gain only about half way up. in my opinion this is where this sub really shines. After listening to the rythmik with stereo set up for a while, I decided to leave it there permenitly. I put the Supercube in my HT, and it sounds AWSOME there, so it was a good swap.

I have spent a lot of hours listening to this sub over the past month or so, but it still sounds different to me than my other subs (the two I already mentioned, and a Earthquake Supernova 10"). Its hard to explain, but when I had it hooked up to my HT I kept thinking the sub level was to low with the Rythmik, but my RS spl meter was showing the same level as the other sub. I don't know if its because it has less distortion or what, but it just seemed like it was quieter than what the SPL meter was showing (compared to other subs). Other people have described the sound as "dry". I'm not sure if that the best word to describe the sound, but I don't know any other word that describes it better. Anyway, it sounds less "dry" when using the 50hz 24db/oct crossover than it did crossed over at 80hz with the HT. When I have some more time I am going to try it out with my bedroom system (Paradigm Studio 20's) crossed over at 80hz and see how that compares.

From what I have heard so far this sub is more suited for stereo use, than HT. It sounds better with my B&W's than the Supercube 1 ever did, and it has one third the drivers, one third the power, and costs about one third as much, so that right there says a lot about its performance when supplementing full range speakers.
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Re: Finnished Rythmik DS1200

nickwin wrote: View Post
Its hard to explain, but when I had it hooked up to my HT I kept thinking the sub level was to low with the Rythmik, but my RS spl meter was showing the same level as the other sub. I don't know if its because it has less distortion or what
Ahh, I was wondering if you would do this test. Subs with high levels of harmonic distortion 'sound' louder than those without. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you have noticed.

Sounds like you found a good home for it with the B&W's. And a better home for your supercube
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